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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Orion 2 - 5 Montrose
Kick Off:    From Scrimmage; Gloag       Burgess, Keillor, Murray, Keillor, Burgess  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
A match between these clubs was played at the Central Park, Aberdeen, yesterday afternoon in presence of a very large gathering of spectators, many of whom were from Montrose. Punctually at half-past two o'clock the game was started, the teams being: Montrose - Goal, McKie; backs, Bowman and Buchanan; half-backs, Duncan, Gordon, and Burgess; forwards, Cairncross, Falconer, Murray, Burgess, and Keillor. Orion - Goal, Edwards; backs, Foote and Mackay; half-backs, Wight, Low, and Fraser; forwards, Black (of the Aberdeen), Macfarlane, Gloag, Forsyth, and Leggatt.
The leather was set in motion by the visitors, who at once made a combined attack on the Orion citadel. A couple of fruitless corners were the only result, and a few strong kicks soon reversed the scene of hostilities. Almost immediately Macfarlane rushed the leather through amid great applause, but unfortunately for the ground team a protest of off-sides was upheld. In a short time, however, the Aberdonians were again swarming round the Montrose charge, and from an exciting scrimmage the first point in the game was registered. This success was vociferously applauded, but before the cheers had well died away the " Gable Endies " rushed the leather down the field, and Burgess, eluding Edwards, sent in a scorcher which scored the first goal for Montrose. From mid field another attack was made by the successful players, and Keillor put on a second point in about a minute after the first victory. Montrose were playing a splendid game, and, although the Orion had several good runs, they did not appear to be able to make any effective headway against the good combination of their opponents. In quick succession Murray added a third goal, and Keillor a fourth, and the first half ended without the scores being altered. The Orion, it may be stated, on two or three occasions, had decidedly hard lines in not adding to their total.
The second half opened with some desultory play, and the first point of interest was a comer kick by the visitors. The sphere was well centred, but it was muddled in front of goal. Burgess followed with a good shot; but the leather grazed the wrong side of one of the uprights, and the behind kick relieved the pressure. Burgess was speedily at it again, and on this occasion his efforts were rewarded by a goal. As in the first half the Montrose had the best of the game, so far, but the Orion were considerably handicapped by a stiff wind which militated against their efforts. In the course of the play, a scene took place which, fortunately for the good name of football in Aberdeen, is seldom witnessed in any of its recreation grounds. A dispute (the cause which did not appear to be known to the spectators) between Keillor and the referee was the signal for quite a series of small fights at different parts of the field, the pugilists being principally a few of the spectators whose enthusiasm had slightly upset them. In a second or two, as if by some irresistible impulse, the bulk of the spectators rushed into the arena, and the players were speedily lost in the crowd. To continue the game was out of the question, and for about ten minutes the wildest confusion prevailed. When something like order was restored the game was proceeded with. The home players now entered into the play with more dash, and a beautiful attack on the Montrose goal resulted in Gloag adding a second point to his team's score. Encouraged by this success, the players, by a few well-judged passes, got down to their opponents' goal, and in a scrimmage one of the defenders was the means of a comer being con¬ceded. Nothing tangible, however, resulted, and once again the Montrose men carried the leather before them. They were quickly repulsed, and during the last minutes of the match the Orion played a splendid aggressive game. No other points were added, and the match therefore resulted in a win for Montrose, the totals being: Montrose , 5 goals; Orion, 2 goals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 27th September 1892

On Monday the Montrose Club visited Central Park, and inflicted a 5 to 2 defeat on the stripes. The feature of the play was the performance of Keillor, who got played upon from all quarter. In the first half he gave Wight the go-by almost when he liked, but the plucky young half was upsides with the International in the closing period, and time and again brought him up very smartly, his tackling on several occasions being really first-clasg. A holiday match, it goes without saying, some of the locals were in holiday form.

Source: Bon-Accord, 1st October 1892

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; Foote, Mackay; Wight, Low, Fraser; Black (of the Aberdeen), Macfarlane, Gloag, Forsyth, Leggatt


Montrose Teamsheet:  McKie; Bowman, Buchanan; Duncan, Gordon, Burgess; Cairncross, Falconer, Murray, Burgess, Keillor



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