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Slavia Prague 1 - 2 Aberdeen

Tour of Bohemia Moravia and Galicia
Aberdeen scorers: Hume, Hume.

16/05/1911 | KO: 16:30

Hospitality of Bohemians

The Aberdeen football team, now presently apearing on the continent, are - judging from accounts sent to us by a special correspondent who is accompanying them - having a most enjoyable time, and are being treated with the utmost hospitality at the various places they visit. They had several days of sojourn at Prague, where they were feted at by the management of the Slavia Football Club, and received the hospitality of the municipality. On Monday the Lord Mayor's private car was put in their disposal, and the preceded on a round of sight-seeing. The National Museum at Prague was visited, and they were shown exhibits of national importance, and had their historical significance explained. Afterwards the party paid a visit to an ancient beer garden, and later patch and iced the Industrial Exhibition of Bohemia an institution on the same lines as the present Glasgow Exhibition, but on a smaller scale.
In the evening the party were invited guests at a great firework display on the banks of the Elbe, and were accommodated on a special barge beside the American Consuls party. On Tuesday the team was shown around the city, and visited the ancient cathedral. The second match of the tour with the Slavia Club was played in the afternoon.


As it was a holiday, the kick-off was fixed at 4:30 P.M. Previous to the start, a little rain had fallen, and the ground was in much better condition for playing. The previous day's right chord of 6500 was again broken. Fully 7000 people paid for admission. The Aberdeen team was the same as last Sunday, but were arranged as follows:-King; Colman, Hannah; Davidson, Millar, Low; Soye, McIntosh, Hume, Main, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. Kartina.

The game was a good one to watch, both teams being evenly matched, with a difference, that there was a touch of finish in the Scotsmen's play which was lacking in the home team. The polish, however, will come to them in time. The plate throughout the second half was hardly so fast as in the first period. The Aberdeen men fagged, while Slavia looked like being able to finish strong. Several dangerous corners fell to their lot, and from a scrimmage in the goal-mouth, after King had repelled several shots at short range, he was adjudgeed to have gone over the line with the ball in his hand, although he had got rid of it. While there was an element of luck in getting this goal, Slavia in the first half, had the chagrin to see King beaten by the bounce of the ball, but in time to turn round and secure it before it went into the net. The finish was a welcome relief to the players on both sides, and ended in favour of Aberdeen by the odd goal in three.

King was inclined to risk rather much, and was due to be beat once. Will Colman was at his best, which means a deal. Hannah was more at home at back that he was at right half in the previous match. He kicked finely, although the rushes of the Bohemians often upset his calculations in tackling. Miller at centre half was the star the hottest on the field, and played with good judgement and effect. Young Low was splendid, and was a trier from start to finish, and he and Colman were able to last the game to the finish.
The forwards all played on a par, Hume in centre by scoring twice was a success. If he was not brilliant, he got there all the same.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 17th May 1911


(From a Special Correspondent.)

Prague, Tuesday.

In their return match with the Slavia Club here this afternoon, the Aberdeen football team, besides the distinction of winning by 2 goals to 1, had the honour of attracting a crowd which beat all records for a football match in Prague. The Slavians' victory on Sunday had aroused tremendous interest and enthusiasm, and the Aberdeen players had been well advertised by reason of their visits to the various sights of tho city, it was no surprise when the appointed hour arrived to find that the ground, which, if not in equipment, at least in accommodation, rivals some of the best enclosures in the home country, was as crowded as it had never been before. These Bohemians are nothing if not wholehearted, and in anticipation of the game the day was pretty much in the nature of a gala day, and everywhere the holiday spirit was abroad.


The same hearty greeting that was extended on Sunday was accorded both teams, and the players had the same businesslike appearance. As the side lined was seen that the composition of the Aberdeen team was something akin to what it assumes when any of the minor north Scotland sides are opposing the league eleven at Pittodrie, and when it is mentioned that Hume appeared at centre forward, and that the other positions were transposed accordingly, the significance of this statement may be realised. If Aberdeen were in gala mood; not so their opponents. At the start, they infused the same dash into their play which characterised their Sunday's display, but, profiting by their experience on that occasion, the Aberdeen defence had little difficulty in checking them. As the game progressed it gradually developed into the triumph of the tricky and scientific over the rushing and less brainy game. The work of the Aberdeen forwards, which would have been nothing out of the ordinary at Pittodrie, bewildered the opposing defence, and the spectators had perforce to clap their hands with glee. Just once daring a lull in the tricky aggressiveness of the visitors did the S]avians get through, and King could not have saved the shot. This was practically the only chance the home side had of scoring, and Aberdeen could, if they had chosen, piled a score. As it was, the Bohemian keeper was beaten twice, and what goals! Hume is ever a player of the resolute, robust order, and his two goals were models of the hard-kicking art He is a great favourite with his clubmates, and their manner of congratulating him by the usual British handshake contrasted strangely with the affectionate exchange of kisses which greeted the scorer of the home side's goal.

All the members of the Aberdeen party are enjoying splendid health, and the tour so far has proved very successful, the hospitality and kindnesses of the Bohemians knowing bounds. The news of Aberdeen's latest "capture" - John Wood, of Huddersfield - has given great satisfaction to the party.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th May 1911

Slavia Prague Teamsheet
Aberdeen Teamsheet
King, Colman, Hannah, Davidson, Millar, Low, Soye, McIntosh, Hume, Main, Lennie.
Attendance: 7,000
Venue: ,
Referee: Mr. Kartina
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