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match report 1897-98 fixture list
The Aberdeen 2 - 4 Third Lanark
Kick Off:    Cameron, Clark       ?, Beveridge, Gillespie, Johnston  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The Third at Chanonry
The Aberdeen played a strong card when they secured a visit from the famous Third Lanark. The team brought north was a very strong one. Some pretty play by the visitors set the crowd in good humour. Ritchie saved a few hot ones, but missing a soft, straight shot, the ball rolled over the line. Aberdeen opened out, and the left wing got in some good work. Cameron very cleverly put his side on equal terms. A strong attack by the visitors was repelled. It was well on to the interval before Beveridge again beat Ritchie, and the half time result was 2-1 in favour of the Third.
On resuming the visitors delighted the crowd by their petty play. The right wing and half played to one another in a way rarely seen here. Gillespie and Johnston both added to the score. Aberdeen had a fair amount of the play but failed miserably at the goal mouth, Just as the whistle was about to blow, Clark beat Milne with a scorcher. The game ended Third Lanark 4, Aberdeen 2.

Short Kicks.

The attendance at Chanonry was very good considering the number who were away witnessing Scotland's downfall.
Cowan, the Thistle captain, is getting no end of abuse about the condition he took the field in. The selectors are more to blame in allowing him to go on at all.
The news of Sunderland's defeat was received with delight by a large number. They declined to postpone the game with Sheffield United and refused to allowed Doig and Wilson to play for Scotland, while United had to play without Needham.
Third Lanark were all of the opinion before the game at Chanonry started that Scotland would fall. When will our selectors stop playing men out of their positions? was freely asked.
The brilliant passing of the Third, and the perfect understanding between the players were greatly admired by the crowd.
Beveridge and Gillespie were an ideal wing, Gibbons good in centre, and Johnstone and Muir always dangerous. The fine speed of the forwards helped them greatly.
Simpson was the best half, and Gardiner safe at back.
Billy Clark and Milne did a roll into the net, much to the amusement of the crowd. Joe Davidson also had a skirmish with a Third forward.
As far back as the semi-final of the Junior Cup, we pointed out that Cameron of the Aberdeen Reserves was worth a place in any senior eleven. It has taken the Whites' executive a long time to discover his worth. We will be astonished if he is not played regularly now. He was about the best forward they had on Saturday.
Livingstone was off colour. Clark good in centre. Gray and Shiach played well at times, but are inclined to lie too close to one another.
At half J. Mackie was most effective, and McConnachie was also in grand fettle at back.
Ritchie was undoubtedly the hero for his side. Henry saved time and again when all seemed lost.
Aberdeen should not hold the presentation of a cup on Friday night after this. The whole team showed signs of the rejoicings.
Mr J. Morison refeered the game at Chanonry on Saturday. He satisfied the critics.
Mr C. W. Mackie, the Aberdeen treasurer, leaves shortly for Ceylon. Charlie will be greatly missed out Chanonry way.

Source: Bon-Accord, 7th April 1898

The Aberdeen team were at home at Chanonry to the famous 3rd Lanark team; and despite the International match at Glasgow and the counter attraction at Cattofield, a big crowd lined the enclosure. The weather at the commencement was of a mixed nature, but the showers which at first threatened to make the afternoon disagreeable passed off. Neither team was at full strength; and when they lined up they were as follows: 3rd L.R.V.: Milne; Banks, Gardner; Simpson, McCue, Farquharson; Gillespie, Beveridge, Gibbons, Muir, Johnstone. Aberdeen: Ritchie; John Davidson, Maconnachie; J. Mackie, Henderson, J. Davidson; Livingstone, Cameron, Clark, Gray, Shiach. Referee: Mr Morison, Aberdeen.


3rd L.R.V. won the toss, and the Aberdeen kicked off towards the railway. At first play ruled fairly even in midfield, neither side exerting themselves. Then each side was visited in turn. The volunteers kept up the pressure, and eventually Ritchie was beaten by a long low shot. The volunteers returned, and as a result a severe bombardment of the home goal ensued, a strong shot being well saved by the Aberdeen custodian. At this period Ritchie continued to be the mainŽstay of his side, his clever saving time and again eliciting the warm commendation of the specŽtators. A likely attack by the Aberdeen team roused the enthusiasm of the crowd, and the attentions of the Whites centre to the goalkeeper were not of a gentle order. The volunteers were goon back, and by cool and confident manoeuvre, they easily bore down the opposition of the AberŽdeen halfbacks. For a time the Aberdeen goal was having some marvellous escapes, but the ball refused either to go through or was negotiated by Ritchie, who seemed to be everywhere. At last an attack by the Whites proved successful, Cameron, who had been showŽing good form, doing the needful. The half-time score was: 3rd L.V.R. 2, Aberdeen 1. In the second period the visitors scored two more goals, and Aberdeen got one, by Clark, the volunteers thus winning by 4 to 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 4th April 1898

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; John Davidson, Maconnachie; J. Mackie, Henderson, J. Davidson; Livingstone, Cameron, Clark, Gray, Shiach


Third Lanark Teamsheet:  Milne; Banks, Gardner; Simpson, McCue, Farquharson; Gillespie, Beveridge, Gibbons, Muir, Johnstone


Referee: Mr. J. Morison, Aberdeen

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