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match report 1913-14 fixture list
Div 1 (Old) 
Hibernian 1 - 0 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Williamson        
Attendance: 12,000
Venue: Easter Road, Edinburgh
Unlucky Aberdeen - Great Game at Easter Road
Fully 8000 spectators gathered within the enclosure at Easter Road, Edinburgh, for the Hibernians first home fixture of the season. The game all through was fast and exciting, and the home players were well worthy of their narrow victory. The Hibernians, who were the first to look dangerous, paid two visits in close succession to the Aberdeen goal area, but were met by a good defence, and when the Northern forwards in turn attacked Main sent the ball sailing over the bar. Play proceeded on fast and interesting lines, the Irishmen having the better of matters, although their forwards were unable to take full advantage of the many opportunities that came their way. In the closing stages of the opening half, Smith in colliding with Colman, met with an injury and had to be assisted off. When the game was resumed in the second half Smith was still an absentee. After a spell of mid-field play, the visitors paid Allan a visit, but Main miskicked. From the kick-out which followed the Easter Road players attacked for all they were worth, and, aided by Smith, who had again come on, swept down upon Greig's charge. From some fast play in the goal-mouth Williamson darted through and netted. The home players returned immediately to the attack, but Greig on this occasion, assisted by his back, cleared. The Aberdonians, as if bent on equalising matters, attacked more or less continuously till the close. On several occasions a goal appeared within their grasp, but a general ineptitude at close range prevented their scoring. A few minutes from close Smith, who had been limping badly, retired. Result:- Hibernians, 1 goal;Aberdeen,0.

Source: The Scotsman, 25th August 1913

By the narrowest of margins - the only goal of the match - Aberdeen allowed another couple of valuable Scottish league points to slip from them on Saturday when they were beaten by Hibernian at Easter Road, Edinburgh. In losing as they did, Aberdeen can honestly be said to have been unlucky. As the play went Aberdeen might well have won, but they at least deserved a draw. So far as scoring chances went, the sides were about equal, but there was no disputing that Aberdeen showed by far the better football, even although the side was not too well balanced. Hibernian showed more dash and bustle, but Aberdeen were by far the more methodical side, and their football was always in a class above that of the home team. In the game there were some indifferent flashes, but at the same time the contest bristled with brilliant flashes, served up by the Aberdeen inside forwards. Both teams were dangerous in the outfield, but they had a tendency to finished weakly. The defences on both sides were sound, specially the Aberdeen back division, who by reason of a half-back weakness had by far the more work to do. Before the furious attacks of the Hibs' forwards they never wavered, and it is questionable if a better fullback display and that provided by Colman and Hume will be seen at Easter Road this season. Hibs were the better balanced side, but they had nothing to compare with Colman and Hume, no with the Aberdeen inside forwards, who excelled. All over the various divisions of the Hibernian team sustained each other better than did those of Aberdeen, whose prominent part in the game was more due to the individual brilliance of certain players, and notably of Colman, Hume, McIntosh, and main, the latter the brainiest forward on the field.

Aberdeen had no great advantage from winning the toss, and Hibernian pressed for quite a lengthy period, the Aberdeen goal having narrow escapes from Williamson, Hendren, and Smith. When Aberdeen did come into the picture they showed pretty movements. From one of these, Main about scored after travers, Soye, and McIntosh had carried through a brilliant combined movement. On several occasions McIntosh was all but through for Aberdeen, and he distinctly had hard luck following upon cute play by Main. On the other hand, Greig's goal was several times in great danger. Greig saved on the post from Hendren, and Smith hit the upright, while later Williamson almost counted with a head effort. After a brilliant piece of play taken part in by Main, McIntosh, travers, and Soye, the latter sent in a great shot from the touchline, which Allan just cleared. Following upon exciting play, Smith injured his leg in a race for the ball with Colman, and had to retire. Play continued strenuous until the interval, when there was no scoring.


Play was just a scheme in the second half, when Hibs immediately attacked. Maine and McIntosh had some well-conceived rushes for Aberdeen, and they were decidedly unlucky in failing to find the net. Once the Hibs' goal had a miraculous seascape. Main centered, and McIntosh seemed certain of scoring, and Girdwood luckily got his foot on the ball. Smith returned, and was immediately the means of giving his side the lead. He sent in a low ball in front of goal, and Hendren very cutely back heeled it to Williamson, who scored from amongst a crowd of players, the ball just going over the line. Hibernian played better after this, and Greig, in failing to clear first time, nearly lost another goal, while on a later occasion Wilson practically cleared from below the bar from Williamson. Main very nearly got the equaliser. He wriggled through the defence, only to see his shot saved in the most miraculous manner by Allan. Aberdeen played desperately for the equaliser. Hannah sent in a long drive, and then in a desperate rush by Maine the Hibernian goalkeeper was hurt, but soon recovered. Later Main and McIntosh were within an ace of scoring, and once cared would very luckily stopped what appeared to be a certain goal from McIntosh. Aberdeen attacked strongly to the end, but they had to retire unlucky losers by the only goal of the day. The attendance numbered about 12,000.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 25th August 1913

Hibernian Teamsheet:  Allan; Girdwood, Templeton; Kerr, Paterson, Grossert; Williamson, Fleming, Hendren, Adam, Smith


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Greig, Colman, Hume, Wilson, Brewster, Hannah, Soye, Travers, McIntosh, Main, Scorgie.

Unused Subs:


Referee: Sergeant-Major Vick, Glasgow

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