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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup 
Buchan Wanderers 7 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 1,000
Venue: Bellslea Park, Fraserburgh
This tie was played on Saturday afternoon on Bellslea Park, between the Victoria United (Aberdeen) and Fraserburgh Buchan Wanderers. The weather was very rough, but notwithstanding this, about 1000 spectators witnessed the game. During the first half, play was rough, and the strangers showed to advantage, having four goals to the Wanderers' one. On changing ends, the local men, playing downhill, showed up better, but succeeded in securing one goal only to Aberdeen's three. Result: Victoria United 7, Fraserburgh 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th October 1892

The Vics met the Broch Wanderers in the first round of the county cup, and won a somewhat one-sided game.
The ground was deplorably bad, something between a peat moss and a moorland.
The "exhibition" game the Vics were to play did not come off.
The game was inclined to be roughish, and the tempers of some of the players were a sharp as needles.
The result, seven goals to two for the Vics, did not show their share of the play, as they kept their opponents half up the field all through.
The Vics were without some of their usual game, but the subs acquitted themselves well.
The backs were both a trifle fluky, but the halves were all in great form, Milne being the best, closely run by Cruikshank.
To Annand, Ferries, and Ritchie were best forward. Sutherland and Turner stuck too much to the ball, which, considering the uneven surface of this of field, was a mistake.
The Wanderers' goalkeeper saved splendidly, and could not have been blamed for any of the goals scored.
The backs are both good men, the left one being a powerful driver.
Lamb at left-half played a good game, and pulled up Turner often when he was getting dangerous.
The couple on the left wing were the best of the forwards, the outside lad having great speed, and Fairlie are ran Ririe when he scored the first goal.
Benzene disappointed the Vics, by not turning up, he surely might have sent word, but he was not intending to play.
Little Ritchie went down to see the team away, and was taken along to fill his place, and seeing he had to play in ordinary attire and a pair of Lorne shoes, his performance was good.
The Torry lads will not soon forget their first trip to Herringopolis. The Brochers seemed to have so much love for Thompson that they were ready to eat him - simply seeking to punch him has a preliminary. - but they didn't.
Rab Turner was a centre of attraction; and his pleasantness in the field seems to have been admired. Ririe, too, pleased the Brochers.
So great was the excitement of the locals that many of them, who could not get admission to the station to see the Vics off, actually invested in tickets for neighbouring stations in order to keep the porter.
Bon is assured that locks of the teams hair would sell well in Fraserburgh.
The Broch pot-holders are in high glee at smashing Blubberopolis. The may be. It is the first time Peterhead has been beat at Peterhead by the Brochers.
The Broch Wanderers and their friends were well pleased at the result of the Vics match. They expected a taller drubbing. Well done, Wanderers.

Source: Bon-Accord, 15th October 1892

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