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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Fifth Round 
Orion 5 - 0 Polton Vale
Kick Off:    Thom, Wilson, Hogg, Hogg, Grant        
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
The Qualifying Cup.- Orion Triumphant.
After successfully piloting their way through the preliminary stages of the Qualifying Cup ties, Orion faced Polton Vale at Cattofield in the fifth round of the competition. It was estimated that fully 5000 persons were present. Mr A. S. Spalding, Dundee, acted an referee, and the players lined up an follows: Polton: McAlpine; Kennedy, Scott; Neilson, Robertson, Nicol; Donnaghue, Stirling, Jenkinson, Kidd, Webster. Orion: McBean; Ross, Scott; Currie, Low, Dawson; Webster, Grant, Thom, Wilson, Hogg. Orion had the best of matters from the start, and, after some exciting play, Thom sent in a fine shot, which the custodian returned, but catching the rebound, Thom neatly placed the leather into the net, thus opening the scoring. Then McAlpine was successful in returning a swift shot from Hogg, but Wilson caught the leather, and with a grounder put a second point to the credit of the homo team. The Vale afterwards made their way up the field. The advantage was only temporary, for the Stripes did not permit them to remain long at close quarters. After one or two fruitless shots, Hogg, from a pass from Thom, managed to send the ball past McAlpine, thus putting Orion three goals to the good. At half-time the score read: Orion 3, Polton Vale 0. Soon after the restart, Hogg, with a fine overhead kick, managed to net the ball for the fourth time, and a little later Grant got a fifth point. Towards the close, the Vale made determined efforts to score, but all to no purpose, and the game ended: Orion 5, Polton Vale 0.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 8th November 1897

Every corner of Cattofield was packed on Saturday. Even the palings were called on to accommodate their share of the enthusiasts. We do not remember a match which created so much interest. Mike McFarlane was again left out, his place being taken by Grant. Polton won the toss and decided to play uphill. Orion kicked off, and immediately made matters lively for the visitors' defence.
At last the opening goal came. A grand rush down resulted in McAlpine being beaten for the first time. From the kick off, Orion's left wing broke away, and Wilson crowned a brilliant effort by putting on a second. Polton tried hard to reduce the homesters' lead, but to no effect. Jim Thorn gave Hogg a chance, and the little man put so much vigour into his shot that the ball went crashing through the net. No further scoring took place in the first half, which ended Orion 3, Polton Vale 0.

No time was lost in resuming. It was thought the visitors' weight would now tell on Orion, who had to face the hill. The game had scarcely been re-started, when Hogg, from a scrimmage, headed through a fourth goal. Polton played for all they were worth to secure a point, and it was fortunate for Orion that McBean was in his best form. Some remarkably clever passing by Grant and Webster ended in the former getting the better of McAlpine for a fifth time. Right up to the finish both teams played hard, but no further scoring took place, and Orion passed into the semi-final with the handsome score of 5-0 to their credit.

Short Kicks.

"Good old Orion" was the cry on all sides on Saturday. Not even the most rabid Cattofielder imagined his team could beat the Polton Vale by 5-0. The visitors made no secret of their being specially strengthened for the occasion.
McAlpine, the visitors' goalkeeper, had not been beaten in the ties. Orion did it five times.
The gate was over 80.
The Polton checker at the members' gate badly wants a lesson in manners. Perhaps the importance of the occasion was too much for his little mind.
Orion looked like children alongside Polton Vale. McAlpine stood head and shoulders, in ability, above his companions. Without him the result would probably have been?50 to 0.
Neilson was the best half, and forward the left wing was best. Jenkinson (late Hearts) did not impress one as being a particularly bright star.
McBean was in great form. After the first few minutes, when they appeared to be excited, Ross and Scott played up to their best.
John Low was perhaps best of a magnificent half back line. He put in an enormous amount of hard work. Currie and Dawson also played hard.
Forward, Jim Thom was carefully watched, but, this did not prevent him from giving his wings plenty of work.
Hogg and Wilson made rings round the opposing defence. Webster on the right was handicapped through his injuries received last week, but nevertheless rendered good service.
Grant who was given Mike's place again this week proved to the crowd that he could play as well as the best. Possessed of fine speed, a glutton for work, and a splendid shot, his place in the team should be a certainty.

Source: Bon-Accord, 11th November 1897

Orion Teamsheet:  McBean; Ross, Scott; Currie, Low, Dawson; Webster, Grant, Thom, Wilson, Hogg


Polton Vale Teamsheet:  McAlpine; Kennedy, Scott; Neilson, Robertson, Nicol; Donnaghue, Stirling, Jenkinson, Kidd, Webster


Referee: A. S. Spalding, Dundee

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