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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Hibernian

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Hibernian

Scottish Cup Third Round

23/02/1935 | KO: 15:00

ARE HIBS A BOGEY TEAM TO DONS IN CUP? Easter Road Men Force Draw at Pittodrie


Forwards Must Change Their Tactics.


Smith's Penalty Save Allows Them to Fight Again.

Magnificent play by the Hibs' defence, and especially Watson, prevented Aberdeen from going forward in the Scottish Cup competition.

The Dons are now faced with the difficult task of attempting to succeed at Easter Road where they failed at Pittodrie.
If the Dons are to win Wednesday - and this should not be beyond their compass - the forwards will have to change their tactics. The quick and strong tackling of the Hibs' defenders had much to do with the failure of the Aberdeen attack.
On Wednesday the Dons must keep the ball swinging, and there must be more zest at close quarters.

Watson Dominates.

Watson more than once proved a stumbling block to Aberdeen in both cup and league matches, but rarely, if ever, has he served his side to better purpose than on Saturday.
He was the dominant figure in the Edinburgh defence, and was the rock on which many of the Aberdeen attacks perished. Besides keeping a tight grip of Armstrong, he found time to lend a hand to his backs.
If less ostentatious, little less valuable was Wilson, at right-half.
The crafty old Celt was quick to realise that much of Aberdeen's danger emanated from the combination and understanding between Armstrong and Mills. He lay between the pair and never gave them a chance to work their wiles.

Few Brilliant Passages.

The game as a spectacle did not come up to expectations. There were few brilliant passages and few sustained combined efforts. It was a desperately hard game, and neither side can complain in regard to the result.
Both teams had their chances to win the day. Twice Ritchie Smith might have given the Dons victory in the closing stages when Aberdeen were attacking desperately. For once the Hibs' defence was caught napping and Armstrong gave Ritchie Smith a clear view of goal.
The diminutive winger hesitated, and this proved fatal, for Watson recovered and in the resultant tackle Smith handled.
Again, near the close, Armstrong presented the left winger with a chance, but on this occasion he ran on to shoot against the outside net.

Near Things.

Then the Dons were unlucky the first half when Hill missed the ball after leaving his charge, and Watson stopped a try by Johnston practically on the goal line.
Hibs threw away a glorious opportunity in the first half when Gavin handled in the penalty area. Walls took the spot kick and drove a terrific shot straight at Steve Smith, who saved splendidly.
Luck smiled on the Dons when, early in the second half, Flucker headed a Walls cross against the crossbar.
Smith, Cooper and McGill were the soundest part of the Aberdeen team, and the only department to play to form. Between the sticks Smith was the essence of confidence, and was due the thanks of his team-mates for that penalty save.
Cooper's fine positional play and clean and accurate kicking stamped him as the most polished defender afield, and McGill, although not so neat in his work, was none the less effective.

Halves Shaky.

The play of the half-back line was not impressive. Gavin never recovered from a shaky start, and his play did not inspire confidence.
Although a great grafter, Fraser did not touch his best form, and what honours there were went to Thomson, who was sure in defence and helpful in attack.
The most disappointing part of the Aberdeen team, however, was the attack. The usual clever combination was absent, and on the few occasions when they did outwit the Hibs' defence their finishing left a deal to be desired.
The two extreme wingers. Smith (R.) and Johnston must instil more devil into their play. On Saturday both were slow, and did not cross the ball quickly enough.

Warnock Off Colour.

Warnock did not play well. He found himself at a big disadvantage physically and, as a result of the robust, but fair methods of the Hibs' defence, was easily brushed off the ball.
Mills started in promising fashion, but never seemed to recover from a knock received early in the game, while Armstrong, owing to Watson's close attention, got few chances to shine.
He might have been more dangerous had his inside men kept the ball more on the ground.
One can have nothing but praise for the Hibs' defence. Wilkinson and Urquhart played strongly and well, and even in the closing stages when Urquhart received an injury and had to go to outside left this handicap appeared only to inspire Watson and his co-defenders to greater heights.
Egan at left half, although not so prominent as Wilson, nevertheless played his part.
The attack was only fair and the best of the line was Walls, a fast and dangerous right winger.
Anderson on the left showed a fine turn of speed but never got the measure of Cooper.
The inside trio, Moffat, Flucker and Smith, although hard-working, met with little success against a granite-like Aberdeen defence.
Aberdeen will have to fight hard and show a big improvement if they are to get through at Easter Road on Wednesday.
The Dons' supporters may gain some degree of encouragement from the fact that on the only two previous occasions in which Aberdeen have been successful against Hibs in the knock-out competition the matches were played at Easter Road.

Hibs' Supporters' Enthusiasm.

The close of Saturday's duel was marked by great scenes of enthusiasm on the part of a band of Hibs' supporters. They invaded the field when time-up was signalled, and pummelled and hugged the Easter Road players.

Source: Press & Journal, 25th February 1935

Hibernian Teamsheet
Hill; Wilkinson, Urquhart; Wilson, Watson, Egan; Walls, Moffat, Flucker, Smith, Anderson
Attendance: 23,626
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: W. Webb, Glasgow
Next Match
20 Apr 2024 / 15:00 / Hampden Park, Glasgow