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Dundee 0 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Dundee 0 - 1 Aberdeen

High Cup
Aberdeen scorers: Lennie, Murray.

15/04/1908 | KO:

These teams met at Dens Park last evening in the High Cup. Both sides were strongly represented, and the game for a midweek match was well contested. Aberdeen took advantage of a stiff breeze to press all through the first half, but their forwards spoiled good work in the open by poor combination at close quarters. The only goal in this period was got by Aberdeen, Lennie scoring with a shot which struck the post and rebounded into the net. Dundee had more of the second period, and Mutch did well to save a grand shot from Macfarlane. Aberdeen scored a second point by Murray, who converted a fine centre by Lennie. A fair game ended :- Aberdeen, two goals; Dundee, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 16th April 1908

About 2000 spectators turned out at Dens Park yesterday to witness the first of the High Cup games between Dundee and Aberdeen. Dundee who are the present holders of the cup, tried a venue outside left, while they had their latest capture, Lawson, playing at right back. Teams:- Dundee: Crumley; Lawson, Chapman; Lee, Dainty, Neal; Dean, Macfarlane, Langlands, Fraser, Thompson.
Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Halkett, McIntosh, Low; Macdonald, McKinley, Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Referee - Mister D. Robertson, Glasgow.

Aberdeen won the toss, and, having advantage of the wind, the hurly made tracks for Crumley. Lennie got possession of the ball and centred nicely, but Murray lost a splendid opening by dilatoriness in front of goal. Langlands let Dundee off, I and, Macfarlane, passing to Dean, the outside man sent behind. Langlands, Macfarlane, and Dean performed a nice bit of passing, and the outside right's delivery was just a trifle inaccurate. The first really good attempt at scoring was made by Murray. He sent in a long, hard, drooping shot, which struck the bar, and, in order to relieve the pressure, a corner was secured. Lennie and O'Hagan were not so clever up payer as in the Scottish tie, Lawson, Dundee's young back, chiming in and dispossessing them frequently. Aberdeen kept Dundee's defence busy, and Lennie on one occasion palpably failed at the critical moment. Standing in close proximity to Crumley, he had nothing to do but to put the leather into the net, but, instead, he landed the ball at Crumley's feet. Dundee's left wing was extremely disappointing, Thompson being timid and slow. Langlands got away nicely from a pass by Macfarlane, but the centre hung too long on the ball before delivering his final effort. Within a few minutes from half-time Lennie manoeuvred Lawson, and from the penalty line corner sent in a brilliant shot which beat Crumley all the way, the ball landing in the net at the far-off post. McIntosh almost fouled within the penalty line, but Aberdeen's defence withstood the onslaught, and Lennie, taking up a pass, again rushed for Crumley, and the ball was got away more by luck than good football.

Aberdeen's lead of one goal at half-time was none too promising, Dundee now having the advantage of the wind. The home forwards were soon bombarding Mutch, Langlands getting in a header which cause the Aberdonian to concede a corner. Macfarlane and Dean exhibited good understanding on the right, and a piece of work by them was almost successfully capped by Dainty, Mutch just being at the exact spot. Lawson received a great cheer when Lennie, on waltzing in front of him, was cleverly dispossessed of the leather. Murray was always a keen trier, and he experienced the hardest of luck with a shot which struck the inside of the post and rebounded into play. Dundee's forwards were ineffective at goalmouth and Dainty tried three shots which were far off the mark. Played deteriorated, only an occasional shot from Lennie and Macfarlane causing the respective custodians to handle. Hume sent down a long pass to Lennie, and a little Aberdonian, beating Lawson on the run, centred. Chapman misjudged the ball, and Murray, lying handy, had no difficulty in heading into the net. Dainty tried to reduce the lead with a long drive, but much, who played a clever game, cleared easily.

Play was far below expectations, Aberdeen winning with a team that better balanced in the forward frank then Dundee. The Aberdonians were capital a served by Mutch, Hume, Macintosh, Murray, Lennie, and O'Hagan. Dundee's new man, who was on trial, was a complete failure, but Lawson's display was favourably commented on, his holding-in of Lennie being exceptionally smart at times.

The gate and stands amounted to £76.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 16th April 1908

Dundee Teamsheet
Crumley; Lawson, Chapman; Lee, Dainty, Neal; Dean, Macfarlane, Langlands, Fraser, Thompson
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
Referee: Mr. Tom Robertson, Glasgow