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Aberdeen 0 - 3 Rangers

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 1 Rangers

Div 1 (Old)
Rangers scorers: Kyle, Kyle, Smith

22/12/1906 | KO:

This return League fixture was played at Aberdeen, before 6000 spectators. On play during the first period the Rangers had a slight advantage, and crossed with a goal lead. Aberdeen held the upper hand in the second period, and were decidedly unlucky at goal. Newbigging also effected some daring saves. In the closing minutes, in a bad light, Smith scored with a long shot, and Kyle was successful a minute later. The Rangers thus won by three goals to nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 24th December 1906

A crowd of fully 7000 spectators witnessed the match between Aberdeen and Rangers at Pittodrie on Saturday afternoon. There were several changes in the Aberdeen team. Gault's place at left back was filled by Brebner, of the reserve team, while W. Low took Strang's place at centre half. O'Hagan, from Middlesbrough, partnered Lennie on the left, while Robertson appeared at outside right. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane, Boyle, Brebner; Halkett, W Low, H. Low; Robertson, Ward McKinley, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Rangers: Newbigging; Hendry, Campbell; Gray, Stark, Galt; Dickie, Spiers, Kivlichan, Kyle, Smith.
Referee - Mr. Turnbull, Hurlford.

Aberdeen lost the toss and kicked off two wards the east goal. The locals made ground on the left and O'Hagan, after getting round Gray, past to Lennie, who made off. Gray was after him like a flash, and in the struggle which followed, the ball was sent into touch. Campbell cleared from the throw in, and the Rangers' centre, who got the ball, tried Macfarlane with a soft shot. A strong attack was kept up on Aberdeen's goal, and Boyle being hard pressed by Kivlichan, fouled centre forward almost within the penalty line, but the free kick was caught away by H. Low. Hendry sent out to Smith. The veteran raced along the field with three Aberdeen players in hot pursuit. Boyle tackled Smith, but was unable to hold the Ranger, who forced a corner. The free kick was well placed, but the ball was ultimately sent behind. H. Low was in grand form, and it was mainly due to his efforts that the Rangers were sent to their own end. Aberdeen's left half neatly robbed Dickie of the ball and sent it to head to Lennie, who, along with O'Hagan, got round the defence in fine style. The Irish internationalist sent over a lovely centre and McKinley had an easy chance to score, but he was rather slow in getting in his kick. Local halves combined well, and gave their forwards every opportunity, but the chances were not taken advantage of. On the other hand, the visiting forwards wasted no time, and when they got the ball there was no holding them. Smith, as usual, played a grand game. Boyle was no match for him, and from one of the veterans flashes to the centre, Aberdeen's goal had a narrow escape. Kivlichan got the better of W. Low and shot hard for goal, Macfarlane just managing to get his hands on the sphere and diverting its course. Rangers were having most of the game, and Macfarlane had to save repeatedly. Lennie and O'Hagan played well together, and was mostly from this quarter that Aberdeen's attacks originated. Robertson and Ward on the opposite wing did fairly well, but the outside man was checked and some what easily held by Campbell. Rangers played by far the better game, and the passing of the forwards was a treat to witness. Boyle and Brebner put in a lot of work, although the occasionally made several bad mistakes. Play for a short time ranged from end to end, and in one of Aberdeen's attacks Robertson just missed by a few inches. Lennie and O'Hagan were in fine form, and repeatedly made ground, and had the other forwards played as well, Aberdeen might at least have been a goal up. On one occasion Robertson ran along the whole length of the field, and it would have been no surprise that he scored, but the winger hesitated when near goal, but his shot went harmlessly past. Alec Smith was the most outstanding player for the visitors, and it was only the grand play of the Aberdeen backs that kept him out. A well-combined run by the Rangers' forwards was completely broken up by Aberdeen's halves. W. Low sent well ahead, and for a time Newbigging had to play for all he was worth, the home forwards clustering round the goalkeeper in their efforts to get a goal. Shot after shot and header after header was sent in, of the young custodian was unbeatable, and Aberdeen, in their anxiety to score, missed many opportunities. Boyle had a hard afternoon's work, as he had the most dangerous wing on the field to look after, and although sometimes rather reckless he played a sound game, and saved repeatedly when all seemed lost. Kyle and Smith got off, and Macfarlane for a short time was kept busy. After Aberdeen had forced a fruitless corner, back again came the Rangers, Smith taking the ball right down the field. Macfarlane saved from Dickie and Spiers, and although Aberdeen played desperately to keep the Light Blue's out, it was without avail, for about 7 minutes before the interval Kyle scored. Aberdeen's defence was somewhat easily overcome. Boyle missed his kick after Brebner had been left behind, and Kyle, rushing in, got the ball home. No one grudged the visitors that point, for they were the better team, and played a sounder game. Rangers again came away, but failed to again score up to half-time.

The second half opened briskly. Aberdeen were the first to become dangerous, and Lennie, after working his way through a crowd of players, sent into the centre. McKinley did his best to get the ball through, but he was no match for Gray, who easily took possession of the ball. The Aberdeen after this effort fell away considerably. They could do nothing right, and if it had not been for McFarlane's marvellous saves about a dozen goals might have been scored. Aberdeen soon weakened up, and fast end-to-end one play followed. O'Hagan was not playing so well as in the first half. Play was now are exceedingly fast, Aberdeen being desperate for goal. Lennie and O'Hagan rushed a way to wards Newbigging, and the custodian had to clear a grand shot from the Irishman. H. Low now are exchanged places with his brother, and this change was for the better, Kivlichan getting less rope. Aberdeen kept up a spirited attack, but Newbigging was not to be caught napping. On one occasion the Aberdeen forwards got clean away, but slackness near goal spoiled their opportunities. A breakaway by Kivlichan looked dangerous, but Brebner cleared in grand style. The Rangers were being kept in their own territory, and Aberdeen looked like equalising. Newbigging saved grandly from O'Hagan and H. Low, but time and again Campbell and Hendry sent to Aberdeen to their own end. H. Low sent in a hard shot, which Newbigging sent over the bar. In the closing minutes the Rangers came away with great dash. Dickie centred accurately, and Kivlichan, who was about to be tackled by Boyle, sent them to Smith; this player after drawing out the defence, placed neatly to Kyle, who again scored with a capital shot, giving Macfarlane no chance. Aberdeen, after this second disaster, appeared to lose heart, for a minute later Smith added a third goal as the result of a free kick. Boyle was hard pressed by the centre, whom he fouled near the penalty line, and Smith, taking the kick, sent it through a crowd of players and into the net. Macfarlane made a desperate effort to get the ball, but he was too far away. The closing minutes were fought out in Aberdeen's territory, but there was no more scoring.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 24th December 1906

Rangers Lucky.

In the gathering gloom the Rangers got a pair of goals, which, in the ordinary light, they never would have got, and thus made what was a stern and equal struggle not a lop-sided victory of 3-0. On play this 3-0 was not deserved, nor would it have been, had Aberdeen been able to put their full strength on the right wing, A great deal was expected of the left wing of the home side, and knowing this the Rangers took full note, and kept them in check as far as possible. In our opinion the Aberdeen management made a great mistake, for such a big game, in having so many changes in their team to begin with. In every line new men appeared, and it appears to us that little success can come their way until they fix on a team and keep them together, so that each man can understand what the others are to do. This was apparent on Saturday. A great many of the slips were due to want of intimacy with each other's play. The Rangers seemed to understand each move the other was to make, and were ready for it - this was the difference which led to scoring. Aberdeen were almost equal in every department on play, but failed to finish - they were very poor indeed at that. The game was pretty to watch, and the pace was extremely fast. At the start the home side were a bit unsteady, but gradually settled into a good swinging stride, and, but for the agility of Newbigging, ought to have scored. Macfarlane was also in great form in the first period and kept out several hot ones, but the last five minutes gave his reputation a great shake. Had all the chances come off which Aberdeen's left sent across, by either the centre or right man, it would have made all the difference in the world, for there were not three clear goals between the teams in play. We confess the result was very disheartening to the players and officials, but the score stands there in cold, bald, official figures, without dispute, though luck may have had a very important bearing on the game, and all who witnessed it will readily admit that.

The Players.

Outstanding on the Rangers' side were Newbigging, Stark, Smith and Kyle. The custodian had several wonderful saves, and got on the spot very cleverly, though he was beaten to the world by Ward, if that player had not been ruled offsides, and another shot by Lennie should have been clinched by M'Kinley, but wasn't. Stark worked hard and desperately, but, for so experienced a plaver, used tactics to stop his man which I did not expect. Kyle and Smith were lovely in their movements and are a strong wing, which only the unlawful tricks of Boyle stopped many times. Macfarlane was geat in the first half; Brebner was the better of the two backs, Boyle being outrageous at times, and could have done with less tripping than he resorted to. W. Low, at centre-half, was a failure, but when he changed to the wing was his old self. It is good for the club that they have such a man as Henry Low; he stepped into the breach on Saturday, and put a stop to the centre's alarming dashes. The right wing were an out-and-out failure. McKinley worked ham, with little effect, while O'Hagan and Lennie were the artistes of the team, though we have seen the latter play a better game many a time. Let us trust the New Year will bring about a better return than we can possibly hope for in view of the past-month's results.

The Latest Capture.

In our brief notice of O'Hagan last week we had only time to acknowledge that such a thing had happened. We have now seen his play, and must congratulate the management on their selection. If this is to be their policy in the future to get class men, then they will soon command the respect of the football public. O'Hagan came with a splendid reputation, and he fully upheld it by his cleverness alongside Lennie. We have yet to see him at his true worth, as he was a bit stale on Saturday, having done a lot of travelling during the week. Once he gets into trim and acquaintanceship with the others, we expect great things from him.

Chatty Bits.

If Saturdays ill-luck is to follow the Aberdeen, their New Year games will be a failure. We trust they will get over this run of misfortune, and strike out in a fresh line of wins.
It will be hansel indeed to their followers if they come back from their tour with a clean sheet.
Macdonald is reported to be able to play this week.
"Gowie" Robertson was on the sick list last week, hence his absence from Montrose.
We expect to hear of some radical, changes in the team after Saturday's result.
The suspension of Gault came as a great surprise. We trust the directors will not have to do anything else in this line, as it is far from satisfactory to all concerned.
Round the ropes it was freely commented that Willox and Brebner would have made a better pair together.
Boyle came in handy with his speed, but he was outpaced towards the finish.
Those responsible for putting W. Low at centre half got their eyes opened, for he was not a patch on what he can do as a wing player.
The report that Duncan McNicol is to resume playing will be good news when it comes off. It will be a few weeks yet before Duncan will take the field - as he wants to get into training.
Young, who has hitherto player centre for the "A's," made a very creditable appearance as a back on Saturday.
O'Hagan did not want to play on Saturday against the Rangers, but the manager insisted on his coming north. He left Aberdeen on Saturday night for Londonderry, and will rejoin the team at Bridge of Allan on Saturday.
Aberdeen have stiff tasks to get through during the New Year holidays. Hearts, St. Mirren, and Falkirk are stiff enough to play on successive days, and they wind up at Dens Park, for Muir's benefit, against Dundee. This match will count for the High Cup.
The juniors are to disport themselves on Pittodrie on Monday, when Mugiemoss and East End play off their cup tie for the Lovie Shield.
Dunnipace Juniors ought to be an attraction against St. Andrews Athletic on the Wednesday.
Aberdeen A play St. Bernards on New Year's Day, and Dunfermline Athletic on Wednesday. Both are League games.

Source: Bon-Accord, 27th December 1906

Rangers Teamsheet
Newbigging; Hendry, Campbell; Gray, Stark, Galt; Dickie, Spiers, Kivlichan, Kyle, Smith
Attendance: 7,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Turnbull, Hurlford
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