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AFC - Match Report
match report 1906-07 fixture list
East Scotland League 
Aberdeen 2 - 4 Dundee
Kick Off:  6:30 PM   Haxton, Haxton.       Cox, Webb, Dainty (pen), Webb  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Aberdeen met Dundee at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, last night, in an East of Scotland League fixture. There were about 3000 spectators present, when the teams lined up as follows:-
Aberdeen: Mutch; Gault, Willox; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Ford, Haxton, Low, Edgar, Lennie one. Dundee: Muir; McKenzie, Oswald; Lee, Dainty, Jeffrey; Webb, Nimmo, Cox, Macfarlane, Fraser.
Referee - Mr. A. Adams, Grahamston.

Aberdeen lost the toss and kicked off towards the east goal. The locals soon made headway, and from a well-judged cross from Lennie, Edgar headed into Muir's hands. Play was soon transferred to the other end. Fraser had a good run along his wing, but his cross was cleared by Willox, who punted well down the field. Dundee forced the pace, and the Aberdeen goal had a narrow escape. Mutch run out, and kicked the ball, but it rebounded off Cox, who was in front of the goal, and rolled across the goalmouth. None of the Dundee forwards were up, and the ball was caught away by Gault. Dundee were having most of the game, and about ten minutes after the start Cox scored. Nimmo rattled the cross-bar with a hard shot from far out, and Fraser who seized the rebound centred nicely, and Cox headed into the net far out of Mutch's reach. Aberdeen now that took the game in hand, but the visitors' defence was reliable. The Wasps were soon sent to their own end. Cox took the ball right up the field, and when near the goal, passed to Webb, as he was tackled by Gault. Webb made off two wards the goal and scored a capital point. Right football characterised the play of the Dundee forwards, and the Aberdeen defence was continually kept busy. The Aberdeen forwards were rather disappointing, but it was left to Lenny to raise the enthusiasm of the crowd. This player securing the ball a little beyond midfield, outwitted several opponents, and when about 15 yards from goal drove the ball hard in. Muir, however, was in his place, and he just managed to put the ball round the corner of the goal post, having to throw himself at the ball. A corner kick proved fruitless. Aberdeen now had most of the game, but they could not Pierce the visitors' defence. They forced another corner through Lennie, and Willox, getting the ball, sent in a capital shot which skimmed the cross-bar. Aberdeen kept up a fierce and prolonged attack on the visitors' citadel, and Muir had to save shots from Lennie and H. Low. Dundee's intermediate line was playing a grand game, the most prominent player being Jeffrey. Aberdeen's left wing was the best on the field. A few minutes from half-time Aberdeen were granted a penalty for Jeffrey handling within the penalty line. H. Low took the kick, but, to the disgust of the spectators, he sent the ball yards wide. Aberdeen were continually attacking but a goal could not be got.

On resuming, Dundee made off with a great dash, but the ball was sent behind. Cox got off, but when about to shoot he was robbed of the ball by Gault. Aberdeen now had a look in, and Muir got a hot one to hold from Edgar. Dundee took up the attack, and Willox, being hard pressed, brought down Cox within the penalty line. Dainty, from the resulting kick, added a third goal to Dundee's credit. A little later the game had to be stopped for a few minutes owing to Oswald being hurt. The game had not been long resumed when Webb notched a fourth goal for Dundee. Macfarlane brought the ball right down the field. He crossed to Webb, and this player had no difficulty in scoring. The visitors were all over their opponents, and looked like scoring more goals. Lennie had a capital run along his wing, I and, as a result of his neat cross, Haxton registered Aberdeen's first goal. After this success Aberdeen came away in grand style, but Haxton missed an open goal after Oswald missed his kick. Aberdeen forced two corners in succession, but they were of no avail. As a result of a another well-timed cross from Lennie, who was playing a grand game, Haxton again scored. The closing stages of the game were fought out in the semi-darkness, with neither side claiming any advantage. The Dundee forwards all played well, the specially the left wing, which was the best on the field during the second half. Aberdeen tried hard to secure another point, but it was of no avail, and the game ended with the score standing Dundee 4: Aberdeen 2.

The drawings amounted to about 80.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal

By their display last Wednesday in the East of Scotland League we came to the conclusion that Dundee have got together a fineteam this season, and one that will be heard of before many weeks. Their forward play was accurate and telling every time, with a strong tendency to close shooting. A fine half-back line with a couple of good backs and goalkeeper go to make the team as complete as it could be. With their four goals on Wednesday there was only one that could be found fault with, the others being got without the slightest tinge of luck. Aberdeen put on a spurt when it was too late, Haxton beating Muir twice before the close.

Source: Bon-Accord, 30th August 1906

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch, Gault, Willox, Halkett, Strang, Low, Ford, Haxton, Low, Edgar, Lennie.

Unused Subs:


Dundee Teamsheet:  Muir; McKenzie, Oswald; Lee, Dainty, Jeffrey; Webb, Nimmo, Cox, Macfarlane, Fraser


Referee: Mr. A. Adams, Grahamston

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