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Aberdeen 2 - 0 Celtic

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Celtic

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Armstrong 4, Smith 55.

19/01/1935 | KO: 14:45


Conwell Shines in Defeat of Celtic.

Easy for Aberdeen. That was the general opinion at the close of the Dons' match, with Celtic at Pittodrie on Saturday.

As a matter fact the Celts were rather fortunate to be only two goals in arrears at the finish.
One or two excellent scoring chances were missed by the Dons during the first period, and a 3-0 instead of 1-0 lead for Aberdeen at the interval would have been more in keeping with the run of play.
Only in defence did Celtic compare favourably with Aberdeen. Both at half-back and in attack the Dons held a decided advantage. The splendid breaking-up work and the fine constructive play of the halves laid the foundation of Aberdeen's victory.

Bright Prospects.

There was better understanding and more thrust in the Pittodrie attack than that of Celtic's, and had the finishing of the forwards been stronger the visitors would have received a more severe beating.
This win, following upon the defeat of Motherwell at Fir Park the previous week, considerably enhances the Dons' prospects in the Scottish Cup-tie with Falkirk at Brockville next Saturday.
One of the most pleasing features if the match so far as Aberdeen is concerned was the success of Conwell at inside right. With both Warnock and Devers doubtful starters against the Bairns, the inside right berth has been causing a good deal of anxiety.
Conwell in his two previous outings for the first team did not impress, but against Celtic he showed great improvement. If he can retain this form there is nothing to worry about.
He was lacking a trifle in speed, but his ball control, foot work and distribution were first class.

More Confident.,/p> Aberdeen were the more confident side from the start against Celtic, and when they opened the scoring in the fourth minute they never looked like losing.
It was a smart goal. Conwell did the leading-up work, gave to Mills, and the inside left in turn slipped the ball forward to Armstrong. The centre rounded Geatons, and although Kennaway left his charge in an effort to narrow the angle, Armstrong coolly tapped the ball past him into the net.
Following this both Beynon and Ritchie Smith missed good scoring opportunities.
When, ten minutes after the interval, the Dons increased their lead, Celtic were well beaten. The goal came about in the following manner. Kennaway and Armstrong dashed for a Fraser lob; the goalkeeper won, but had time only to knock the ball down, and Ritchie Smith nipped in to smash the ball into the net.

Sound Defence.,/p> Seldom has the Aberdeen defence presented a more impregnable front than on Saturday.
Cooper and McGill kept a tight grip of their respective wingers, and Falloon had a strangle-hold of the dangerous McGrory. The Irishman never gave the Celtic leader a chance. Thanks to the fine understanding between the backs and the centre-half, Smith in goal had a comparatively quiet afternoon.
While both Cooper and McGill were sound, the fine positional play and strong tackling of the former made him the outstanding defender afield.
There was no more successful half-back afield than Fraser, who, after a quiet start, settled down to give a fine display of defensive and offensive half-back play.
Conwell's play has already been described, and it only remains to mention that he was the most polished of the Aberdeen attacking quintette.
Armstrong was a lively and dangerous leader and distributed play in fine style, while Mills, although not so prominent as usual, did a lot of useful work.
The play of the extreme wingers was a trifle disappointing.
Ritchie Smith, it must be admitted, did not receive enough of the ball to show his real worth. But Benyon spoiled an otherwise good display by finishing weakly.

Celtic Defence Good.,/p> The Celtic defence came out of the game with credit. McGonagle was not missed, Morrison making an excellent substitute. He and Hogg deserve credit for a plucky display in face of heavy odds.
Kennaway in goal was much busier than Steve Smith, and performed creditably.
Celtic's main weakness lay at half-back. Geatons was too busy chasing Armstrong to go forward in attack, while Paterson was the better of two wing halves who found little time to lend their forwards any assistance.
The attack was disjointed, and lacked the "go" which' characterised the play of the Aberdeen forwards.
McGrory got little support from Crum and Buchan, who were well held and Thomson, Delaney and H. O'Donnell might have been more dangerous had they been played to, but as it was they were given little scope.

Source: Press & Journal, 21st January 1935

Celtic Teamsheet
Kenmaway; Hogg, Morrison; Dawson, Geatons, Paterson; Delaney, Buchan, McGrory, Crum, O'Donnell (H.)
Attendance: 20,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: T. Small, Dundee
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