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Victoria United 0 - 2 Orion

HT Score: Victoria United 0 - 1 Orion

Orion scorers: McPherson, McPherson

03/12/1898 | KO:

Unfinished Game at Torry.

A match between those old-time rivals took place at Torry. The teams were as follows: Victoria United: Findlay; Kilgour, Thain; Russell, Durrie, Gouick; Ritchie, Tonner; Riley, Milne, Thomson. Orion: Watson; Ross, Craig; Currie, Low, Wilson; McPherson, Grant, Barron, Hogg, Webster. Referee: Mr Blair, Queen's Park. The Vics won the toss, and at half-time the game stood: Orion, 1; Victoria United, 0, the goal being registered by McPherson. The game ended: Orion, 2; Victoria United, 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 5th December 1898

Once again Orion and Vics were at it at Torry, this time in a League fixture. Orion were expected to try a new back, but when they took the field Craig partnered Ross. McPherson reappeared on the right, and Webster went over to the outside left.
Vics had a new centre-half named Durrie, who hails from Laurencekirk. The ground was in fine condition, nicely rolled, and a good supply of sand spread on the surface.

Orion early gave signs of being in good form. Vics got the first corner, but after that the Stripes forced their opponents to defend almost the whole of the first half. Had it not been for a grand defence, Orion would have been a few goals up at half-time. The forwards of the Blues were extremely weak. They wandered here, there, and everywhere. No end of chances were given them, but they could not do anything with the ball when they got it. From a corner the ball was headed to McPherson's foot, and he easily got the better of Findlay. A good few fouls were agoing, and a lot more were allowed to pass unnoticed.

The players did not leave the field. Tonner went centre instead of Riley for Vics. Orion still monopolised the play, although Vics visited Watson oftener than in the first half. McPherson was again the means of adding to Orion's score. The game was brought to a finish some 10 minutes before time owing to darkness.

Taking the game all over it was rather uninteresting. It was too one-sided. Orion gave a good display. Watson in goal did not get very many chances to shine. Ross and Craig did all that was required of them. The latter played better than we have seen him do at back. The halves were in rare fettle. This, to a great extent, accounts for the poor display of the Vics forwards. The forwards all played well. Hogg worked for all he was worth. There was no holding the little man.
On the Vics' side Findlay and the backs alone gave anything like a good display. With less capable defenders the score would have been a record one. Durrie the new half was not at all bad, but too slow for Barron and Hogg. The Blues had only one forward who did anything, and he was Tonner. Right from beginning to end he played hard, and very effectively. The rest were practically useless. The second eleven's front line could teach them lessons. Something will have to be done if the Blues mean to make any show before the finish of the season. Next to bottom on the League table is not an enviable position, more especially to last year's champions. Various opinions were expressed as to whether it was too dark to finish the game. At the time of stopping we could follow the ball distinctly, although not with ease. It's a pity clubs could not arrange to play to a finish, whatever like the light is. It's the same to both.

Source: Bon-Accord, 8th December 1898

Victoria United Teamsheet
Findlay; Kilgour, Thain; Russell, Durrie, Gouick; Ritchie, Tonner; Riley, Milne, Thomson
Orion Teamsheet
Watson; Ross, Craig; Currie, Low, Wilson; McPherson, Grant, Barron, Hogg, Webster
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Blair, Queen's Park
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