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match report 1972-73 fixture list
North American Summer Tour 
Montreal Olympics 0 - 1 Aberdeen Abandoned
    Abandoned after 65 mins.
Kick Off:          Harper (Pen)  
Attendance: 2,181
Venue: Université de Montréal, Montreal
Fans halt Olympics' match
What should have been a routine friendly descended into a riot after the Dons were awarded a penalty kick. The crowd had been increasingly unhappy about refereeing decisions going against their team and began to hurl missiles onto the pitch. They also tried to get over the perimeter fence but fortunately failed and the match was abandoned after 62 minutes. Missiles ranged from stones and cans to a dustbin and a handbag.

This was the match where Jimmy Bonthrone famously spotted a 19 year old Graeme Souness playing for Montreal on loan from Spurs. Bonthrone made strenuous efforts to sign the player but he ended up moving to Middlesbrough.

of The Gazette

Sometime late last night, referee Stan Tate emerged from the bowels of University of Montreal Stadium, checked to see that the coast was clear and then rushed to his car and locked himself in. Maybe, even the two cops from car 152 accompanied him. All Tate did last night was call a foul against Luigi Mascalaito, Olympics' new recruit front Verona, a First Division team from Italy. Aberdeen of Scotland scored on the ensuing penalty kick, and the reaction of the highly partisan crowd of 2,181 was such that the game had to be called.

Seconds after Joe Harper scored during the 61st minute, fans began hurling debris down on the officials. Some threw shoes, others paper cups and one fan even tossed down a suitcase. There was even a fight among spectators occupying seats on the side of the field bordering the mountain.
The fight started, said Peter Clabrough, an Olympic fan, "when a couple of fans got rocks from the side of the mountain and started throwing them at the officials. Another group of supporters tried to stop them and that's when it broke out."
At that point, the players and officials left the field for their dressing quarters. A half hour later, the crowd was still hostile and the game was called.
This was Mascalaito's first appearance at home, and it was obvious from the ovation he received at the start that he was the new darling of the fans. Every time he touched the ball, he was cheered. and deservedly so - he was that good.
But then came the foul. Mascalaito interfered with Aberdeen's Dave Robb who was crowding Olympics' goalkeeper Sam Nusum while the latter was attempting to kick the ball up field. Tate ruled that Mascalaito pushed Robb, and the rule states that a player is not allowed to touch an opponent with any part of his body while the ball is in play. And it was obvious Mascalaito did just that.
But Mascalaito said he didn't touch Robb - he merely tried to pry the Aberdeen player away from Nusum. "No," said the reed-thin Italian, twitching his mod mustache. "I did not touch him - I swear on my two sons."
Then Mascaliato added: "In international rules, a player cannot touch a goalkeeper."
But a source close to the scene said "there were a good two yards between the Aberdeen player and Nusum. The goalie had sufficient time to kick the ball or throw it."

Source: Montreal Gazette - June 8,1972 (Page 35)

N.B. The programme on show here was presented to The Aberdeen Collection by David Klimek of Quebec, who as an 11 year old was at the match.
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Referee: Stan Tate

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