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AFC - Match Report
match report 1930-31 fixture list
Scottish Cup Third Round 
Dundee 1 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Campbell 60       Hill 23.  
Attendance: 38,099
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
. Aberdeen's cup-tie battle with Dundee at Dens Park provided a hectic struggle which kept a record crowd of 40,000 on edge from start to finish.
The result, a draw of one goal each, was very creditable to Aberdeen, who lost MacMillan after only two minutes play, and they had to struggle with ten men throughout the game.

Desperate Struggle.

The game was chokefull of thrills, and was fought with a ferocity and abandon that was surprising. Apart from MacMillan's mishap there were many stoppages for injuries to players, and frequently the referee had to intervene when tempers became ruffled.
There were times players literally threw themselves at each other, and in the later stages there was a big dog fight element about the game.

MacMillan's Injury.

MacMillan's injury, which was later found be a broken bone above the right ankle, was the result of an accident. He was dribbling through and was in the act of shooting when he was tackled by Brown and immediately fell down in great pain. He was carried off and attended by a doctor. Just before the interval he actually returned to the field, but was compelled to retire altogether. Later he was removed to Dundee Infirmary.

Hill's Fine Goal.

With their ten men Aberdeen fought with spirit. Their four forwards repeatedly harassed the Dundee defenders, and their halfbacks worried the home attack out of their game.
The game was 23 minutes old when Aberdeen took the lead. Love beat Gilmour to cross, and McNab cleared, only to send to the feet of Hill, who from fully twenty yards sent in a terrific drive, which gave Marsh no chance of stopping. Subsequently both goals were in danger, and the 'keepers had abundance of work.
On one occasion Troup drove from close range with Smith out of his goal, but Falloon, standing below the bar, headed out.
Campbell, Gavigan, Ritchie, and Troup had shots finely stopped by Smith, and Marsh had frequently to save from McDermid, Love, and Yorston.

Dundee's Equaliser.

As was only to be expected, In view of their handicap, Aberdeen's was largely a defensive role in the second half, but Yorston, Love, McDermid, and McLean were ever ready for a dash, and more than once went near to scoring.
Aberdeen's defence withstood a terrific gruelling until, at the end of fifteen minutes, Blyth rounded Jackson to cross, and Campbell netted with a fast grounder which left Smith helpless.
From then until the close Dundee had the better of the game territorially. There were repeated stoppages for players getting hurt and the excitement was intense, especially in the closing minutes, when Dundee made desperate efforts to snatch a win.

All in Form.

The absence of MacMillan upset the smooth working of the Aberdeen team, but every man played to form. Smith kept goal in magnificent style, and Falloon and Jackson were dashing and resourceful backs, the little Irishman being the best defender on the field.
All three half-backs touched their best, Hill especially being brilliant, and McLaren and Black were exceptionally strong in defence.
Yorston, although well watched, continued to upset the Dundee defence at times, and McDermid, Love and McLean all rendered splendid service.

Dundee Stalwarts.

It was not until the second half that Dundee really settled down. Marsh was a safe 'keeper, but Brown and Gilmour did not give of their best, both being unsteady. At half-back Blyth and McNab were strong tacklers who forced on the play.
The forwards were disappointing, but Troup and Gavigan showed clever touches. Campbell and Robertson were not thrustful enough.

Record Figures. The attendance of 38,099 and the divisible gate 1526 both constitute records for Dens Park. The replay will take place at Pittodrie Park on Wednesday afternoon; kick-off 3 o'clock.

Source: Press & Journal, 16th February 1931



Big Crowd at Aberdeen Station.


A seething Crowd, several thousands strong, which was marshalled into sections by a force of police, gathered in Aberdeen Joint Station square on Saturday night to welcome the Aberdeen football team after their great tussle at Dundee, and to congratulate the ten "survivors" upon forcing a replay.
These enthusiasts were sorely disappointed. however, for the railway authorities took the precaution of closing the station to the public for about hour before the train by which the team travelled was due to arrive.
When the 8.37 p.m. L.N.E.R. train, which conveyed the players, reached the station it was run to the north end of the platform, and the footballers and officials proceeded to Union Street via the Palace Hotel. About a quarter an hour later the station was again opened to the public, but when the crowd discovered that the team had arrived and gone home they quickly dispersed.

Crowd's Chagrin.

Many were chagrined at having endured the rigours of a stormy evening without being able to cheer or "chair" the players. But "safety first" dictated the footballers' evasion of the excited crowd, for on a recent occasion, when the team returned victorious from a cup-tie match, Yorston suffered injury from the too robust way which he was seized and carried in triumph for some distance.

Wintry sunshine marked the departure of thousands of citizens to Dundee for the football cup-tie battle there, but the time they returned the evening a blizzard of wind and sleet was raging.

Source: Press & Journal, 16th February 1931

Dundee Teamsheet:  Marsh; Brown, Gilmour; McNab, McCarthy, Blyth; Gavigan, Ritchie, Campbell, Robertson, Troup


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Smith, Falloon, Jackson, Black, McLaren, Hill, Love, McDermid, Yorston, McMillan, McLean.

Unused Subs:


Referee: H. Watson, Glasgow

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