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Falkirk 4 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Falkirk 3 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Falkirk scorers: Simpson, Collins, Simpson,Anderson

12/10/1907 | KO: 15:30

This game was played at Falkirk in presence of 6000 spectators. Aberdeen kicked off, but Falkirk had the best of the opening play, and ten minutes from the start Simpson opened their account. Continuing to press, the Falkirk men made further progress through Collins beating the visiting custodian, and shortly afterwards Simpson again found the net. To the interval Aberdeen had a good share of the play, but they could not press home the attack. Half-time:- Falkirk, three goals; Aberdeen, nothing. In the second half the visitors again did a fair share of the attacking work, but the only goal of the period was scored for Falkirk by Anderson. Result:- Falkirk, four goals; Aberdeen, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 14th October 1907

After three successive home engagements, Aberdeen travelled to Falkirk on Saturday and met the cracks Stirling shire team on Brockville Park. Aberdeen played McKinley in the centre for the first time this season. The ground was very heavy, and although the weather was dull, no rain fell during the game. At 3:30 the teams lined up as follows:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Colman, Hume; McIntosh, Halkett, W. Low; Muir, Murray, McKinley, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Falkirk: Allan; Leishman, Gibson; Reid, Anderson, Collins; Simpson, McTavish, Skene, Mitchell, Davidson.
Referee - Mr. McGill, Thornliebank.

Falkirk won the toss, but, with little or no wind, no advantage was gained in the choice of ends. The home team were the first to take up the running. Simpson, on the right wing, carried the ball right up to the Aberdeen goal line, but finished with a weak shot that went past. Falkirk held the upper hand for a few minutes, until Colman transfer to play to the other end. O'Hagan and Lennie he did the spectators to a find that of play, and the Aberdeen left wing payer raced away at midfield, their passing and re-passing being too much for Reid and Leishman. Lennie was finally left in possession after beating the defence, and crossed the ball beautifully in front of goal. Halkett rushed up, but failed to steady himself, with the result that the centre half sent the ball high over the bar. Played rolled fairly even for a time, and little advantage could be claimed by either side. A smart run and judicious cross by Simpson almost ended in disaster for Aberdeen, but Colman fortunately stepped in at the right moment and cleared. The Aberdeen half-backs were not playing their usual game, and their weakness placed an additional responsibility on the backs. Simpson was too clever for Low, the latter being unable to hold the right winger in check. After McTavish have lost a fine opportunity for Falkirk by shooting over, the game veered round in Aberdeen's favour. Lennie and O'Hagan were again prominent for their side, the payer completely outwitting the Falkirk defence. Lennie drove the ball across to Muir, who had are rare chance of scoring, but unfortunately the outside right shot past. Fifteen minutes from the start Falkirk got their first goal. Davidson placed the ball finely in taking a corner kick, and although Macfarlane managed to save his goal in a scrimmage, Simpson was lying handy and caught the ball after the goalkeeper had only partially cleared, incentive spinning into the net. From that point Aberdeen's play fell away in a marked degree. Falkirk, eager to increase their lead, played clever, nippy football, Aberdeen rarely having a look in. Simpson and McTavish were particularly keen on the Falkirk right wing, the outside forward being the smartest player on the field. He covered a lot of ground, and his quick movements kept the Aberdeen defence fully occupied. Macfarlane brought off a clear save following upon a corner, what a splendid shot by Collins from near the penalty line completely beat the Aberdeen goalkeeper, and Falkirk stood two goals up. Aberdeen were very slow in comparison with their opponents, who were full of running all through the game up. Colman and Hume were the outstanding men on the Aberdeen side, and without being particularly brilliant, they nevertheless played a safe game. Falkirk maintained the upper hand, and a sudden breakthrough by Skene ended in that player shooting straight for goal. The shot was saved by Macfarlane, but he failed to clear, and Simpson rushed across from the right and banged the ball into the net. Near half-time Aberdeen lost an easy opening owing to hesitation on the part of McKinley and O'Hagan. Falkirk, however, were easily the better side, and deserved their lead.

On resuming, Falkirk were soon in the vicinity of the Aberdeen goal. Davidson, who was capital a supported by Mitchell, crossed right in front of Macfarlane, but Halkett cleared with a strong kick. Aberdeen could not shake off the persistent Falkirk forwards, and for fully ten minutes the game raged in front of Macfarlane. McIntosh was conspicuous are write half for Aberdeen, and mainly through his efforts the play was transferred in the direction of Allan. The Falkirk goalkeeper got practically nothing to do. McKinley sent in a shot, but there was no sting behind it, and the goalkeeper easily cleared. Lennie, who was closely watched by the Falkirk defence, rarely got away, but a smart run along the touch line by the left winger ended in a judicious cross from him being lost by Murray and McKinley, both failing at close quarters. The game for a time was devoid of incident. Falkirk held a comfortable lead, and was not particularly anxious to increase their score. Simpson and McTavish indulged in "fancy" play, and when the first named had worked his way clear of the Aberdeen defence, Halkett rushed across and foul the speedy right winger. Simpson, however, played very attractive football, and frequently dropped the ball right into goal from near the touch line. Fifteen minutes after the restart, Simpson placed the ball beautifully from a corner, and Anderson, meeting the ball on the bounds, drove it past Macfarlane, who had no chance of saving. Interest in the game fell away considerably, for Aberdeen never really got properly set agoing. Muir was very active on the right wing, but the other forwards were off colour. McIntosh was useful and write half, and gave Muir every assistance. Lennie was too well watched to be effective. Near the close, however, Lennie gave Murray an easy chance of scoring, but the inside right to too long to make up his mind, with the result that Leishman stepped in and nipped the ball from his toes. Play was very quiet and uninteresting till the end.

Gate £129 2s 9d; stands, £12 16s 6d - total £141 19s 3d.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 14th October, 1907

Falkirk Triumphant.

The result of the game at Brockville Park on Saturday would naturally appear to those who were not present as if Aberdeen had been thoroughly outplayed when 4-0 was chalked up against them. The pitch appeared heavy and not suited to fast going, though the local players seemed to know how to get more work out of the ball by fast crossing than did the visitors. It was here that the difference lay, combined with the fact that "Rab" had an off-day. In our opinion, the result really should have read 2-0, for two of the goals were gifts in a way, which MacFarlane could have saved. Alertness on the part of the home forwards did the trick, while the Aberdeen forwards, especially the centre, were always that second of time too slow to clinch the openings that came their way. During the first ten minutes we were con¬fident Aberdeen were to score, but once Simpson put the ball past MacFarlane it was a long time before they got into their stride again. While the backs were playing wonderfully well, the halves did not hang on to the men as they usually do, only Halket doing this with anything like success. While Falkirk had the better side in the first half, Aberdeen put in some splen¬did work in the second, the right wing showing us some capital footwork, and only as we have said, the slowness of the centre to pick up Muir's crosses, made them retire with a blank sheet. It was a contrast to watch how the Falkirk were ever ready to snatch at a slip and make headway for goal for all they were worth. As one of the Falkirk officials remarked, the "Bairns" were on the top of their form, and worked better together than they had done for a few weeks back.

"Spring Chicken" at Pittodrie.

This (Thursday) afternoon we are to be treated to an exhibition game, on behalf of charity, at Pittodrie. The contestants will be composed from the company which are at present performing at His Majesty's Theatre in the "Spring Chicken," and a team from the Aberdeen. F.C. In several other places this company have played, a game with clubs on behalf of charity, and we trust they will meet with a hearty response on this occasion. There will be an innovation in the usual way of starting the game, for the leading lady, Miss Violet Loraine, will set the sphere in ¬motion, when hostilities will begin in earnest.

Chatty Bits.

Henry Low was home for a week-end last week. He its looking well, and likes Sunderland not so bad.
Down Leith way we note that W. Jaffrey is making a great name for himself as a wing player for Leith Athletic.
Collins, Aberdeen's latest recruit, has promised to come back again. There is the makings of a good football player in him.
There is a rumour that another local junior is to be given a trial soon.
Black, who got his leg broken in the St. Johnstone - Forfar Athletic on Saturday, is an old favourite at Pittodrie.
We regret to hear of the sudden death of Mr. J. Fraser, Hilton Street. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the Aberdeen, and two seasons ago was a candidate for the directorship.

Source: Bon-Accord, 17th October 1907

Falkirk Teamsheet
Allan; Leishman, Gibson; Reid, Anderson, Collins; Simpson, McTavish, Skene, Mitchell, Davidson
Attendance: 5,500
Venue: Brockville Park, Falkirk
Referee: Mr. McGill, Thornliebank
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