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Rangers 4 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Rangers 3 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Rangers scorers: Campbell, Campbell, Campbell, Livingstone

24/08/1907 | KO: 16:00

At Ibrox Park, Glasgow, before 10,000 spectators. Campbell scored three times for the Rangers in the first half, and Livingstone got the fourth goal in the second. Result:- Rangers, four goals, Aberdeen, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 26th August 1907

Aberdeen played their first away Scottish League match for the season on Saturday, when they opposed the Ringers at Ibrox Park, Glasgow. Macfarlane, who got hurt the previous week while playing against the Clyde, was unable to turn out for Aberdeen, and his place was taken by Mutch, the "A" team goalkeeper. Fully 20,000 spectators witnessed the game. The teams lines up at four o'clock as follows:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; McIntosh, Hume; Halkett, Drain, Wilson; McDonald, Muir, Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Rangers: Newbigging; Jackson, Craig; Gordon, May, Galt; McDonald, Livingstone, Campbell, Kyle, Smith.
Referee - Mr. Faichnie, Falkirk.

Rangers kicked off against the wind. The start was sensational, for after two minutes' play the Rangers were a goal up. A long pass from the centre gave McDonald an opening, and, steadying himself about a yard from the Aberdeen goal-line, the outside right crossed beautifully to the centre. Campbell rushed up and met the ball with his head, Mutch having no chance to save. This early success was followed by brilliant play on the part of the Rangers, who maintained the upper hand throughout the first half. Their left wing was repeatedly dangerous, and it required all the effort of Halkett and McIntosh to keep Kyle and Smith in check. The first corner in the game fell to the Rangers. Smith placed finely, Campbell heading into goal, but Mutch was in readiness and cleared. Aberdeen could make little headway against the Rangers' powerful half-back line. Hume had many exciting tussles with Livingstone, but the Aberdeen back frequently got the better of the ex-Manchester player. The Aberdeen forwards failed to work in harmony, Murray, in the centre being unable to keep the wings going. A promising run by the Aberdeen right wing was spoiled through McDonald fouling the ball near the penalty line. Alec Smith and Kyle combined beautifully on the left wing, and a fast shot from the outside man was saved by McIntosh at the expense of a corner. The Light Blues were easily the better team in all departments, their football being much in advance of that shown by the Pittodrie team. Lennie raced away on the left wing, and, getting round Jackson, the Aberdeen winger centred squarely, but Murray, with a clear run in on goal, was pulled up for offside. Still the Rangers held the upper hand, for even when Aberdeen were near their opponents' goal, there were few, if any, shots sent in the direction f Newbigging. The Rangers' forwards, admirably supported by their half-backs, adopted the wide-passing game, McDonald's crosses from the extreme right being frequently picked up by Smith. Try as they might, Aberdeen were unable to make any impression on the Rangers' defence. Drain, Halkett, and Hume were all prominent in the Aberdeen defence, McDonald's cross is from the right wing causing no end of trouble, while Campbell required a lot of watching in the centre. Following upon an onslaught on the Aberdeen goal, Kyle rattled the crossbar with a terrific drive close in. A momentary breakaway by Aberdeen ended in Lennie centring almost from the goal line, but Jackson cleared with a huge punt. There was no holding back the Rangers, however, and thrice in succession Mutch saved shots from Kyle, Livingstone, and May, last named sending in a very fast low shot, which Mutch just managed to hold close on the goal post. As the game went on the Rangers' superiority became more marked, while Aberdeen were completely out played. Hume, however, gave Mutch plenty of support, and the Aberdeen goalkeeper fairly rose to the occasion. Several shots from the Rangers' forwards struck the Aberdeen defenders, the ball time and again being stopped in its progress to wards goal merely by accident, while Mutch was cheered for his brilliant saving when all seemed lost. On play the Rangers ought to at least have been three goals up. Their forwards gave a magnificent display, keeping the ball on the ground for the most part, while all over there appeared to be a perfect understanding between the men. In short they were in a class by themselves. Aberdeen were continually on the defence, their forwards being easily held in check by the opposing half-backs. Half an hour elapsed with the Rangers leading by a goal, but the persistent attacks were at last rewarded with a second goal. Breaking away on the left, Kyle worked his way along the wing, when Campbell crossed over from centre. Seeing his opportunity, Kyle passed the ball ahead to Campbell. The centre forward picked up the pass, and that once made off in the direction of Mutch. He slipped past McIntosh, and then cleverly eluded Hume, who had come to the assistance of his partner. Campbell's next move was easily accomplished, for he had only Mutch in front of him, the result being that Campbell simply walked the ball into the net. The same forward almost scored immediately afterwards, being pulled up by Drain within a yard of goal. Alec Smith got away on the left, and finished with a low drive, which Mutch caught away with difficulty. Back came the Rangers eager to increase their lead. Macdonald and Livingstone got right through the Aberdeen defence, and, with a clear opening, Livingston shot close in, the ball going straight for the far corner of the net, but the Aberdeen goalkeeper darted across and cleared marvellously. The Rangers were indeed the only team in the game, their forwards having matters all their own way. Aberdeen could do nothing right. Their opponents were quicker on the ball, and they were always in the right place when receiving a pass from the half-backs. Nearing half-time the Rangers increase their lead to three goals, Campbell again scoring. The movement leading up to the goal began on the right wing. Macdonald, receiving a pass from Livingston, raced along the touch line, but subsequently crossed the ball to the left. Smith was soon in possession, and finished up with a fast, low shot. Mutch came out to clear, but was just a second too late, for Campbell rushed in and beat the Aberdeen goalkeeper for the third time. No further scoring took place in the first 45 minutes, and at half time the game stood - Rangers 3 goals, Aberdeen 0.

The second half opened all in favour of the Rangers. In the first minute Macdonald was prominent on the right wing. Getting round the defence, he sent in a beautiful shot from a difficult to angle. The ball game spinning into goal high up two wards the near corner. Mutch made this spring from one side to the other, bringing off a brilliant save. Kyle next made a great effort to beat Aberdeen's goalkeeper. He worked himself into a nice position, and then let drive. Mutch to himself at the ball, and, while at full stretch, he cleverly saved his charge from downfall. It is almost unnecessary to go into details regarding the play during the second half. Indeed, that is no exaggeration to say that Mutch saved the Aberdeen team from a double-figure defeat. The Rangers were really shooting for goal during almost the entire second half. Shots were rained in on Mutch from all directions. Kyle tried him with low fast drives; Macdonald and Livingstone did their best to score with high shots, but Mutch appeared to be here, they're, and everywhere. For a time play slowed down, the Rangers being apparently content with their big lead. Interest in the game was reduced to a minimum. Aberdeen struggled along as best they could, but they made little headway. Jackson sent in a long shot from fully 30 yards out, but once more the Aberdeen goalkeeper brought off a very fine clearance. Latterly the game was a struggle between Mutch and the Rangers team. Hume and Drain gave the goalkeeper a good deal of assistance in keeping out the Rangers, but the Aberdeen team, as a whole, gradually lost heart, the Rangers' superiority being such that the visiting players were seldom across midfield. Latterly a fine centre from Macdonald was hooked into goal by Livingstone, the goalkeeper having little chance of saving. The remainder of the game was devoid of incident, and when time was called the scores stood - Rangers 4 goals, Aberdeen 0.

It is almost impossible to speak to highlight of the goal keeping of but for his marvellous this play, the Rangers' victory would undoubtedly have been more pronounced.

The gate realised £386; stands, £50 - total, £436.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 26th August 1907

Aberdeen beaten at Ibrox.

In the tussle for points in the Scottish League competition, Aberdeen provided the chief opposition to the Glasgow enthusiasts on Saturday. So many players being in the visitors' team who have been selected from clubs in the district had an attraction for us who stay in St. Mungo, and we were rewarded with only a fair display by the visitors. Our Glasgow correspondent says:- I have seen all the teams of note in the western district, and am convinced that there is going to be stronger opposition to the Celtic this year than there has been for the past two years. Rangers' first win in the League, over Port-Glasgow, was no flash in the pan, for on Saturday they were in irresistible form, and carried everything before them. Aberdeen put up a splendid defence, and warded off danger more frequently than the Rangers' front line were in the mood for. The first goal which fell to the Rangers had an element of luck in it, and only a man of R. G. Campbell's proportions could have got near it. The centre earned the reputation, at the end of last season, of being the most danger¬ous pivot going, and there is no reason to alter that opinion yet. The game may be briefly described as three fourths in favour of the Rangers, and one-fourth the opening of the second half, when Aberdeen got into their stride and played neat football. As showing how important a factor the wind was in the game, it may be mentioned that Rangers found it easier to negotiate the ball against it than with it and scored three times, while they only beat Mutch once in the second half.

The Players.

The Aberdeen goalkeeper, a local lad, I am told, is a great custodian on Saturday's play. He brought off some of the most brilliant saves it has been my lot to witness for many a day. The backs lent able assistance; Hume, by taking things coolly, was the more effective; Macintosh, unlike his Cathkin form, being inclined to risk too much. Wilson is a better forward than a half, by a long chalk, Drain, in centre, being the clever¬est, and putting in the most work. Halket has been seen to better advantage many a time in Glasgow than he was on this occasion. Murray was the best forward, and, but for his habit of getting off-sides, would have done better. Lennie and Muir ran him close as the game proceeded. Macdonald was only fair, hut O'Hagan's display was most disappointing. In fact, the whole team did not play together, as we expected they would, and a reconstruction is necessary for more effect. It is to be hoped they will profit by seeing how their opponents worked together, a perfect treat in combination being witnessed.
Campbell is the outstanding figure, but he has to be plied with the ball, and this Livingstone and Kyle seem to do to a nicety. The same may be said of the halves, who gather and field the ball in all positions. The backs - Jackson and Craig - are said to be the weak part of the team, but I could see little of weakness about them on Saturday, for their kicking was strong and their tackling fearless. Newbigging is a safe lad in goal, without any show. Opponent and friend were unanimous in their praise of the play shown by the Rangers, who will go a long way to levelling up the competition, and not make it so much of a one-horse show as it has been.

Source: Bon-Accord, 29th August 1907

Rangers Teamsheet
Attendance: 20,000
Venue: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Referee: Mr. Faichnie, Falkirk
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