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Aberdeen 5 - 0 Cowdenbeath

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Cooper, Mills, Moore, Mills, Mills.

02/01/1934 | KO: 14:15


Aberdeen Win Easily But Do Not Impress.

Aberdeen brought their holiday programme to a conclusion with a victory over Cowdenbeath at Pittodrie by five clear goals. The score might easily have been doubled, for there were occasions when the homesters threw away chances which would have been vital against stronger opposition.

Cowdenbeath were a poor team, and tremendous struggle lies ahead them to escape relegation.
Although the Dons were easy winners, it could not be said that they were an impressive lot. There was a tendency to treat the opposition far too lightly, and it was not until well on in the first half that they struck anything like a telling game.
There were occasions before the interval when the defence blundered badly, and there was certainly a sigh of relief when that bombardment of the Aberdeen goal, just after Mills had opened the scoring, was over. Aberdeen were indeed fortunate not to lose a goal then, and it was more luck than good defensive work that Cowdenbeath were prevented from counting.
Apart from that Incident, however, Aberdeen were never in danger. The fright which they got then put new life into the team, and they went on to establish a substantial lead before resting their oars, so to speak.
The outstanding feature of the game was the clever work of Mills at inside left. He registered his second hat-trick within four days, although it must be stated that he had penalty goals on Saturday and yesterday. Mills has scored twenty-three goals, and the season is little more than half advanced. It is really a great performance.

Cooper's Great Goal.,/p> Aberdeen's other counters were got by Moore and Cooper. The centre-forward took his goal very cleverly, but Cooper's goal will be remembered for years to come. The Aberdeen captain fastened on to a clearance by a Cowdenbeath defender. Trapping the ball, he carried it forward, and from about twenty-five yards he let go a terrific drive which entered the net well out the Cowdenbeith goalkeeper's reach.
This was Cooper's first goal since he joined Aberdeen six seasons ago. It was a great effort, and it was little wonder that the captain was given an ovation by the crowd. He deserved it.
There was no comparison between the teams. Aberdeen were stronger in every department.
Cumming had easy an afternoon. He had really only one direct shot to deal with during the whole game. Cooper was in a class by himself at back. His Judgment and tackling was sound, while his kicking was beautifully timed. McGill also did well, but was wild in his tackling.

Falloon's Defensive Work.

It took the half-backs some time to find their game, and, in the early stages, not only was their positioning bad, but their efforts at putting the ball forward in the manner that attackers expect were crude. There was improvement later. Falloon was great in defence, but his effectiveness ended there. If the Irishman was as good a constructive player as he is destructive, he would have few equals in Scotland. Still, Falloon gets through a power of work as a third back, and he must be given due credit for that.
O'Reilly was erratic, and has not yet regained the form which gained him praise last season. Thomson was slow. Perhaps he was feeling the strain of the hectic three days' football. If the Aberdeen middle division had been at the top of their game, there is no saying what the score might have been.
Nor can the forwards, as a line, look back on this game with satisfaction. It took the inside men a long while to get into their stride, but at no period could it be said that Gall and Beynon were successes as wingers. Gall had a poor match. There were occasions, in the first half especially, when he was given ideal passes from Moore and Mills, but he failed to make proper use of them.
Beynon had a poor first half. He was prone to dribble when he should have swung the ball into the centre. Still, towards the close of the match he revealed glimpses of his real ability.

Moore a Trier.

Moore and Warnock were triers. The centre led the attack unselfishly, while Warnock was clever on the ball. Mills was the outstanding player in the home attack.
Little need be said about Cowdenbeath. They were weak in all divisions and were never together as a team. Praise is due Scott for his work in goal, while Macdonald and Mitchell put up a stubborn fight against great odds. Only Glancy of the halves impressed, while in as poor a forward line has been seen at Pittodrie this season there was not an outstanding player. McCurley, the former East Fife player, was the only attacker worthy of mention.

Source: Press & Journal, 3rd January 1934

Cowdenbeath Teamsheet
Scott; D. Macdonald, Mitchell; Glancy, Feeney, Bingham; Hamill, Wilkie, Renfrew, McCurley, Robertson
Attendance: 14,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: D. Fenwick, Perth
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