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Dundee 1 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Dundee 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Dundee scorers: Dean

21/09/1907 | KO:

About 7000 spectators were present at Dundee. Instead of the rousing game which was anticipated, a poor exhibition was witnessed. Dundee scored in the first half through Dean, who converted a penalty kick against Low for handling. Dainty also found the net, but the goal was disallowed, Webb being offside. With a goal in their favour, Dundee played strongly on resuming, but Aberdeen presented a stout defence, and subsequently the Northerners attacked vigorously. On both sides the forwards were disappointing, and a lot of chances were lost. Result:- Dundee, one goal; Aberdeen, nothing. The total drawings amounted to £210.

Source: The Scotsman, 23rd September 1907

Aberdeen and Dundee met at Dens Park, Dundee, on Saturday in the first of their home-and-home league fixtures. Dundee made no changes in the team from the previous week. Aberdeen introduced Colman (Motherwell) at right back, while W. Low turned out for the first time this season. About 8000 spectators witnessed the game. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Halkett, W. Low; Muir, Murray, Wilson, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Dundee: Crumley; McKenzie, Chaplin; Lee, Murray, Dainty, Jeffrey; Dean, Hunter, Webb, Macfarlane, Fraser.
Referee - Mr. J. B. Stark, Airdrie.

In the first half Aberdeen played with a slight breeze in their favour. Right from the kick-off the game assumed an interesting aspect. Lennie was prominent on the left wing, and Aberdeen were the first to threaten danger. A quick return by McKenzie was caught up by Fraser, who was soon in the vicinity of the Aberdeen goal. Near the corner flag, however, the ball was sent behind. Play did not remain long at one end of the field, for Lennie rapidly made ground, traveling almost half the length of the field. He beat McKenzie and Dainty, following up with a beautiful cross to the centre, but Wilson headed past. Aberdeen kept Dundee strictly on the defensive, and a corner, finally placed by Lennie, was cleared with difficulty by Crumley. The game was fought out with great keenness, the ball traveling from end to end of the field with great rapidity, Aberdeen's display being a revelation to the Dundee crowd. Webb was very persistent in his attempts to break through in the centre, and twice Hume pulled up the speedy forward when on the point of shooting. Keen was rarely in evidence on the Dundee right wing, being repeatedly blocked by Low, who was one of the outstanding men on the Aberdeen side. Indeed, the Dundee outside right was only too glad to get rid of the ball when Low was nearby. The game continued on brisk lines, and although the quality of the play at times left something to be desired, still the players never slackened their efforts. Aberdeen were more than holding their own, the left wing being particularly aggressive. Lennie repeatedly beat Lee and McKenzie, and only the recovery work of Dainty and the strong kicking of Chaplin prevented the visitors from taking the lead. Dundee, however, managed to keep out the Aberdeen forwards, Crumley saving in quick succession from Murray, Muir, and Wilson. Dainty frequently came to the assistance of McKenzie, who could make nothing of the Aberdeen left wing, while Crumley was not a idle, although many of Lennie's crosses went a-begging. O'Hagan opened out the play, and gave his partner every opportunity to get off. Hume and Colman made up a strong back division for Aberdeen, with the result that Macfarlane was idle during the greater portion of the first half. Dundee could make little headway for a time, but ultimately Webb got away in the center. However, when he received a pass he was fully 3 yards off side. He was blocked by Hume, and Macfarlane up(inside left) got on the ball, but just previous to this bit of play one of the Dundee forwards fouled. However, the referee did not witness the incident, but, unfortunately for Aberdeen, Wilfred Low handled the ball in the penalty area. Dundee were awarded a free kick, and dean sent the ball flying past Macfarlane. This was distinctly hard work on Aberdeen, who up to this point had played the better football, and Low's of fence was a very mild one. A few minutes later Dainty banged the ball into the net, but the goal was disallowed owing to Webb being offside and spoiling the goalkeepers view. The game was stubbornly fought up to half time, with Aberdeen doing most of the pressing. O'Hagan and Lennie were very active, but the right wing did not respond to the many find cross is sent over by the inside left.

The second half opened with Dundee making tracks for the Aberdeen goal. Webb was pulled up for offside when he had a clear run-in on Macfarlane, while the next minute the Dundee centre was stopped just in time by Hume. Dundee were apparently anxious to increase their lead, but were met by a solid defence, Colman, in particular, doing good work. Lennie had a fine run, beating Lee and McKenzie, and finished up with a lovely centre, which was cleared by Dainty, while a minute later the left winger, in conjunction with O'Hagan, almost brought the downfall of the Dundee goal. Crumley fumbled the ball in clearing from O'Hagan, but Jeffrey stepped in and cleared - not a moment too soon. The game and veered round in Dundee's favour, Fraser footing in some work on the left wing. Several shots from the left winger were cleared by Macfarlane, Paul Hume was frequently hard pressed in stopping Webb's dashing runs down the centre. Halkett, however, rendered great assistance to the defence, and it required the utmost effort of the Aberdeen players to keep out the shots sent in by Fraser and Webb. Colman, however, was generally in the right place, and from under the bar the right back twice saved almost certain goals. Gradually Aberdeen shook off the Dundee forwards, and once more the visitors' left wing lead an attack on their opponents' goal. The ball was crossed to the right, where Muir picked up the pass, and centred right in front of Crumley. Dainty got the ball away, however, and soon Dundee were at the other end. Shots from Fraser and Hunter were cleared by Macfarlane, while Colman was cheered for his clever tackling. Chaplin, at back, was playing a great game for Dundee, his clean, accurate kicking being one of the features of the game. Near the close, Aberdeen played desperately for goal. Excitement reached a high pitch when Wilson raced past the Dundee backs, but was badly tripped by Jeffrey. A rush by Dundee was stopped by Hume, who returned well down the field. Wilson burst through again, but once more Jeffrey tripped him, and thus two capital chances were lost to Aberdeen. The closing stages, we're very exciting, both goalkeepers having dangerous shots to clear, but there was no further scoring, and the game ended - Dundee 1 goal, Aberdeen 0.

The game was a very fast one all through, and Dundee were lucky in winning. Aberdeen's latest additions to the team - Colman and Wilfred Low - were prominent for fine work, and their presence encouraged the other members of the side. Dundee were apparently surprised at the improvement in Aberdeen's play, which was much in advance of their previous week's exhibition against Saint Mirren. Gate, £187; stands, £30 dash total, £217.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 23rd September 1907

A Welcome Revival.

Most of us at Dens Park on Saturday were prepared for anything, and more especially were we concerned as to how many goals the Dundonians were to score. Aberdeen's reconstruction was adversely criticised, but after-events proved that the side played the best game they have done this season, so far as we have seen. If Saturday's form can be maintained, we may have a bit of that football in store which some of the local critics assert there is not a particle of in the team. There was a great crowd present when the game started, both sides receiving a hearty reception. Quiet play opened the first half, the home side making most ground. Steady footwork brought the ball amongst the Aberdeen forwards, who gave Dundee's defence a touch up before relief was found. It was evident that W. Low was making a difference in the middle line, for Dean was not having the picnic he had on the 15th May. The unexpected always happens, and great was the surprise when the referee signaled a penalty for the ball being kicked against W. Low's arm. To us it appeared accidental, but the full penalty was awarded, Dean scoring. Wilson was within an ace of getting through when he got bowled over rather unceremoniously, play becoming brisker as time wore on. More than once our hopes rose as we thought the equaliser was to come, but Crumley kept out several very tasty shots. The second half was very much a repetition of the first, with the exception that the home side found their equal in every move, Aberdeen play deserving to cry quits at the finish, many splendid efforts being got rid of just in time. Instead of a win by a penalty goal, and better reflex of the play would have been a draw, and no injustice would have been caused to either side.

The Players.

We said last week, in going over the players of the Aberdeen, that several of them had not touched last season's form. On Saturday the whole front line worked well together, and though their shooting was straight there was plenty of life behind it. We should not care to individualise where all did well. W. Low had a hot lot to stop, and he could do it to a nicety, there being little danger of the right wing doing much. Halket and Davidson also played well. The backs were sound, without any show, and Rab was in his best mood. Crumley, McKenzie and Chaplin saved Dundee, the latter being the better of the bunch. The halves were good, but were imbued with the idea that they had to stop the forwards at any cost, and this was not done in the orthodox manner. Though a fine built lot, the forwards were very disjointed at times, and just gave a fair exhibition.

Source: Bon-Accord, 26th September 1907

Dundee Teamsheet
Crumley; McKenzie, Chaplin; Lee, Murray, Dainty, Jeffrey; Dean, Hunter, Webb, Macfarlane, Fraser
Attendance: 8,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. B. Stark, Airdrie
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