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Albion Rovers 1 - 3 Aberdeen

HT Score: Albion Rovers 1 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Albion Rovers scorers: Lyon 18
Aberdeen scorers: McKenzie 41, Thomson 82, Mills 90.

16/11/1935 | KO:


Inside Forwards Lack Punch at Goalmouth

Only in the closing ten minutes at Coatbridge did Aberdeen's play reach anything like championship standard. This period sufficed for them to win the match, but all over, they did not impress, and the Coatbridge supporters were of the opinion that they were unfortunate not to get a point.
Albion Rovers certainly fought courageously and until the closing stages appeared more likely to notch the winning goal than did Aberdeen. The homesters lacked the polish and the understanding of the Dons, but their Second Division style of play of hitting the ball ahead and following with all speed always threatened danger.
Aberdeen were inclined to get panicy at times in face of the dashing Rovers' raids. The Dons played some clever football but, the cleverness was wasted because the inside forwards lacked thrust at close quarters. There must be an improvement in this department of their play if the championship is to come north.

Can do Better

Rangers are due at Pittodrie on Saturday and the Coatbridge form will not do against the Light Blues. The Aberdeen team is capable of better things, and nothing short of their best will do against the Ibrox combine.
Four goals were scored at Coatbridge, but there was nothing to enthuse over in any of them. As a matter of fact, Aberdeen's third might have been saved, while the Rovers' was scored from a suspiciously offside position.
Much of the credit for the Dons' victory must be must given Thomson, who gave his side the lead eight minutes from the end when a draw seemed inevitable.
The Rovers took the lead after eighteen minutes' play. Rice sent the ball out to Dudley and Lyon, lying near the post, turned the winger's cross into the net.
From the press box the inside right appeared be offside.

Near Thing

Cooper, about ten minutes from the interval prevented a second goal. Smith left his charge to clear a shot by Grant, but, harassed by Rice, he missed ball and Cooper raced in to clear practically on the goal-line. Had the ball landed in the net it would probably have cost Aberdeen the points.
Four minutes from the interval equalised in surprising fashion. McKenzie shot from about twenty yards and Shevlin, who had the ball covered, allowed it to fall over his hands into the net.
There were two notable incidents in the second period prior to the scoring of the goals. The first was the disallowing of a goal scored by Lang on the grounds of offside. An appeal by the players was ignored by the referee.
Then, shortly afterwards, McKenzie missed a great chance after Beynon and Fraser had worked the ball up the right in splendid fashion. The inside-right, in attempting to place the ball from the winger's cross, sent against Shevlin.

Aberdeen Take Lead

Eight minutes from the end Aberdeen took the lead. Shevlin punched out a cross from Benyon and the ball was partially cleared.
It came to Thomson, who steadied himself and found the net through a crowd of players from twenty yards' range.
The third goal came just on the final whistle. Smart work by Lang on the left, resulted in Mills finding the net with a grounder. Shevlin fell on the ball, but it squirmed out of his hands into the net.
The Aberdeen defence was generally sound, Smith, in goal, had a number of good saves to his credit, while Cooper, tackling and kicking confidently, was the best back afield. McGill, although less polished than his partner, made no mistakes.
Falloon was kept busy by Rice, but he did a lot of good work in defence. Fraser and Thomson were too seldom seen in an attacking capacity, but worked hard to check the Albion forwards' dashing raids. Thomson was the better, Fraser still being below his best form.

Wingers Do Well

Lang and Beynon were the best of the attack. The Welshman was a trifle excitable but led many raids, while Lang, who seemed to be the most dangerous of the quintette did not receive enough of the ball.
Mills has rarely been seen to less advantage. He was slow to bring the ball under control, and did not distribute play as well as usual. Armstrong, too, failed to strike his best form, and was well held by the robust Bruce. McKenzie was clever on the ball, and carried it upfield on numerous occasions, only to nullify his good work by a faulty pass.
Armstrong had his left leg injured ini a tackle with Bruce, but is expected to be fit for this week's game.
Waddell and Bruce were the heroes in a stout Albion Rovers defence. Whilst Shevlin must shoulder most the responsibility for the first and third goals, he made many good saves. Whitelaw was a hardworking and forceful right half, and deserves praise for the manner in which he shadowed Mills.
The attack, if it did not supply the football, showed plenty of dash, and their raids were always dangerous. Grant was a smart right winger, and he had a good partner in Lyon and Rice, although a trifle cumbersome, was a wholehearted and energetic leader.

Source: Press & Journal, 18th November 1935

Albion Rovers Teamsheet
Shevlin; Waddell, Hunter; Whitelaw, Bruce, Macfarlane; Grant, Lyon, Rice, Harkins, Dudley
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Cliftonhill, Coatbridge
Referee: J. M. Martin, Ladybank
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