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Hamilton 3 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Hamilton 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Hamilton scorers: Arnott, Atkinson, McIntyre

01/02/1908 | KO:

There were 3000 spectators at this First League match, played on Douglas Park, Hamilton. Brownlie (back) was unable to turn up for the home team, and on the visitors' side Murray (centre forward) was substituted by McKinlay. Difficulty was experienced in controlling the ball on the fast ground. Aberdeen put in some dangerous work in the first fifteen minutes, but after that the Academicals predominated, and scored through Arnott after half-an-hour's play. Although continuing to be the aggressors till the interval, the home tam failed to add to their score. The restart found Aberdeen pressing severely, but latterly the Academicals again asserted themselves, and by clever forward play scored twice through Atkinson and McIntyre. Result: Hamilton Academicals, three goals; Aberdeen, nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 3rd February 1908

At Hamilton, before 3000 spectators, on fast ground. Teams:- Hamilton: Slavin; Garrett, Roxburgh; Watson, Miller, McIntyre, Ferguson; McLean, Millar, Wardrop, Arnott, Atkinson.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Colman, Hume; Halkett, McIntosh, Low; Macdonald, Muir, Mckinley, Simpson, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. A. A. Jackson, Glasgow.

Hamilton started against the breeze, Atkinson being prominent on the right. Aberdeen's attack quickly took up the running, and Muir drove past at terrific pace. Wardrop had a grand chance to score, but dallied till McIntosh relieved him. A siege took place in front of Slavin, who saved smartly, and in turn the Hamilton forwards took up the attack, and finished badly. After a fast run by Lennie which Garrett checkmated, the Hamilton forwards settled down somewhat, and forced three corners in succession. The Hamilton left got away strongly, and Arnott, with an angular shot, scored the first goal. Hamilton pressed severely, and Millar tested Macfarlane with a fast ball, which he just managed to scrape clear. Play opened out somewhat, Macdonald forcing a corner off Roxburgh, which was accurately placed. Low eventually kicked past. Millar indulged in a fast run for Hamilton, while Lennie was given off side when well placed.

The second half opened with a strong attack by Aberdeen, Low shooting strongly right into Slavin's hands. A smart attack by Atkinson relieved the situation, after which the Aberdeen front rank bore down on the Hamilton charge. Garrett eventually conceded a corner, and Millar gave another, but the Hamilton defence prevailed. The ground's team gradually asserted themselves, Atkinson footing in several fast runs, while McLean shot past. Play waged from goal to goal, and Atkinson scored.

The gate and stands drawings amounted to £85.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 3rd February 1908

A Poor Game.

Naturally those who were not at Hamilton would fancy that Aberdeen were routed with a three goal defeat. Such a score could hardly be taken as a correct criticism of the run of the play. Neither side gave a great exposition at the start, the want of Murray and O'Hagan being early observed, for McKinlay always seemed slow, and Simpson not nearly aggressive enough to partner Lennie as he should be. From about thirty, yards out Arnott, the "Acas'," inside left, let fly a long shot which Macfarlane fancied was going past, instead of which it took the far corner of the net. It was as simple a looking shot to save as anybody could imagine, the Aberdeen players looking amazed, for prior to this they were giving as much as they were getting. The second period was pretty much a repetition of the first, except that the second goal for the home side was a practical gift, Macfarlane being clean off, and for lack of judgment, in this respect, might have as well been at Pittodrie than on Douglas Park. There were ever so many opportunities cropping up for the visitors to score, but while good enough in the open their finishing was the old Source of trouble. The crowning effort came with the third goal, which on play the "Acas." deserved, but it was really the only point that could be said to be worth counting, and we have seen "Rab" save many a shot more difficult. From our point of view a goalless draw would have better represented the run of play than anything we know.

The Players.

It is many a day since we have seen "Rab" off colour, and he was decidedly on the seamy side on Saturday. Both backs played well and were not to blame for the goals, while the three halves were the best part of the team; Lennie had several good tries on his own, but Simpson was a poor partner, and has lost his power as a shot. McKinlay is slow for a centre, while Muir was the most aggressive forward of the lot, Macdonald not being up to his usual. The winners looked a vastly improved team from that which we seen at Pittodrie in the first game. Slavin was safe, and the backs took some hewing. The halves were a trifle erratic, but the forwards worked better together. They did not play pretty football,, but they made tracks for goal and knew where it was.

Chatty Bits.

Congratulations to Charlie O'Hagan! He will captain the "Bhoys" of Ould Oireland in the annual battle against the Sassenachs.
Aberdeen made little headway against Hamilton Academicals on Saturday. They have never done themselves justice on Douglas Park.
The front line of Aberdeen took too long to get settled down together. There was a great want of cohesion among them at the start.
Had it not been for the fine work of the halves, Hamilton would have been through long before they were.
The journey, too, was just a trifle long on such a cold day, though the weather was fine after reaching our destination.
There was only a poor crowd to see the game; the tie at Ibrox drew away a great many.
"Rab' had a day off on Saturday, and if he is turning stale would be none the worse of a rest.
He will require not to take thing for granted this week, or woe betide the scene at Pittodrie.
Aberdeen A were having a picnic amongst the snow on Saturday, and but for some fine goalkeeping the score would have been double.
The A's were bent on recovering their good name, which they have temporarily lost, for they were dreadfully earnest in their work.
"Cowie" Robertson was top scorer with two goals, Brebner, Wilson, and Davidson one each.
Billy Brebner, did not relish the handshaking after opening the score on Saturday. He is too modest for any palaver.
Scottish ties will absorb everything else in the football arena on Saturday.
The Rangers have netted more money in gate drawings this season than they have ever done.
The admission to the Celtic-Rangers tie at Ibrox on Saturday is raised to one shilling.
Falkirk should be fairly well off in money matters this year. Their tie with Rangers alone will reach a tidy sum.
We learn that there are to be several important alterations in the usual custom at Pittodrie on Saturday.
Ladies are to be admitted free to the grounds as per usual, but will have to pay for admission to the stand.
Ticketholders will be admitted to the stands free, but a change is, to be made for non-ticketholders.
Those desirous of a seat had better be there in good time, as the stands will likely be packed long before the game starts.
Dundee will have a strong following with them, and the team and officials will arrive during the forenoon.

Source: Bon-Accord, 6th February 1908

Hamilton Teamsheet
Slavin; Garrett, Roxburgh; Watson, Miller, McIntyre, Ferguson; McLean, Millar, Wardrop, Arnott, Atkinson
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Douglas Park, Hamilton
Referee: Mr. A. A. Jackson, Glasgow
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