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Aberdeen 3 - 0 Hamilton

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Hamilton

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Mills 45, McKenzie 61, Lang 75.

23/09/1935 | KO: 15:00


Fine Win Over Hamilton Give Them Lead in League Race


Aberdeen have reason to be proud of themselves. Their 3-0 victory over Hamilton Accies at Pittodrie yesterday gave them the lead in the championship race; they are the only unbeaten team in the Scottish League, and have conceded fewest goals.
Hamilton blasted Aberdeen's Scottish Cup hopes in the semi-final last season, but the Dons got ample revenge for this defeat yesterday. They emerged victorious by three goals nil, and 20,000 fans left the ground highly delighted.
It was one of the best games seen at Pittodrie this season, the Dons serving up some fine football. Mills, McKenzie, and Lang were the marksmen.
There can no denying that victory went to the better team. Hamilton are a good side, but they lacked the team-work and confidence of the Dons.

Aberdeen's Advantage

Perhaps Aberdeen's biggest advantage lay at wing half, Fraser and Thomson striking a fine understanding with the men in front. Much of the success of the forwards was due to this pair.
The Pittodrie attack worked with skill and cohesion, their movements being well conceived and cleverly executed. This was in direct contrast to the Hamilton quintette, who were for the most part forced to rely on individual efforts.
This was due to the fact that the Douglas Park intermediate trio were too busy trying to hold the Aberdeen forwards in check to lend their forwards the necessary support.
Aberdeen should have led by a more substantial margin than one goal at the interval. Certainly the Hamilton defence was in luck's way on more than one occasion, but had the home forwards curbed their eagerness and avoided bunching in the goalmouth they would have taken the lead long before they did.

McGill's Grand Game

Westland, who distinguished himself with one or two splendid saves, received good protection from Cooper and McGill. The left back was on top of his form, and was the best defender afield.
Falloon found the burly Wilson a big handful, but stuck to his job with dogged determination, although more than once the Accies. leader gave the slip. Fraser and Thomson were splendid.
McKenzie, a great schemer, was the instigator of many Aberdeen raids, and he had a capable ally in Armstrong, who was speedy and dangerous.
Mills, although clever at times, has often been more prominent, while Lang and Beynon on the wings were speedy and thrustful.
The Hamilton defence put up a plucky display. Morgan was a good 'keeper, and Wallace the better of a pair of sound backs. The wily McStay took the honours at half-back, while Wilson, although he missed two possible scoring chances, was the most dangerous forward. He' received good support from Harrison.

How the Game Went

A fine slip through by Mills in the first minute almost let Lang through, but Morgan ran out to clear. McKenzie dribbled through the centre but Wallace intervened. There was a near thing at the Aberdeen end in the next minute. King tricked Thomson and passed to Harrison, whose grounder was turned round the post by Westland.
Aberdeen seemed anxious, and after Fraser had been dispossessed Westland held a long lob by Thomson. A slip by McKenzie to Armstrong went agley. Mills had a good try, and for a spell Hamilton were at sixes and sevens.
McKenzie flashed in a great drive which Morgan clutched safely, and, a minute later, Lang deflected a free kick by Thomson just over the bar.
Hamilton were sorely pressed and Mills twice had Morgan on his knees. Wilson tried to steal away but Falloon held him and the Dons bore downfield.
McKenzie tricked Thomson and let the ball go to Fraser. A neat lob down the middle to Armstrong and the ball flashed over from the centre's foot.
Mills was crowded out when about to shoot, but the Dons would not be denied and Armstrong headed over from Lang's cross.
Dave Wilson made another attempt to break through but was bowled over by Cooper. Hamilton were rattled and brilliant play by Mills, Armstrong and Fraser almost brought a goal.
Then came a narrow squeak for Hamilton. Morgan knocked down a Thomson free kick and Bullock kicked clear as Armstrong bundled the 'keeper into the net.
Followed a let-off for the Dons, Wilson got clean through but shoved the ball too far in front and Westland ran out to kick clear.
Morgan was again in luck when Beynon crossed right into goal. The 'keeper lost possession, but in a hectic scramble the defence prevailed. McKenzie was hurt in attempting to force a way through and had to go off.

Visitors More Prominent

Hamilton began to come more into the picture as an attacking force and McLaren flashed a great shot inches over.
A great cheer heralded the return of McKenzie, but the former Hearts' man went on the wing. He soon took up his place, however.
Westland dived full length to bring off a great save from Harrison. The 'keeper had again to run out when Wilson again got off the mark.
Bunching by the inside forwards spoiled a chance for the Dons, and Beynon elected to pass when he might have shot. Wilson got nasty knock but was soon into the thick of the fray.
Lang emerged successfully from a touchline duel with Wallace, and a foul brought relief to Morgan with three Dons on top of him.
Aberdeen were unfortunate when the referee whistled for off-side after the ball had struck a defender. Hamilton were getting all the "breaks," and Armstrong was again crowded out in the act of shooting.
McGill was going great guns, and twice checked King, while Cooper came upfield and smacked the ball over.

A Close Shave

Another fine attempt at scoring was made by the Dons near the interval. The ball went from Lang to Armstrong, and from the centre to Beynon. As the ball came over from the right Armstrong headed over.
In the next minute the centre missed a pass from the same source, but only a desperate tackle by Wallace stopped the centre at his next attempt.
McGill again came out on top in a tussle with Wilson, and at the other end McStay twice headed behind to concede comers which proved unsuccessful.

Goal - At Last!

Then, on half-time, Mills did the trick. McKenzie shoved the ball through, and the inside left shot home as he was borne to earth by two defenders.
There was just time to re-centre the ball, Aberdeen went off at half-time one goal up, although, on play, they should have had several more.

Second Half Thrills

A swift raid on the Hamilton left was repelled on the resumption, and the Dons took up the attack. Not many minutes had passed when Lang missed a chance. Morgan palmed out a Beynon "scorcher," and the winger missed an easy chance by skying the rebound.
Morgan was lucky when Mills came up to slam the ball against him. Lang gathered the rebound, and got a corner, which he placed perfectly for Morgan to punch clear. Hampered by Wilson, Falloon conceded a corner, but Westland clutched safely before a foul brought relief.
Hamilton were out to draw level, but Aberdeen were fighting back well.
Armstrong drew McStay, and slipped the ball to Beynon. Wallace got the ball away at the expense of a corner.
Hamilton swooped down, and after Wallace had carried the ball upfield, Wilson missed the chance of a life-time by shooting over.
Mills and Armstrong cleaved a way through the Hamilton defence. The centre parted to Lang, but Morgan was on the spot, and safely parried the winger's try.

Let-Off for Aberdeen

A Beynon free kick and a corner by Lang troubled Morgan, but Hamilton refused be shaken off, and the home goal had an amazing let-off.
Wilson got away and as Westland ran out the centre squared the ball along the ground. The ball trickled past with neither friend nor foe near.
In sixteen minutes Aberdeen became two up. Mills headed a flag-kick by Beynon to McKenzie's feet and the ball was in the net in a flash.

Dons Rampant

Armstrong drove over from a free kick and for a time it was all Aberdeen. Armstrong was just over with a left-foot try.
McKenzie was just that yard short when Armstrong slipped the leather through.
A free-kick against Thomson looked dangerous for the homesters, but the ball was cleared. Lang was being closely watched by Wallace and McStay, but the winger contrived to do some clever things.
With Wilson on his top, Westland elected to palm the ball behind. The Dons were lucky following the flag-kick. Cooper shoved the ball out to Murray, whose shot cannoned clear off Westland.

The Third Goal

Another brilliant move resulted in the Dons becoming three up in half-an-hour.
The ball went from Fraser to Armstrong out on the right. The leader's cross-pass was gathered by Lang whose scoring shot went in off Wallace.
Lang had another fine cross with which Armstrong just failed to connect.
McGill was temporarily knocked out when he got in the way of a free-kick by King, but soon came round. A neat little dodge by McStay at a free-kick outside the penalty area brought no tangible reward.
Play had deteriorated, but Thomson bobbed up to give Westland a scare with a quick header.
Wallace's speed twice saved Accies when Beynon threatened danger.
A dying effort by Hamilton was frustrated when Westland dived sideways to deflect Murray's shot round the post.

Source: Press & Journal, 24th September 1935

Hamilton Teamsheet
Morgan; Wallace, Bulloch; Cox, McStay, Thomson; King, McLaren, Wilson, Harrison, Joe Murray
Attendance: 20,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: W. G. Holburn, Glasgow
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East Kilbride
20 Jul 2024 / 15:00 / K-Park Training Academy, East Kilbride