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match report 1899-00 fixture list
Rhodesia Cup 
The Aberdeen 4 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Shiach, Livingston, Livingston, Livingston       Kilgour (pen), McHardy, Burnett  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
These teams met last night in the semi-final of the Rhodesia Cup at Cattofield, before a fair turnout of spectators. The United won the toss, and Aberdeen kicked off up the hill. The Whites were the first to become aggressive, but Findlay cleared. A rush by the Blues looked dangerous. One of the Aberdeen players handled the ball within the line, and a penalty was awarded to the United. Kilgour took the kick and easily scored. By good passing tactics, the Whites once more got down. Livingston passed smartly to Shiach, who made no mistake with his parting shot. Once more on an equal footing, both teams strove hard to increase their score, and the game became very fast. Success at last attended the efforts of Aberdeen. Livingston doing the needful. Half-time arrived with the scores standing: Aberdeen two goals, Victoria United one goal.

On resuming, the United, having the hill in their favour, were the first to become aggressive. From a rush down the left wing, Taylor passed to McHardy, who beat Bisset with a stinger. A few seconds afterwards Burnett added another point for the Blues. For a foul by one of the Aberdeen players, the United were granted a penalty. Kilgour took the kick, but shot wide. About three minutes from time the Whites once more got into range, and Livingston equalised. Time arrived with the scores as follows: Aberdeen, 3 goals; Victoria United, 3 goals. Both teams agreed to play ten minutes extra both ways to decide which would meet the Orion in the final to-night. Aberdeen kicked off down the hill, and Livingston beat Findlay, thus placing his team in the lead. On changing ends, the United became very aggressive, but Bisset averted dis- aster. A very rough game ended: Aberdeen, 4. goals; Victoria United, 3 goals.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 15th May 1900

The semi-final tie for the Rhodesia Cup of 1900 will be long remembered by both players and spectators, who witnessed the event. Rough play has had two much scope in Aberdeen this season already, but the high water mark was reached on Monday night when the game practically resolved itself into a series of free fights, the culminating point being reached when Mackie, the Aberdeen back, was hit on the head by a stone thrown by a spectator. At full time both teams were equal and an extra ten minutes was played, during which time the Aberdeen added another goal and qualified for the final by 4-3. It is well that the football season is now done - and let us hope that before the recommencement of hostilities our local clubs will have buried the hatchet, and let all bygones be bygones, and learn to line up in peace one with another.

Source: Bon-Accord, 17th May 1900

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