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match report 1901-02 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 5 Heart of Midlothian
Kick Off:    Inglis, Don (o.g.)       Jamieson, Bell, Thomson, Bell, Thomson  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
A holiday match between the Hearts and Aberdeen was played at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, yesterday, before 2000 spectators. The weather was exceedingly disagreeable. During the first half Hearts proved their immense superiority by scoring four goals to nil. In the second period Aberdeen pressed at the outset, and succeeded in getting a couple of points. The Hearts, however, were playing an easy game, and as the result of their comparative listlessness, the match became monotonous.

Source: Scotsman, 6th May 1902

The Hearts of Midlothian paid a visit to Aberdeen yesterday and met the Aberdeen in a holiday fixture at Pittodrie Park. The weather was not all that could be desired, there being showers of rain and hail at intervals. There was a large crowd of spectators. The teams were:- Aberdeen: Bisset; O'Brien, Dakers; J. Mackie, Thomson, Bell; Inglis, C. Mackie, Brash, Ruddiman, Douglas. Hearts: Don; J. Hogg, Allan; Key, Buik, Baird; Baird, A. Walker, R. Walker, Thomson, Jamieson, Bell. Referee - Mr. Henderson, Victoria United.

Aberdeen won the toss, and the Hearts kicked off towards the west goal. The game had not been long in progress before the Hearts made it war for the local team, who were kept within a small radius in the vicinity of their own goal. Bisset was bombarded, and Jamieson, from close in, kicked the ball into the net. This happened only a few minutes after the start of the play, but it was not long before Bisset had again to concede a goal, Bell scoring from far out on the left, and the leather passing the custodian's feet and getting into the right corner of the net. Aberdeen had the relief of being free from the attacks of their opponents for a few minutes, but it was only a temporary lull, and the Hearts again returned to the close proximity of Bisset's charge. This effort was frustrated by Brash, who had an interesting run down the field. At length he succeeded in getting away with the leather, but stumbled. He made a bold attempt, however, and passed to Inglis. The excitement was at a high pitch, but both Inglis and Douglas missed, and a good opportunity of scoring was thrown away. The Aberdeen forwards succeeded in getting the Hearts pined down to the latters' corner, but Thomson, the Hearts' centre, got away, and as the Aberdeen players thought he was offside they did not put themselves about to stop his progress. Thomson, therefore, went straight ahead and netted, and to the dismay of the Aberdeen men, the goal was allowed. R. Walker intended to repeat a similar performance, but O'Brien saved splendidly. Play for a few minutes was confined to midfield, but the visitors repeatedly kept Bisset busy defending, that player saving splendidly, especially in the case of a capital shot sent in by A. Walker. An opportunity was now given to Aberdeen, but the leather was sent flying over the cross-bar. Aberdeen again succumbed to a shot sent in by Bell, the score now being four to nil. From all sides the leather was banged in, but Bisset repeatedly fisted out.

The second half had a more exciting commencement, and hardly had play been restarted when Inglis succeeded in beating Don for the first time. Thomson, however, soon made good for this, and netted a fifth goal for the Hearts. The ensuing play was of an uninteresting order, few exciting passages being exchanged. The [lay was practically confined to the Aberdeen's quarters, and the game was somewhat retarded by the leather being very often sent out of play in order to prevent scoring. Latterly, however, there was a revival, and Don's charge was visited oftener. At length an opportunity occurred and from a pass by C. Mackie, Inglis sent in a splendid shot. In attempting to save, the custodian put the ball into the net.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th May 1902

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Bissett; O'Brien, J. Dakers; Mackie, Thomson, Bell; Inglis, C. Mackie, Brash, Ruddiman, Douglas


Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet:  Don; J. Hogg, Allan; Key, Buik, Baird; Baird, A. Walker, R. Walker, Thomson, Jamieson, Bell


Referee: Mr. Henderson, Victoria United

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