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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Rhodesia Cup 
Victoria United 1 - 2 Orion
Kick Off:    Burnett       Grant, Grant  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
At Victoria Bridge Grounds the first round in the Rhodesia Cup competition was disposed of. Both teams were at full strength, and there was a large attendance. George Ferguson, the well-known back of the Wanderers, appeared as left back for the "Blues." When the Blues kicked off, the Orion wanted two of their team, namely, the out and inside right. The Vics at once got down, but the ball was sent behind. The game had not been three minutes in progress, when G Ritchie came to grief, and had to retire from the field. After a magnificent piece of play in front of the Orion's goal, Burnett scored for the United with a beautiful shot. Anderson and Massie now came to the assistance of the Stripes, and Ritchie for the Vics. Both teams had now full teams on the field. One of the most exciting scrimmages in local football that has ever been witnessed took place in front of the home team's goal, and lasted for fully ten minutes on the goal line. The pressure, however, was relieved. Grant tried Finlay with a swift shot, but the latter saved. Richie again left the field, and the United played with ten men. Grant took Findlay by surprise, and placed the ball in the net, and the first half ended in a draw of 1 goal each.

On recommencing the Blues pressed, and Watson had a try for goal. Morrison caught the ball, and Burnett rushed him through, but the point was disallowed. Orion scored from a corner. Grant doing the needful just one minute from time.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 12th March 1900

The public who enjoy football preferred witnessing the Orion and Vies play in the first round of the Rhodesia tie than the Aberdeen and Dundee wanderers in a league fixture. They were rewarded in their choice with a capital game. The play of both elevens was a decided improvement on what has been seen here lately, and if they can only keep up to Saturday's standard, the public will have no cause to complain. The Vics were the first to score, and on the play deaerved to do so, being superior to their opponents. Orion were in no way disheartened by this, and attacked with great, energy, but the home defence kept their goal intact until on the call of time, when Grant equalised.

The second half play was a repetition of the first, fairly good forward work being always repelled, if not by brilliant, at least sound defence. A good number of spectators had left the field convinced that the game would be drawn, a conviction that was shared by most present. But they had counted without considering the Orion, who in their last effort, and it was a brilliant one, scored a second and winning goal through Grant, who had the unique distinction of scoring both goals for his side. The Orion on the whole were the superior team, but it was so slight that a draw would have been a fair index of the game.

Source: Bon-Accord, 15th March 1900

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