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match report 1898-99 fixture list
Rhodesia Cup 
Orion 5 - 1 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Kane, Wilson, Kane, Kane, McPherson       Cameron  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Fine weather favoured the match between the Aberdeen and Orion at Cattofield in the Rhodesia Cup competition, which was practically to be decided by the result of the content. Both sides were strongly represented. It was noticed that the flag flew half-mast high, and the Orion team wore black bands on their arms out of respect for a former member who died on Friday. A good game was expected when the teams lined up: Orion: Watson; Livingstone, Ross; Currie, Low, Wilson; McPherson, Grant, Thom, Kane, Hogg. Aberdeen: Ritchie; McConnochie, J. Davidson; Thomson, Ritchie, Henderson; Livingstone, Cameron, Mackie, Mackay, Shiach. Referee: Mr McArthur, Stirling.

Aberdeen won the toss, and the Orion kicked off 10 minutes after the advertised time of starting. Presently the Orion secured a goal in a rather remarkable manner. Wilson placed to Hogg, who passed to Kane. The latter sent the ball in, and Thom dashed down to look after the goalkeeper. The burly centre forward ran into the net, and while Ritchie was evading him, the ball, greatly aided by the wind, travelled into the net. The referee at once allowed the point, but it was admitted on all hand that, on account of Ritchie being rushed, the goal ought not to have been given. A minute later Wilson, from far out, added another point, Thom lending help by bustling the backs. End-to-end play of a fast nature followed, both Watson and Ritchie being prominent for good saves. Play tended to be rough at times, and the game continued to be contested in a spirit of keenest rivalry. The Cattofield men were going strongly, however, and the good exchanges by the left wing of the Stripes resulted in a strong shot by Kane. Ritchie saved, but Thom drove the ball in. Ritchie saved again, but Kane being handy, gave the parting touch, and Orion stood three up. From the restart, the Stripes again attacked, and a corner almost brought about the downfall of the visitors' citadel. A fourth goal followed soon after, Kane heading through off a good shot by Grant. The Stripes were insatiable, and from a cross by Hogg, McPherson scored a fifth goal with a grand shot. Nettled by this reverse, the Whites made a desperate assault on Watson, and from, a scrimmage close in, Cameron drew first blood for his side. Half-time result: Orion 5, Aberdeen 1. Neither side scored in the second period, and the game ended in a victory for the Orion by 5 goals to 1.

Once again we had to witness the Whites and Stripes meeting. Orion were at full strength, Jim Thom taking up his old position at centre. He got a rare reception on taking the field. Aberdeen were under strength, and instead of filling up the vacancies rearranged the team. Playing downhill in the first half Orion had about all the play, and so well did they take advantage of their opportunities that at the interval the game stood 5-1 in their favour.

The second half calls for little mention. It was rarely interesting. No scoring took place. Orion have now won the cup, as even although they get defeated in their last game they have a majority of points. It is surprising what a difference the presence of Jim Thom makes to the forward line. The whole team seem to have more confidence. During the first half Jim played a very fair game, but in the latter period took things very easy. The Orion team gave a fine display; and Dundee Wanderers may look out for squalls. Aberdeen every week seem to be falling away. They are not a patch on the team of a couple of months ago. Something will have to be done if they intend having a look in for the Charity.

Source: Bon-Accord, 6th April 1899

Orion Teamsheet:  Watson; Livingstone, Ross; Currie, Low, Wilson; McPherson, Grant, Thom, Kane, Hogg


The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; McConnochie, J. Davidson; Thomson, Ritchie, Henderson; Livingstone, Cameron, Mackie, Mackay, Shiach


Referee: Mr. McArthur, Stirling

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