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Aberdeen 3 - 0 Queens Park

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 0 Queens Park

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Simpson, Murray, Murray.

20/04/1908 | KO:

Played at Aberdeen. Aberdeen won the toss and played with the breeze. The Queen's left wing raced from midfield, Mutch spooning the shot from under the bar. Stevenson struck the post. Simpson opened the home score. Murray added a second, and a third was headed beautifully by Murray from McEchern's cross. The Queen's were clearly outplayed, Adam saving heavier defeat. The home forwards combined grandly. Result :- Aberdeen, three goals; Queen's, nil.

Source: The Scotsman, 21st April 1908

Aberdeen played their last home League match last night, when they met Queen's Park, before 3000 spectators. Teams:-

Queens Park: J.C. Adams; R. M. Young, A. Richmond; W. McAndrew, A. F. Murray; J. Riley; J. B. Sim, J. Stevenson, R. S. McColl, T. T. Fitchie, A. E. Gordon.
Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Halkett, McIntosh, low; McEachern, Simpson, Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. Jackson, Glasgow.

Queen's kicked off against a stiff breeze. Aberdeen forced a corner, but nothing resulted, and Queens then broke away through Gordon. Colman, however, relieved. O'Hagan had a run on his own, but sent behind. After a spell of midfield play, Lennie had a solo run, but after outwitting two opponents, the ball was sent into touch. Hume had a great shot, which Young headed out. Lennie and O'Hagan were playing splendidly, and the latter had a capital try, which went over. The homesters continued to have the best of matters, and a long punt by Colman went behind. Mcintosh was watching McColl all right, and he was cheered for some fine defensive play. A breakaway by Gordon on the visitors' left looked dangerous, and Mutch had to fist out as the result of a faulty clearance by Colman. Murray was making an effort to get through for Aberdeen, but Richmond and Gordon were steady. O'Hagan and Lennie had a good run but the ball again went out of play. The local left wing were keeping the opposing defence on tender-hooks, and Richmond had on several occasions to come to the assistance of McAndrew and Young. Simpson then had a try for Aberdeen, but the shot was palpably wide. O'Hagan was cheered for good dribbling, but Lennie missed the pass. Murray was keeping a good hold of his namesake, and Adams had an easy time of it. From a pass by Lennie, O'Hagan sent in a grounder, which just missed the upright. So far Aberdeen had had the best of matters, and Queen's rarely past midfield, owing to the sterling defence of the home half line. From a long pass by O'Hagan, McEachern forced a corner off Richmond, but nothing resulted. Queen's goal had a miraculous escape. Colman sent down a great punt, and Adams fell in attempting to save. Murray broke through, but Richmond managed to clear. Fitchie then had a solo run, but Hume stepped in just in time. Play was very uninteresting, the defence of both sides being steady. Adams fisted out a header from O'Hagan, and then followed an abortive corner for the wasps. Play continued in Queen's territory. Lennie placed a corner my sleep, the ball going to McEchern, who shot went over. Simpson then had a shot, which just missed the goal. Richmond was conspicuous for fine tackling. McColl went off on his own, but Low came to the rescue. McEachern got away on the right, and his pass was picked up by Simpson, who shot, the ball cannoning off Richmond's back into the net. From the kick-off Fitchie broke away, but Gordon was offside. McEachern then forced a corner, and Murray, heading past Adams, put Aberdeen two up. Queens then had a look in through Fitchie and McColl, and McIntosh was cheered for good defensive play.

One on resuming, queen's right broke away, and matters looked bad for Aberdeen, but Gordon missed McColl's pass. Simpson got through the visitors' defence, but Young cleared. Lennie then had a sprint, and had hard lines with a shot, which struck the top of the net. Sim and Stevenson retaliated, but Hume cleared. Fitchie and Gordon had a combined run on the visitors left, but Colman chimed in and cleared. Lennie and O'Hagan were making rings round McAndrew and Young, and from a pass from his partner, Lennie, after outwitting two opponents, send behind when a few yards from goal. The ball kept bobbing about in front of Queen's goal, but Murray cleared. Queen's then pressed, and sim and Fitchie were conspicuous. Aberdeen again took up the running, a McEachern sent in a capital centre, which Murray sent past Adams with a brilliant header. McColl had a shot, which went past. Queen's forwards were playing a miserably poor game, with practically no combination. Lennie had a smart run, I and, outwitting garden, he shot high over the bar with only Adams to beat. Queen's retaliated and forced a corner, but nothing resulted. Adams kicked the ball out from among a crowd of wasps. Aberdeen returned, and Murray forced a corner, which was cleared. Against the wind Aberdeen continued to have the best of the game. Adams saved at full length from Murray, and then Hume had a shot on his own, which went wide. Lennie and O'Hagan were showing up splendidly. A break-away by Fitchie and McColl looked dangerous, but Colman relieved. Aberdeen continued to have the best of matters, and at times toyed with their opponents. Adams effected a miraculous save at close-range from Simpson. O'Hagan and McAndrew had a difference which necessitated the referee's intervention. O'Hagan, after waltzing round several opponents, sent to Murray, who tested Adams with a header, but the whistle had previously blown for offside. Mutch at the other end had to run out to save a high shot from Sim. Low off towards had a terrific drive, which went past. Gordon went off on the Queen's left, and passed to Fitchie, who shot just missed by inches. McEachern forced a corner, which was sent past, and Aberdeen continued to press. The game in which Aberdeen held the upper hand throughout ended - Aberdeen 3, Queen's Park 0.

Taking the game all over, Aberdeen were easily worth their win. In the second half it was quite apparent they were simply toying with the Queen's. Aberdeen were smarter on the ball, and the players worked admirably together. The queen's defence stood up well, the specially Adams, who effected some really brilliant clearance is, but the forwards never showed anything approaching combination.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 21st April 1908

The Queen's Park Visit.

There was a fairly large turnout on Monday night, notwithstanding the early start, to witness the return League fixture with Queen's Park and Aberdeen. Paul and McLean were the principal absentees from the visitors, and Muir was still unable to turn out for the home side. Play was much faster than in the game against Hibs, and the players kept their places better, so that we had quite an open game to watch. Aberdeen opened well, their out-field work being crisp and invigorating, the forwards moving nicely together. It was no surprise when Simpson opened the score with a trimmer, which the goalkeeper never got near. The Queen's made some headway after this, some clever bouts being seen between their attack and the home [defence] in which the latter invariably came out top. Ultimately, Murray got on a second goal from an effort in which Lennie shone along with O'Hagan. When the interval arrived, Aberdeen had the comfortable lead of two goals. The teams were soon at it again, and R. S. McColl looked once or twice as if he was to get through, but either Macintosh or Colman proved his stumbling block. Somehow the Queen's could do nothing right, at close quarters; not even The great Fitchie could find the target. Twice Mutch got a handful and came out clear, and on other occasions the ball was sent behind. At the other end Aberdeen kept up a hot siege for a time, which ultimately ended in McEachran sending a lovely cross which Murray converted with his head. There was no further scoring, though the pace was kept up to the finish, Aberdeen winning by 3 goals to nil.

Chatty Bits.

Aberdeen scored another win over Dundee last week for the High Cup, thus maintaining their superiority for the season.
At home of late the Aberdeen team have been giving very dis-appointing displays. Result, poor attendances.
This will continue so long as the players pursue their lackadaisical policy of play.
On Saturday there was not a player in the home side worth the maximum wage for all they did; still we believe they are holding out for more.
On the other hand the public are crying for something new, so it will be well for the Aberdeen directorate to note this.
If there is one thing the public dislike it is being trifled with, and this is how they feel over the St. Bernard and Hibs games.
It was tantalising to witness the many chances which AberĀ¬deen threw away on Saturday, and points being so badly wanted to keep the club in a good position.
The most or the best they can do now is to finish six points better than last year, but they were expected to and should have done better.
Aberdeen have to beat Clyde on Saturday to reach 36 points, their total, after beating Queen's Park, being 34.
Everything considered, they should have been farther up with a little more earnestness in their play. They have gone down to soft things unaccountably.
Since writing the above we qualify ourselves by admitting at once - that there was a commendable improvement in the play on Monday against Queen's Park.
Simpson played a great game at inside right, and was as nippy a forward as we saw on the field.
McEachran was seen to better advantage, some of his crosses being superb.
Four points in an afternoon is not bad work.
Aberdeen A have still the Wanderers to meet before they finish their Northern. League card, and the difficulty is to find a suitable date for them.
Should the Dewar Shield final not come off on Saturday Aberdeen A and Dundee A will play off their Northern League fixture.
Next Tuesday the first round of the Fleming Charity Shield Ties will be played at. Pittodrie, when Aberdeen play the University.
With so many other games on we hope the public won't forget this event.
There will be a big crowd to see the "Gunners" at Pittodrie to-night. We hear that Aberdeen will have out a new player or two on trial.
Craigie, the Montrose back, did not turn out for Aberdeen on Monday night as expected.
Signing-on at Pittodrie seems to be a very slow affair. We understand that by the end of this week a definite understanding will have been arrived at as to who are to go and who will stay.
The time is approaching when other clubs will be at liberty to touch up those who have not signed.
Of course transfer fees will be required in all those going unĀ¬less they sign for a Southern League' club.
There is bound to be some changes, and many names are being mentioned, but on enquiry nothing is vouchsafed as to what may happen.
This will be the last week of our half-time results at Pittodrie this season, and we trust our patrons have been satisfied with the service.
By another season we may introduce some new features into our "Programme," which has exceeded all previous records in circulation during the past season.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd April 1908

Queens Park Teamsheet
J.C. Adams; R. M. Young, A. Richmond; W. McAndrew, A. F. Murray; J. Riley; J. B. Sim, J. Stevenson, R. S. McColl, T. T. Fitchie, A. E. Gordon
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Jackson, Glasgow
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