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Queens Park 0 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Queens Park 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Beynon 59.

04/04/1936 | KO:


But Finishing Not Too Good


A narrow victory ┬▒or Aberdeen in their match with Queen's Park at Hampden was an equitable enough result, although on the chances that were going the Pittodrie team might have won by a more emphatic margin.

Though claiming a slight superiority over the amateurs' opposition in every division from goal out, the Dons nevertheless failed to strike a really penetrative game till near the end.
Unable to plead lack of service from the wing halves, the forward line was somewhat disappointing, and it was only by fits and starts that it revealed the fluency in movement that one expects. McKenzie was the greatest sinner of the day in faulty finishing. He was getting a fair share the scoring chances, but invariably got too much loft his shots.

Warnock Held

Nor did Warnock have a very successful day. The winger was up against hot proposition in T. Young, a youngster who was making his second appearance for the Hampden team, and the bouts between the two oftener ended in the amateur clearing his lines than a victory for Warnock.
Queen's Park, with an easterly breeze behind them, were able to claim a command so far as actual pressure lay throughout the opening half, and Smith's job in goal was never exactly a sinecure. But all the Hampden pressure went for nothing.
There was an obviousness about their stereotyped advances easily countered, and only occasionally was the Pittodrie goal in real danger. When these few occasions arose Smith was all there.

Forward Thrust

With fewer chances at close quarters, the Aberdeen forwards carried a greater thrust, and though Desmond White managed to keep a clean sheet, his unorthodox methods, while providing a touch of comedy, sometimes gave the home supporters palpitations.
Gardiner, the Hampden pivot, was an absentee through injury for ten minutes in this half, but that coincided with a period of amateur pressure. Mills was not a conspicuous figure prior to the interval, Armstrong and, in a lesser degree, Beynon, proving the danger points.
It was a goal scored by Beynon fourteen minutes after the second half had started that gave Aberdeen full points. The goal was fully due on play, as just prior to the score the Hampden goal had undergone several narrow escapes.
In attempting to save a dangerous situation developed on the right by Fraser, T. Young headed the ball across the goalmouth, and Beynon, who had drifted into the centre, had his first shot parried by White, but made no mistake when given a second chance.

Finishing at Fault

As in the opening half, the breeze was a factor dictating the flow of play after the interval. With its aid, Aberdeen were more frequently seen as attackers, and with better finishing might have added at least another couple of goals. During-this period the Hampden goalkeeper's charge had several narrow escapes, and on several occasions White interposed a timely foot to prevent good shots from getting home.
Though playing second fiddle after the interval, Queen's Park were no means held wholly to defence. Periodical raids by the amateurs always held the possibility an equalising goal, but it was here that Falloon came into the argument.
If not the least particular where he put the ball when clearing under pressure, the stuffy little pivot was successful in holding up the Hampden inside men, and found capable support in Cooper and McGill.

Tricky Wind

The game never reached a notably high standard of play, for which the light ball and tricky wind may have been responsible to some extent, But Aberdeen's play during the closing ten minutes held a touch of real class, and was well in keeping with what expected from the Pittodrie team when they visit Glasgow.
Had they revealed the same form throughout, an emphatic victory would have automatically followed.

Source: Press & Journal, 6th April 1936

Queens Park Teamsheet
D. White; T. K. Campbell, T. Young; R. M. Cross, J. Gardiner, A. Hosie; J. Crawford. W. Martin, G. Holland, E. Dalgleish, W. Wright
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Hampden Park, Glasgow
Referee: J. Hudson, Glasgow
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