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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Victoria United 2 - 3 Port Glasgow Athletic
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Sutherland, Annand       McAffer, Curran, Hamphill  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
A match between Victoria United and Port Glasgow Athletic was played at Wellington Grounds before a large attendance of spectators. The teams were: Victoria United: Gray; Anderson, Stewart; Ross, Williams, Robertson; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Ritchie, Annand. Port Glasgow Athletic: Vincent; D. McNeil, R. McNeil; Martin, Curran, Graham; McAffer, Hamphill, Smith, Neil, McNeil.

The visitors set the ball in motion, but at the outset of the play the cupholders seized the leather and ran it up the entire length of the field. In endeavouring to shoot, Annand had the hardest of hard lines. The Renfrewshire men speedily retaliated, and in a twinkling a corner was conceded to them. Nothing came of this advantage, and Anderson, by a strong kick, transferred the scene of play to the other end of the field. Turner and Benzie cleverly centred the leather, but the defence of the two McNeils was too much for the invaders. Annand, however, had a try, which deserved a better result than a behind; and after this the visitors put in a piece of aggressive work. But before lone the Blues were again at their opponents' goal. The defenders fouled the leather, and about thirty yards from the citadel the Vics had thus a free kick. The ball was passed to Sutherland, who, amid a round of applause, headed it between the posts. But the score was not long to remain in favour of the United. In a few minutes the Port-Glasgow men were swarming round Gray's charge, and from a pass by McNeil on the left McAffer registered the first goal for his club. A spell of equal play followed the equalising of the totals. During this period there was some good shooting, and both goals had narrow escapes of being taken. In course of time Annand very cleverly put on goal number two for the Vics, but this only tended to make the play more interesting. When the whistle sounded half-time the scores were: Victoria United 2; Port-Glasgow 1.

The second half was not old when the visitors made their way to Gray's charge. Neil made the first attempt to score, but he misjudged the distance, and the leather was easily dealt with. A quick run by Ritchie and Annand relieved the pressure, and gave the strangers' back division something to do, but the Blues could not maintain any stand in the opposite territory, Curran with much alacrity scored a second goal for his team, and before the Vics could clear their ground a corner was also conceded against them. It was disposed of without further disaster, and then the United had their turn at pressing. With the greatest dash they made for the strangers' stronghold, and time and again stinging shots were sent in, but the defenders were not to be beaten. They played well together, and it was as impossible for an opening to be found as it was for the Port Glasgow men to drive back the invaders. The play gradually slackened, however, and the Renfrewshire quintette, once on the ball, were quickly running up the field. The Vics retaliated, and had a corner placed at their credit, but in the meantime nothing resulted. McAffer and Hamphill then carried the sphere up the left wing. They met with plenty of opposition from Turner and Benzie, but in grand form they cleared a passage, and Hamphill notched a third point. Nor were the visitors satisfied with this. From mid-field they returned to the attack with redoubled vigour, and the defenders had a hot five minutes. Gray acquitted himself well, and he was ably supported by Anderson and Williamson. Turner subsequently had a good run, and the result was a most exciting scrimmage. It did not seem that the goal could be saved, but after a brilliant defence the visitors put the ball out of danger. The match ended: Port-Glasgow 3, Victoria United 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th March 1893

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; Anderson, Stewart; Ross, Williams, Robertson; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Ritchie, Annand


Port Glasgow Athletic Teamsheet:  Vincent; D. McNeil, R. McNeil; Martin, Curran, Graham; McAffer, Hamphill, Smith, Neil, McNeil



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