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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Victoria United 7 - 3 Falkirk
Kick Off:    Ferries, Sutherland, Benzie, Ferries, Ferries, Sutherland, Benzie       ?, Rose, Gray (o.g.)  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
Played at Wellington Grounds. The ground was in good condition, but the weather was not favourable, rain falling continuously throughout the entire game. The teams were: Falkirk: Carmichael; Russell, McFarlane; Wemyss, Prey, Fearns; Stark, McDonald, Hamilton, Tennant, Rose. Victoria United: Gray; Philip, Ririe; Ross, Stewart, Ritchie; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries. The referee was John Bateman, and the linesmen were John Mitchell (Falkirk) and Peter Laing (Aberdeen).

Falkirk won the toss, and chose to play to the north goal. From midfield the visitors had a short run, but they were quickly pulled up by the Vic's backs, who, getting on the leather, soon forced their opponents back to the line. Turner then took up the running. He had not got far, however, when he was called to task, but with his usual alacrity he came out of a piece of tackling successfully. The ball was then passed on to Benzie, who at once made for the visitors' goal. A short tussle almost proved fatal to the strangers, and indeed Carmichael could only keep his lines clear by conceding a corner. This free kick was not an advantage to the Vics, as the Falkirk men, playing with considerable dash, rushed up the field. Gray and the defending backs were ready for the onslaught, and before long the ball was again circulating in the neighbourhood of the strangers' citadel. For the moment the invaders were repulsed, but returning to the attack Ferries managed to score the first goal. An enthusiastic round of cheering welcomed this success. At midfield Stark was put in possession of the sphere, and he made a plucky run. But at the critical moment he lost himself, and in a twinkling the ball was careering up the field. Annand and his compeer were conspicuous in this run; but their opponents were too much for them. Russell, with the greatest tenacity refused to allow either ball or players to pass him, and he ultimately managed to kick the leather out of danger. The relief was only temporary, however, for the defenders were compelled to allow a second corner, but the kick was fruitless. For the next few minutes Gray had enough to do, but at length the Vics again broke away, and Sutherland secured a splendid goal. A corner followed in a couple of minutes. It only helped the visitors, however, for they seized the ball, and were soon in the home territory. Stark played a splendid aggressive game, but he and his fellows seemed to be followed by bad luck. Before very long Turner had a capital kick, and it was taken with so much precision that it landed the sphere at Benzie's feet. Now was the inside right's opportunity, and he quickly took advantage of it. A swift kick was directed to the Falkirk goal, but Carmichael in endeavouring to receive the ball in his hands allowed it to slip past him. This raised the score of the Vics to three. Following upon this goal there was a period of uninteresting play, during which the visitors had certainly all the chances going. A strong kick by Prey brightened up matters a bit. Indeed for a time there was something like excitement in the vicinity of the Vics' charge. On one occasion the Falkirk men rushed with all their strength upon the home goal; a "stinger" of a shot was sent in, but somehow or other the ball went too high, and passed the crossbar by inches on the wrong side. A minute before half-time Turner made a brilliant run along his wing, and finished up by sending the ball between the uprights, but the referee disallowed the point, on the ground that just before giving the final kick "Rab" had put the ball in touch. The whistle had evidently been sounded, but few of the players, and fewer of the spectators seemed to have heard it. At half-time the scores were: Victoria United 3 goals, Falkirk nil.

Sutherland restarted the game, and almost immediately Ferries made an attempt to score from the left. The ball went behind. A fairly good display on the part of Falkirk followed, but they were weak in front of goal, and Gray, with very little difficulty, succeeded in fisting the leather clear of his charge. But the ball could not be got away to a safe distance, and a corner was quickly gained by the visitors. The kick was splendidly taken, the ball landing in the goal mouth, and very little effort was required to send it between the posts. This was the visitors' first point, and they received an encouraging cheer from the spectators. The encouragement did not seem to be required however, the success had infused them with fresh enthusiasm, and before the Vics could realise what they were about, the strangers were again down upon Gray. Rose notched a second point, and for some time after this the play was chiefly confined to the home ground. Tennant had hard lines. He sent in a beauty, but the ball skipped over the bar. The same player afterwards robbed Phillip of the ball when that player was just on the eve of making off with it. Afterwards the strangers got within shooting distance, and for a few minutes Gray had enough to do to keep his charge intact. In the excitement the custodian made an effort to pitch the ball behind, and so relieve the pressure, but unfortunately for his team he cut the thing too narrow and scored a third goal for his opponents. The Vics now wakened up considerably and some lively scenes took place. In one of the hottest scrimmages Ferries off Turner raised the score of his club to four, and this did not content the homesters. Time and again they returned to the attack, and it would be difficult to say which of the invaders played best. Ferries at length scored what was acknowledged to be the best goal so far, and this gave the United a majority of two points. There were now but a few minutes to play, and the Victoria United continued to press. Sutherland added a sixth goal, and from a, corner Benzie scored number seven. Result: Victoria United 7 goals, Falkirk 3 goals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th April 1893

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; Philip, Ririe; Ross, Stewart, Ritchie; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries


Falkirk Teamsheet:  Carmichael; Russell, McFarlane; Wemyss, Prey, Fearns; Stark, McDonald, Hamilton, Tennant, Rose


Referee: John Bateman

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