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Third Lanark 4 - 1 Aberdeen

Scottish Cup Second Round
Third Lanark scorers: Richardson, Johnstone, Johnstone, Richardson
Aberdeen scorers: Blackburn.

06/02/1909 | KO: 15:15

At Cathkin, before about 12,000 spectators. Aberdeen made a promising start, but the home defence was very sound. Third Lanark settled down, and after some clever play in front of the Aberdeen goal, Richardson beat Mutch. The visitors made a great effort to equalise, but without success, and gradually they were beaten back by Third Lanark, for whom Johnstone scored a second goal. On resuming, Aberdeen made another effort, but they could not beat the defence of Third Lanark, who took up the running, Johnstone scoring another goal, which was soon afterwards followed by a fourth from Richardson. Aberdeen broke away, and Blackburn scored a fine goal from a pass by Lennie. This was the last of the scoring, the final result being :- Third Lanark, four goals; Aberdeen, one goal.

Source: The Scotsman, 8th February 1909

The second round in the Scottish Cup competition was played off on Saturday. Aberdeen met the Third Lanark at Cathkin Park, Glasgow, before a large turnout of spectators. Fully 10,000 persons were on the ground before the start of the much, and it was estimated that there were over 13,000 people inside the enclosure and half-time. To on the previous Saturday Aberdeen beat Third Lanark at Pittodrie Park by six goals to one in a league match, but the "Volunteers" had revenge in the Cup tie, and one rather easily by four goals to one. On Saturday each club made one change in the team compared with the previous week's representation. Barr came in at left back for hill, Third Lanark, while McIntosh and resumed at centre half for Aberdeen, Wilson crossing over to the right in place and Davidson. Teams:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Wilson, McIntosh, Low; Blackburn, Murray, Niblo, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Third Lanark: Brownlie; Sloan, Barr; Fairfoull, Ferguson, Dickon; Johnstone, Hosie, Richardson, Kidd, Cross.
Referee - Mr. Phillip, Dunfermline.

At the hour of starting - 3:15 - the weather was of the most pleasant description. The ground was somewhat soft, but there was no wind. Colman won the toss for Aberdeen, who decided to play with the sun at their backs. Intense excitement prevailed when Richardson sent the ball in motion, and right from the kick-off the home team forced the pace. Cross was early prominent on the left wing, a long pass from Kidd being smartly caught up by the outside left. Colman dashed across the field, however, and blocked his man, the ball being returned down the field. Again the "Third" came away on the left wing, Cross being judiciously fed by his partner. Colman was not to be beaten, however, and tackled Cross in splendid style. The ground's team kept up the pressure, mainly as the result of long kicking by their half-backs and quick following up by their forwards. Hume just managed to check a dangerous rush by Richardson, while next minute Mutch had little difficulty in clearing from Johnstone. Aberdeen ultimately broke away in the centre, Niblo leading the way. A pass to Lennie was nipped up by Sloan, who anticipated the movement between the Aberdeen centre and left wing. The Pittodrie men held their own for a time against their strong rivals. The pace was very fast, while there was quite an equal share of heavy charging on both sides. Play was not altogether rough, although the players on both sides did not hesitate to use their weight when necessary. The pitch began to get cut up, and it was at this stage that the long passing game adopted by the Third Lanark proved to be the correct style on the muddy surface. Aberdeen wavered all along the left side, especially Hume and Low, Johnstone and Hosie repeatedly tricked their opponents, although Colman stood out prominently in defence. A brilliant piece of work by Cross brought the play close to the Aberdeen goalmouth. The ball bounced several times in a crowd of players until Wilson cleared with a strong punt. Lennie, Niblo, O'Hagan, and Murray joined in a smart run down the field. Niblo finished the movement by rushing straight for goal with the ball at his feet. Sloan met the centre forward close to the penalty area, the Third Lanark back blocking Niblo in gallant style. Niblo went down, and the referee gave a free kick to Aberdeen. Low place the ball to Niblo, who made a capital attempt at scoring, the ball being hooked right over the centre's head and just went past the post. So far the exchanges had been fairly even, little advantage being claimed by either side. Gradually, however, the "Volunteers" pressed home the attack in a most determined fashion. Their wing forwards swung the ball right across the field to each other, while the inside men closed in on the Aberdeen defence, with the result that the visitors had to play for all they were worth in order to keep their goal intact. A splendid header by Richardson, following upon a corner placed by Johnstone, it was finally cleared by Hume, while Mutch distinguished himself in saving a low shot from Cross. Blackburn got arrears chance at the other end. He ran round Dickson, and attempted to beat Barr, but the latter, with a tremendous charge, sent Blackburn head over heels quite close to the penalty area. It was certainly a fair shoulder charge, but Blackburn was somewhat surprised when he found himself at full stretch on the muddy ground. Dashing work by Hosie and Johnstone was followed by a corner to Third Lanark. Mutch cleared his lines, but a second corner fell to the home team, and once more the goalkeeper saved his side, while a minute later he cleared a terrific drive by Cross. At last the Aberdeen goal fell, Johnstone beat Low on the run, slipped past Hume and then centred. Hosie picked up the pass and drove for goal. Mutch saved finely, but Richardson pounced on the ball, got into position, and tipped the leather past Mutch, who had no chance of saving. The Third Lanark were fully entitled to their lead. Their play at this stage was far ahead of that shown by Aberdeen. Brownlie was rarely tested dash indeed he had not got a single shot to stop so far. Aberdeen played too close football, which was not only bad policy on the heavy ground, but also foolish against a team like the Glasgow Cupholders. Aberdeen's goal narrowly escape downfall for a second time. A cross from Johnstone was diverted by Hosie towards the corner of the net. Much was at the opposite end of the goal-line, but Colman luckily stretched out his leg and blocked the ball just as it was travelling for the far corner of the net. Seven minutes from the interval the home team increased their lead. Kidd trapped the ball near midfield, and then slipped it out to Cross. The latter made ground, then centred right in front of goal. The Aberdeen defence got flurry, and no one appeared in a position to clear. The ball bobbed about for a few seconds until Johnstone settled the matter by driving the ball hard into the net. Mutch was practically helpless, and had no chance of saving. Aberdeen were now in a thoroughly disorganized state, and only the brilliant defence of Colman and Mutch prevented further scoring. The goalkeeper stopped a terrific drive from Cross close to the post, the effort on the part of Mutch springing out a great burst of enthusiasm by the crowd who cheered him heartily.

Aberdeen went off with a rush at the start of the second half. Lennie beat Sloan and centred right in front of goal. Blackburn raced across the field, and had the goal at his mercy, but slipped just when he was in the act of shooting, and the chance was lost. This incident practically ended the pressure by Aberdeen for the next half-hour. As a matter of fact, the Third Lanark did pretty well as they liked, Aberdeen being hopelessly outclassed Inning game that brought them no credit. Three minutes after the interval the third goal fell to the ground team. A cross got away on the left, easily beating Wilson on the run. The left winger centred in front of Mutch, who could not get at the ball, Richardson blocking his view. Johnstone picked up the pass, I and, without a moment's hesitation, the right winger beat Mutch with a fast shot. Four minutes later cross came away again on the left, got into goal, and then tipped the ball to Richardson. The latter headed the leather against the upright, caught the rebound, and quickly shot the ball into the net. Four goals up, the Third Lanark subsequent play was practically in the nature of an exhibition game. Any attempt at describing the much further in detail would be out of place. It is sufficient to say that the winners would undoubtedly have augmented their score had it not been for the magnificent work of Mutch. The Cathkin men simply toyed with their opponents, who were a beaten side long before the conclusion of the game. Thirteen minutes from the close Lennie sent in a capital shot, which Brownlie cleared, but the Aberdeen left winger again got on the ball, beat Sloan cleverly, and crossed to the centre. Blackburn met the ball with his head and beat Brownlie at close quarters.

All over the winners gave a capital exhibition of football suited to the condition of the ground. There was not a single weak spot in the team. Aberdeen were outclassed, and the score does not even indicate the extent of their weakness. Only two players are worthy of mention, namely, Mutch and Colman - and they played pluckily against heavy odds.

Gate money, £300 13s; stands, £30 - total, £330 13s.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 8th February 1909

Third Lanark Teamsheet
Brownlie; Sloan, Barr; Fairfoull, Ferguson, Dickon; Johnstone, Hosie, Richardson, Kidd, Cross
Attendance: 13,300
Venue: Cathkin Park, Glasgow
Referee: Mr. Philip, Dunfermline
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