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AFC - Match Report
match report 1892-93 fixture list
Northern League 
Fair City Athletic 2 - 3 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    From Scrimmage, ?       Whitehead, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Balhousie, Perth
These teams met on the Balhousie Park, Perth, before a good turn-out of spectators. The City kicked off. Aberdeen got away and visited the home team's goal, but they were driven back. The City now visited their opponents' goal, and Ramsay was called upon to save, which he did in good form. After some pretty even play in mid-field the Aberdeen forwards broke away, and the City goalkeeper, Hart, was called upon to save. The Aberdeen again pressed, but the ball was kicked behind. The Aberdeen still continued to press, and had many narrow shaves at scoring, but the ball was got away without any scoring, The Aberdeen forwards again had a run towards the home team's goal, and Whitehead scored the first goal. After the ball had been again set in motion, the Aberdeen once more pressed, but the ball hit the bar and went behind. A foul was gained by the City, but the Aberdeen back kicked the ball well down the field, and the Aberdeen got towards their opponents' goal, but the ball was kicked behind. After some play in midfield, Stewart, of the City, collared the ball, and the Aberdeen goalkeeper was called upon to fist. The Aberdeen still continued to press, but the ball was always kicked behind. The City secured a throw-in near the goal-mouth, but the ball was got away. The City now pressed, but Reekie, of the home team, kicked the ball behind. The home team got down again towards the Aberdeen's goal, and a scrimmage followed, and the City equalised. Shortly after the half-time whistle blew, the game standing Fair City 1, Aberdeen 1.

On the bail being set in motion Aberdeen pressed towards the City goal, but the ball was kicked behind. The City forwards now broke away and pressed, but the ball went behind. The Aberdeen visited their opponents' goal, and nearly scored, the ball hitting the bar. The City then retaliated, and the strangers' backs were called upon to save, which they did. A foul was gained at the goal mouth by the City, which ended in the City scoring their second goal. A pretty exciting match now followed, and the City again pressed but were driven back. The strangers' forwards retaliated, but the ball was kicked over the bar. The City again visited their opponents' goal, but a foul was given off one of the City men. The Aberdeen now pressed, and Hart let past a very soft goal. A corner was then secured by Aberdeen, which proved fruitless. The City now got down towards the strangers' goal and a scrimmage followed, but the ball was got away. The City still continued to press, and Ramsay was called upon to save. Three throws in and one corner were secured by the City, but they all proved fruitless. The Aberdeen visited the home team's goal, but the ball was kicked be¬hind. The Aberdeen procured a corner, which proved fruitless, and the ball was once more got away. The Aberdeen now pressed, and Hart was called upon to save, which he did in brilliant form. Some pretty play continued for some time, each team visiting each other's goal in succession, but the Aberdeen forwards got away, and scored their third goal. There was no further scoring, and the game ended: Aberdeen 3, Fair City Athletics 2,

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 26th December 1892

A Northern League match between these clubs was played on Balhousie Park, Perth. Owing to the keen frost, the ground was both hard and treacherous, and "downfalls" were frequent. Aberdeen pressed the ground team hard until at the end of 15 minutes they found an opening. As the result of some hard work the City equalised. Aberdeen played during the remainder of the period on the aggressive, but were very unlucky in front of goal. On changing sides the City showed better combination and more determination, by means of which they obtained a second point. The Aberdonians, however, who had the advantage of superior weight and speed, played a splendid game, and securing other two points, won the match by 8 goals to 2.

Source: Dundee Courier, 26th December 1892



From Perth.

The whites left the Granite City determined to win, and if the same spirit be shown in future League engagements, we have no hesitation in saying that they will yet occupy a good position in the League competition.
Throughout the entire game they played confidently, and on such hard and treacherous ground we must say that never in our experience have we seen the whites display such coolness.
A long-looked for improved combination between forwards and half-backs was the outstanding feature of the game.
Amongst the forwards the bright lights on Satur-day's play were undoubtedly Whitehead and Morley on the left. The combination between the two was grand. The Aberdeen had the able assistance of "Anderson" at half-back. Had his appearance amongst you, gentlemen, anything to do with your improved form?
Toman and Whyte played their usual good game, but Black was only fair.
Ketchen was in the pink of condition, and played a brilliant game.
Alec Wood was also good, but he has a nasty habit of "backing" down the field instead of going in at once when the half happens to get beat, which often tells against Ramsay. Wood is such a thorough good man that it is a pity he can't throw this off.
Try It, Alec!
The Fair City lads, strengthened for the day by several members of the Black Watch, played a strong and dashing game.
The light forwards showed up well, but the heavy weights in front of them proved a stumbling block to their success.
Half-backs and backs were in grand form, Reekie, the old Inter-County man, showing up well.
After a substantial tea in the St John's Hotel, the Aberdeen boys wended their way to the station, where they were met by their old club mate, Arthur Whitehead.
It will be pleasing to Aberdeen supporters to know that Arthur has intimated his consent to assist the whites in their holiday matches against Orion and Notts County F.C.

Source: Bon-Accord, 31st December 1892

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