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AFC - Match Report
match report 1938-39 fixture list
Scottish Cup Second Round 
Aberdeen 5 - 1 Queens Park
Kick Off:    Biggs 15, Hamilton 25, Biggs 42, Pattillo 66, Nicholson (Pen).       Browning 56  
Attendance: 23,214
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen



Sound in defence and clever and dangerous in attack that describes the Aberdeen team in their Scottish Cup-tie against Queen's Park. On Saturday's form the Dons cannot, but be regarded as strong contenders for the trophy.
Admittedly the amateurs did not play up to expectations. Their defence was suspect, and the forward line was a thing of shreds and patches. At the same time the Dons played with a confidence and polish that augurs well for the future.
Aberdeen were always masters of the situation. Only for a short spell in the opening period of the second half, when they had re-arranged their attack, did the amateurs threaten to make a fight of it.
Browning took over the leadership, with Buchanan at inside right and Christie at inside left. They got their only goal shortly after this, but the Dons quickly reasserted themselves.
Aberdeen opened the scoring in fifteen minutes. Hamilton sent in a splendid flag-kick, and Biggs cleverly headed into the corner of the net away from the 'keeper. Ten minutes later came a second. Following a long throw-in by Dunlop, Pattillo had a shot blocked. The ball ran clear to Hamilton, and the inside-right's fierce drive struck Mansour on the knees, glanced on to the post, and into the net.
It was another long throw-in by Dunlop that led to the third goal three minutes from the interval. Hamilton back-headed the ball to Biggs, and the inside-left beat the 'keeper with a fine drive.
Queen's Park staged something of a revival in the second half, and a mix-up between Nicholson and Cowie saw Browning run through to beat Johnstone as the 'keeper left his charge. This goal came in eleven minutes.
When Aberdeen got a fourth goal in twenty-one minutes any hopes that the amateurs may have entertained were blasted. Warnock first-timed a corner kick from Hamilton against the crossbar, and Pattillo headed the rebound into the net. The fifth goal, from a penalty, served only to emphasise Aberdeen's superiority. The spot kick was awarded when Thomson grassed Strauss. Nicholson converted.


Except for the loss of the goal the display of the Dons' defence was entirely satisfactory. Johnstone was shaky at times, but he had several good saves, the most notable being a one-handed effort from Buchanan in the second half. Cowie was the better of two resourceful backs, but Adey made no mistakes.
Nicholson was sound all through. He gave Buchanan no rope, and although he had more trouble with Browning after the interval he generally came out on top. Dunlop and Thomson played well. The most pleasing feature of their display was the service they gave to their forwards. Dunlop's ability to throw a long ball from the touchline proved of great value. It led directly to two of the goals.


The Aberdeen forwards have not played with such skill and understanding for weeks. There was not a weak link in the line. Warnock was the least successful of the five, and he did not play badly. Biggs and Hamilton were the best attackers afield. The inside left did grand work. He assisted in defence and was strong and purposeful on the ball.
Hamilton was more polished. He was clever on the ball and quick to open up play. Strauss showed improved form. He was more like the old Strauss, quick to make ground and quick to get the ball into the middle. He owed his success to the fact that he did not hang on to the ball.
Pattillo led the line well. He showed better positional sense than previously, and parted with the ball to better advantage.
Queen's Park were a plucky side, but they lacked the skill and cohesion the home team. Mansour in goal was the busiest man of the twenty-two, and although he was beaten five times he was one of the few successes of the visiting side.
Dickson at left back tackled and kicked well, but the strong man in defence was Johnstone at centre half. He won the admiration of the crowd by his coolness and never-say-die spirit. Hosie on his right flank was a hard worker.
Browning was the only player of note in. attack that proved a failure. Both at inside left and centre forward he fought gallantly. Buchanan was never dangerous, and the extreme wing men seldom escaped the grip of the Aberdeen backs. Christie, usually the "live wire" of the amateurs' front line, was strangely subdued The Aberdeen defenders gave him few chances.

Source: Press & Journal, 6th February 1939

Queen's Park passed out of the Cup rather quietly at Pittodrie. They were not a match for Aberdeen in any way and they were struggling practically all the time. The disparity was most pronounced in attack, where Aberdeen's forwards, with their variety of moves and excellent sharp-shooting, were far superior to the amateurs' line. Accordingly, the burden fell upon Queen's defence. Here centre-half Johnstone was outstanding in his efforts to repulse the clever, eager, and fast Aberdeen attack. Dickson also played his part, but Thomson and the wing halves were only moderate. In attack Christie was strangely subdued, Buchanan was ill at ease at centre, wingers were readily rushed off the ball, and altogether the line was feckless. The Aberdeen backs and half-backs were very efficient, and forward Hamilton and Biggs were splendid in leading-up work. Queen's had two bright periods - at the opening of each half. The remainder of the time Aberdeen dictated play. Biggs (2), Hamilton, Pattillo, and Nicholson (penalty) scored for Aberdeen, and Browning for Queen's.

Source: The Scotsman, 6th February 1939

Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Johnstone, Cowie, Adey, Dunlop, Nicholson, Thomson, Warnock, Hamilton, Pattillo, Biggs, Strauss.

Unused Subs:


Queens Park Teamsheet:  M. Mansour; S. Thomson, H. Dickson; A. Hosie, A. Johnstone, W. McDonald; M. Duncan, D. Christie, W. Buchanan, W. Browning, W. Wright


Referee: J. Thomson, Hamilton

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