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Kilmarnock 1 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: Kilmarnock 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Kilmarnock scorers: Beattie 10
Aberdeen scorers: Falloon, Mills, Beynon.

20/10/1934 | KO:


Aberdeen Go All Out in Last Minutes.

Aberdeen did the unexpected again at Rugby Park on Saturday. Until fifteen minutes from the end the Dons seemed more likely to lose than win.

In last quarter-of-an-hour the Pittodrie men gambled all on a desperate closing rally. They succeeded, and retired worthy winners.
On play Kilmarnock perhaps did not deserve beaten by a two-goal margin, but the fault lay with themselves.
The Dons took their chances; Kilmarnock didn't. That's all there is to it.
The Rugby Parkers were seen at their best in the first period, when half-backs and forwards combined well in attack. With ten minutes gone Robertson back-heeled a ball to Beattie, and the inside man, taking it in his stride, placed it well out Smith's reach.
Following this success, Killie did all the attacking, and the Dons were confined to defence. The Aberdeen defence played magnificently, but even so the Ayrshire men should have augmented their total. Lack of punch at close quarters proved their undoing.

Level Terms.

In twenty-five minutes the Dons were on level terms. In one of their sporadic raids they were awarded a free kick outside the penalty area. Falloon ran forward to take the kick, saw an open apace in the ranks of the Kilmarnock defence and guided the ball through with his left foot into the corner of the net.
This goal Instilled more confidence into the Aberdeen ranks, but still Killie held a territorial advantage.
This brought no tangible reward, and with fifteen minutes to go Aberdeen became a team transformed.

Final Effort.

They flung aside the role of defenders for that of attackers. Backs, half-backs, and forwards threw themselves whole-heartedly into an effort to wrest the points from the homesters.
Across came a ball from the right, Armstrong side-stepped and allowed it to go to Mills, and the inside man ran forward a few steps to place it in the net.
Kilmarnock players and spectators were given no time to recover. Five minutes from the finish Beynon, who had to take up the inside position because of injury to Warnock, nipped in to intercept a pass back from Beattie to Milloy. He gathered the ball, rounded the back, and smashed it against the inside of the side net from twenty yards - a great goal.
It was a hard game, with occasional bright patches. The Aberdeen attack was rarely in the limelight until the closing stages, but during that brief quarter-of-an-hour they did more damage than had the Kilmarnock quintette during the hour and a quarter they had held the advantage.

Sterling Defence.

Most credit from the game goes to the Aberdeen defence, which battled magnificently all through.
Smith goal might have been much busier, but what he was called upon to do he did well.
McGill has seldom played better. The left-back, who belongs to Kilmarnock, seemed determined to do well before his "ain folk," and he was the best back afield.
Cooper, too, played well, although not so prominent as his partner.
Falloon was a hero in defence. He dominated the centre of the field and never gave Robertson a chance.
No criticism can be levelled at the defensive play of the wing halves, Fraser and Thomson, but their placing could be improved.

Beynon Prominent.

The attack failed to strike a combined game until the closing stages. Then they revealed their best form.
Beynon was the most prominent of the quintette. He made mistakes in the first half, but his speed often enabled Aberdeen to break away when they were hard pressed in defence.
Mills and Warnock were hard-working inside forwards, but had to forage for the ball too much to be really effective in attack.
Little was seen of Smith on the extreme left, and when he did get the ball he was in too great a hurry to part with it.
Armstrong tried hard to break away from Smith, but the Rugby Park pivot clung to him like a leech.

Killie Defence Wavers.,/p> The Kilmarnock defence wavered under the Aberdeen pressure. Miller in goal did not inspire confidence, and Milloy, at left-back, never got a grip of Beynon. Leslie was the best defender.
The halves played well in the first half, but collapsed after the interval. Kelvin took the honours in this department.
The attack showed understanding and combined well at times, but their finishing was weak. Williamson was the pick of the quintette.

Source: Press & Journal, 22nd October 1934

Kilmarnock Teamsheet
Miller; Leslie, Milloy; Kelvin, Smith, Ross; Black, Williamson, Robertson Beattie, Keane.
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
Referee: W. Bell, Motherwell
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