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match report 1903-04 fixture list
Scottish Qualifying Cup Fourth Round 
Arbroath 4 - 3 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Willocks, Black, Middleton, Willocks [Penalty]       McAulay, Shiach, Low.  
Attendance: 2,000 (Visitors: 900)
Venue: Gayfield Park, Arbroath
Aberdeen went to Arbroath on Saturday, and played the Arbroath Club at Gayfield Park in the fourth round of the Qualifying Cup. Upon the issue of the match much depended. While to Arbroath a win meant enhanced reputation and money to their coffers, Aberdeen had still more vital interests at stake. Aspiring to enter the ranks of the First Division, the capture of the Qualifying Cup held out the greatest possibilities for the Granite City eleven, while defeat would be something bordering upon disaster.
The teams were:- Arbroath - Palmer; Petrie and Clark; McGlashan, Murray and Ferguson; Black, Middleton, Willocks, Guild and Neave. Aberdeen - Barret; McNicol and Bremner; Ritchie, Strang and Low; Shinner, Mackie, Shiach, McAulay and Johnstone. Referee - Mr J. Walker, Kilmarnock.
Both teams showed much excitement at the start, and play was very straggling. Arbroath were the first to get to close quarters, Black having a good shot. Arbroath speedily returned to the attack, and Willocks, after non-plussing Aberdeen's defence, scored. The visitors made desperate efforts to retrieve their position, but Arbroath for some time maintained their ascendency. McAulay got through, the home defence being in difficulties frequently. Arbroath attacked, and Black again netted the ball for Arbroath. Half-time - Arbroath,2; Aberdeen, 1.
Arbroath started the second half in business-like fashion. The whites soon made off, but once more down went the maroons, and Murray had a meritorious try for goal. The whites broke away seven times in succession, both Strang and Mackie having well-meant shots. Aberdeen, although playing hard, were a beaten team, and the maroons were continuously storming around Barrett. The whites broke away, and with a desperate rush they bore down. Getting to close quarters, Shiach beat Palmer, and less than five minutes later the score was equal. The visitors were awarded a foul close in, and Low, taking the kick pass, placed the teams on equality. It was the most exciting period of the game. In the closing minutes of the game Shiach handled the ball within the penalty area, and a free kick was accordingly granted. Willocks was entrusted with the kick, and amid loud cheers drove the ball past Barrett. Excitement was now exceptionally keen, and although Aberdeen strove their hardest to equalise they could not pierce the Arbroath's defence. Final result:- Arbroath, 4; Aberdeen,1. The gate money amounted to 50.

Source: Aberdeen Free Press, Monday 19th October 1903

These teams met in the fourth round of the Qualifying Cup at Arbroath on Saturday. Great interest was manifested in the fixture, and a special train conveyed about 600 of the Aberdeen club's supporters to Arbroath. Teams:- Aberdeen: Barrett, McNicol, Bremner; Low, Strang, Ritchie; Shinner, McAulay, Mackie, Shiach, Johnstone. Arbroath: Palmer; Petrie, Clark; McGlashan, Murray, ferguson; Black, Middleton, Willocks, Gould, Neave. Referee, Mr. J. Walker, Kilmarnock.

Aberdeen kicked off, and a spell of give-and-take play followed. Aberdeen's forward line played up well, but eventually Willocks got down and opened the scoring for Arbroath. Soon after Aberdeen equalised, and subsequently pressed strongly, but at the other end Black netted the ball, and at half time Arbroath led by 2 goals to 1.

On resuming, Shinner sent in a well-directed shot, which was taken up by Johnstone, and unfortunately sent past. The game thereafter was very evenly contested each side getting their share of defensive work. Great excitement prevailed as the end drew near, and the Arbroath ran out winners by 4 goals to 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th October 1903

Arbroath Teamsheet:  Palmer; Petrie, Clark; McGlashan, Murray, Ferguson; Black, Middleton, Willocks, Guild, Neave


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Barrett, McNicol, Brebner, Ritchie, Strang, Low, Shinner, Mackie, Shiach, McAulay, Johnston.

Unused Subs:


Referee: Mr. J. Walker, Kilmarnock

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