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AFC - Match Report
match report 1907-08 fixture list
Scottish Second XI Cup Replay 
Dundee A 3 - 0 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Currie, McDonald, McDonald        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
The Aberdeen A team traveled to Dundee, and met the Dens Park A team in the replay of the 2nd. XI Scottish cup tie, the first game at Aberdeen having resulted in a draw. There was a fair attendants, the drawings at the gate and stands amounting to 51. The teams were:-

Dundee A: Bernard; Dorward, Kennedy; Neal, Ramsay, Marnie; McLeish, McDonald, Currie, McDermott, Jackson.
Aberdeen A: Mutch; Hanna, Hay; Morgan, JJ Simpson, Robertson; Macdonald, Finley, Mckinley, Ritchie, Toman.
Referee - Mr. Gorman, Abercorn.

Dundee scored in the first minute through a find that of work by McDermott, followed by a judicious cross by McLeish, Currie having no difficulty in heading the ball passed Mutch. Aberdeen retaliated, and Bernard had to look lively in disposing of a great shot by Robertson. The teams were inclined to take matters easily, but, nevertheless, some pretty play was shown. Dundee and lost the services of McLeish, who sustained an injury to his foot in a tussle with Hannah. The homesters were considerably handicapped by this Las, and for a time the home defence was hard pressed. Bernard stopped a rare cross from Toman just in the nick of time. With the reappearance of McLeish, Dundee came down upon Mutch's charge, and Currie, who were showing find dash, almost succeeded in getting through, Mutch just catching the ball not a moment too soon. Aberdeen tried hard to shake off the attack, but Dundee were a dour lot. Aberdeen succeeded in enjoying a brief spell of attack. Toman had a great run, in which he beat Dorward, but his parting shot for goal went high. Aberdeen made a strong attack upon the home defence, and Dundee's goal ran an extremely lucky escape. Mckinley shot hard and true, and the ball struck the bar, and rebounded tantalisingly in front of goal until Dorward, with a huge punt, cleared. Dundee at last managed to drive their opponents back upon their own lines, and McDermott sent in a neat pass, which Macdonald, who looks suspiciously off side, glided past Mutch into the net.

Aberdeen, on resuming, played strongly. Mckinley had a great drive, which the custodian drove to the ground, and Dorward cleared. In a twinkling he had to stop a high shot from Simpson, which he did with nothing to spare. At the other end Mutch misjudged a shot from McDermott, but luckily the ball rebounded off his body, and one of the backs cleared. In one of the attacks upon Aberdeen's goal Mutch, after kicking out, made an attempt to interfere with Currie, who had legitimately charged him. The referee warned Mutch, and granted a penalty, which, although taken twice, was saved. From a tussle in front of Mutch's charge Dundee further increase their lead, a shot from Macdonald glancing off Morgan's leg into the net.

Dundee were lucky to win by such a margin.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 16th September 1907


A Double Catastrophe.

We had little hope of the reserves winning at Dens Park, with their front line broken up to such an extent as it was. On play there was not three goals of difference between the teams, and what luck there was agoing seemed to be always with the home side. It was a lucky goal which put them on the lead right away, while McKinley failed with a trimmer which deserved a better fate. A strong wind helped the home side, but the defence kept everything out till close on half-time, when another goal beat Mutch, who was taken unawares. The second half opened briskly for the visitors, who gave Bernard a lot -of work, the goalkeeper being on the spot every time. Relief was got by Dundee after a bit, but they underwent another severe spell of pressure before they got their third goal. Aberdeen had several good tries before the finish arrived, which saw their exit from the ties by 3-0 from Dundee A.

Source: Bon-Accord, 19th September 1907

Dundee A Teamsheet:  Bernard; Dorward, Kennedy; Neal, Ramsay, Marnie; McLeish, McDonald, Currie, McDermott, Jackson


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch, Hannah, Hay, Morgan, Simpson, Robertson, McDonald, Findlay, McKinlay, Ritchie, Toman.

Unused Subs:


Referee: Mr A. Gorman, Paisley

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