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AFC - Match Report
match report 1945-46 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Partick Thistle 1 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Shankly       Pattillo.  
Attendance: 31,000
Venue: Firhill, Glasgow
Shot of Match Hit Bar
ABERDEEN, the magnet club of Scottish football, on Saturday delighted another crowd of over 30,000 at Firhill Park as did their opponents, Partick Thistle.
Every now and then the distinctive design of the unbeaten League leaders would flash through, particularly during the first half, when with ordinary luck and reasonable care they could have obtained the two goals their superiority deserved.
But Baird's shot-of-the-match, from 26 yards, rebounded from the crossbar, and Taylor's penalty kick was brilliantly saved by Steadward, the complete goalkeeper.
This nimble, gallant youth had no chance with Armstrong's deceptive header that enabled Pattillo to shoot to the top of the net from close in after the interval; but from his goalline he enjoyed the thrill of McKennan boring through and allowing Shankly to race from behind and deliver the shot that equalised.

My "discovery"

A good draw of a men's contest in which the soldier inside right stalwarts, McKennan, of Thistle, and Baird, of Aberdeen, captivated the Scottish F.A. selectors present and the happy thousands on sunlit terraces.
In my travels to the remote centres, where Aberdeen's star team was forced to play in recent seasons to crowds of a thousand or two, I "discovered" Baird, and predicted the highest honours for him. No surprise, therefore, to me, to find him now the most discussed forward in the country.
He and his Aberdeen colleagues were a good team on Saturday, but the best was not seen of them - the second half was below standard.
It must be emphasised, though, that Thistle's defence is practically unbreakable.
Pattillo, like Baird frequently varied his play and his passing, but neither wing man had the incisiveness essential to strain McGowan and Curran, full-backs, who never hesitated and who directed the ball consistently in the right direction.

Kiddie's need

Were Kiddie less introspective he would become a star right winger. He has the football, the speed, the strength of limb, and the physique.
When Shankly "opened out" after the interval Thistle's half-back division excelled, but their constructive forcing work simply emphasised the unevenness in an attack that never promised to get on top of Aberdeen's shrewd defence.
Candlin went through once to hit the ball with terrific force from 10 yards, Johnstone's one-handed save, was spellbinding.
Bremner, who has adapted himself soundly to the right half position, usually anticipated the moves of Thistle's left wing.
Dunlop had a difficult afternoon in the centre of the field, but he played his part well in front of Cooper and McKenna, an ideal full-back blend of long experience and buoyant youth.
The boy Wright, who opposed McKenna, often revelled in centring and displayed fine poise, but he had a tendency to turn back with the ball. If he rectifies this he can establish himself in a Thistle team that requires greater cohesion to rival Aberdeen in combination.

Report by W. M. Gall of "The Mail"
Partick Thistle Teamsheet:  Steadward; McGowan, Curran; Candlin, McKennan; Wright, Shankly


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cooper, McKenna, Bremner, Dunlop, Taylor, Kiddie, Baird, Armstrong, Pattillo, Williams.

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