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Third Lanark 2 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: Third Lanark 2 - 3 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Third Lanark scorers: McKenzie 15, Breslin
Aberdeen scorers: Mills, Beattie 10, Armstrong 44.

02/09/1933 | KO:


Sound Display Merits Both Points.

Aberdeen thoroughly deserved their Victory at Cathkin.

They were the better balanced team - surer in defence and more cohesive and dangerous in attack.
Although lacking the skill and subtlety of the Pittodrie eleven, Third Lanark were full of fight for the ninety minutes, and the Dons found it no easy matter to retain their slender lead in the second half.
At the same time, but for a defensive blunder the Warriors would never have got their second goal, and had the Aberdeen attack shown the same finishing power in the second half as they did in the first, the Dons would have finished more comfortable winners.
A brilliant Beattie goal in ten minutes gave Aberdeen confidence, but in fifteen minutes McKenzie caught the Aberdeen defence napping, and equalised from a Clarke slip.

Mills on the Mark.

Gall made the opening for Aberdeen's second goal, and Mills pounced on the ball like a flash, beat Pratt and it was in the net.
Bad covering cost the Dons their lead again. Smith saved brilliantly from McCulloch. but the ball bounced out, and with Cooper out of position, Breslin found it an easy task to net from close range.
Just on the interval a determined Aberdeen attack saw an exciting scrimmage in the Warriors' goal.
Four shots were blocked before Armstrong succeeded in forcing the ball through.
Cooper's play did not come up to standard in the first half, but in the second period he shook off his lethargy and went into his work with a will. He saved a certain goal on one occasion, when he cleared from under the bar with Smith out of his charge.

McGill Unflurried.

Seldom has McGill been steadier.
He refused to become flurried, and tackled and cleared with power and accuracy.
The half backs were good and bad in turn. At times their combination with their forwards was masterly, but on occasion they were too easily caught on the hop the quick thrusts by the home forwards.
The tackling of the wing men, Fraser and O'Reilly, could be better timed. At the same time, as a trio they were superior to the Thirds' men.
The Dons' attack was seen at its best in the first half, when the Cathkin defence had to work at top speed to avoid being overrun. The ball travelled from man to men with accuracy, and every one of the quintette was a potential match-winner.

Brilliant Beattie.

The honours of the day to Beattie.
He lent Invaluable assistance in defence and was a fast and dangerous attacker. His understanding with Beynon made the right wing the most dangerous on the field.
Mills and Gall, on the left, were almost as efficient.
Armstrong put in a tremendous amount work and was a continual source of worry to the home defence, but missed two glorious chances in the second period.
The Thirds' defence had a busy afternoon. Warden was the soundest of the rear trio. Robb was a courageous defender, but he lacked the polish of the left back.
McLellan was clever and consistent and took the honours at half-back. An injury to Pratt in the first period necessitated a rearrangement in the Warriors' attack in the second half.
The attack did not work as smoothly as that of Aberdeen, but they were a hard-working quintette. McCulloch, at centre, was a tireless worker, but until he was transferred to centre-half in the second period, McKenzie was the best of the five.

Source: Press & Journal, 4th September 1933

Third Lanark Teamsheet
Sharp; Robb, Warden; Blair, Pratt, McLellan; Lynas, Clarke, McCulloch, McKenzie, Breslin
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Cathkin Park, Glasgow
Referee: W. G. Holburn, Glasgow
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