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Rangers 3 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Rangers 1 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Rangers scorers: Bennett, Campbell, Gilchrist
Aberdeen scorers: Simpson.

27/03/1909 | KO:

A Hard Game at Ibrox.

Played at Ibrox Park, Glasgow before 6000 spectators. Bennett scored cleverly after ten minutes' play, from a centre by Smith. Then the visitors improved, and eventually Simpson beat Rennie from a pass by Niblo, who a little later almost put his side on the lead, but Rennie cleared. On resuming, the Rangers at once pressed, but Mutch cleared, with Campbell and Bennett in attendance. Lennie then broke away, and gave Blackburn a fine chance, but he dallied, and Stark saved by conceding a fruitless corner. After seven minutes' play Campbell scored from a centre by Bennett. A little later Gilchrist scored from a foul taken by Campbell. Result :- Rangers, three goals; Aberdeen, one.

Source: The Scotsman, 29th March 1909

Ideal football weather favoured the return League match between the Rangers and Aberdeen at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, on Saturday. The ground was in capital condition, while there was little or no wind. There were about 10,000 spectators. Teams:-

Rangers: Rennie; Law, Craig; May, Stark, Gordon; Bennett, Gilchrist, Campbell, McPherson, Smith.
Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, J. S. Lyon; Halkett, McIntosh, Low; Blackburn, Simpson, Niblo, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. Lyon, Hamilton.

Play opened strongly in favor of the Rangers, their left wing being particularly aggressive. Smith was prominent with several capital centres, which, however, were not utilised to the best advantage, Campbell being somewhat slow in meeting the ball. McPherson had a good try, but much cleared finely, while next minute the goalkeeper was again called upon to save a fast drive from Campbell. Mutch cleared confidently on both occasions. Lyon, Aberdeen's latest acquisition, early caught the eye by reason of his fearless tackling and reliable kicking. He blocked a long shot from Smith in neat fashion, and then drove the ball far up the field. His effort gave Aberdeen an opportunity to transfer the ball to the other end of the field, but Niblo was pulled up for offside just when the visitors got dangerous. A strong return by Craig brought the play once more to the Aberdeen end. Gordon was very clever at left half, and it was from a long pass by Gordon to Smith that the left winger eventually got clear away on his own. Rounding the defence, Smith crossed to the centre. The ball came two wards Bennett, who rushed in from the wing, caught the ball before it reached the ground, and banged it against the post, the leather eventually rebounding into the net. Thus the Rangers opened the scoring 7 minutes after the start. The goal was thoroughly deserved on play. Lennie and O'Hagan opened out the game for Aberdeen. A spanking run by the first named was followed by a long pass across the field to Blackburn. The outside-right made a great effort to reach the ball, but was beaten by Craig, who returned strongly down the field. The game, although not exciting, was on the whole interesting. First one side and then the other took matters in hand, although the Rangers were generally the more dangerous lot near goal. Bennett sharply turned in a shot from the goal-line, Mutch rushing out and clearing, not a moment too soon, for Campbell was on him like a flash. McIntosh, Low, and Halkett were frequently in evidence, and had now got more in touch with the opposing forwards, who failed to maintain their opening form. Aberdeen equalised after 25 minutes' play. From a throw-in, Niblo fastened onto the ball, and worked his way out to the left wing. Dribbling nicely ahead, the centre-forward eventually beat the right back, then cut into goal. Near the goal-line, he passed back to Lenny, who drove straight for the net. The ball struck Craig, and then rebounded to Simpson. Without a moment's hesitation, the inside-right hand the ball into the net, high up, far out of Rennie's reach. On an equal footing, both teams played keenly for the lead, but there was no further scoring up to half-time. The Aberdeen goal, however, narrowly escape downfall, but the backs and Mutch defended strongly.

The Rangers restarted facing the sun. The game reopened at a fast pace, the play all over being in advance of the first half. Lennie Fairlie came to the front, his quick movements on the left being quite a feature of the match. Niblo sent out a long pass to the left-winger, and soon the latter was seen sprinting past May and Law. Cutting into goal, Lennie appeared certain to score. However, the Rangers' backs pressed hard on the left-winger's heels, and he eventually crossed to the right. Blackburn raced ahead to get the ball, but was blocked by Craig, and us a good opening was lost. Coming away again, the Aberdeen forwards kept the play close to the Rangers' goal. A finely-placed corner from Lennie was followed by exciting play at goalmouth. The ball came out to Halkett, and a smart header by the right-half almost brought a goal, but Rennie sprang across to the right-hand corner of his charge and cleared. This smart bit of goalkeeping spurred on the Rangers, Bennett leading the way on the right. Lyon returned finely, however, but then it came back a second time, and, running smartly along the wing, centred right across the goalmouth. Campbell met the ball squarely, and literally scraped it into the net. The Rangers were now a goal up, but were scarcely value for their lead. Aberdeen responded gamely, but could make nothing of the Ibrox defence, Craig and Law tackling and kicking with great skill. Aberdeen made repeated efforts to get the equaliser, but were rarely dangerous, even when enjoying the bulk of the play. Rennie was practically a spectator, for he seldom handled the ball, Law and Craig being equal to all demands, although the first named was occasionally in difficulties with Lennie. The left-winger was really the only Aberdeen forward who appeared capable of making any impression on the Rangers' defence. McIntosh put in an immense amount of work at centre-half, and it was largely due to his efforts by Campbell was prevented from improving upon Smith's crosses. Feeling crept into the game, and some lively tussles were witnessed between Niblo and Stark. Both were penalised, and ultimately the referee gave each a word of warning. Rangers scored a third goal midway through the second half, and this point practically decided the game. So long as the score stood at 2-1, there was just an off-chance of a Aberdeen equalising, but when the home team got a rather lucky third goal, interest in the game fell away greatly. The last goal came in a somewhat surprising fashion. Colman tipped the ball too Mutch from a goal-kick, and the latter picked up the ball, and was just in the act of punting it down the field when the referee gave a free kick to the Rangers. The players on both sides were completely taken by surprise, for there was no apparent infringement. Stocks took the kick, and tipped the ball to Gilchrist, who promptly tipped it into the net. Two wards the finish, Lennie made several capital attempts to break through on his own, and almost succeeded on one occasion. Steadying himself, he let drive from a dozen yards out, the ball striking the side of the net and going behind.

To the gate amounted to £194.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 29th March 1909

Though Aberdeen were defeated on Saturday by the Rangers, they put up a better tight than they have done for some weeks back. Their forward play in the first half was what it should be, and only a falling away in the second half through several palpable mistakes brought the disaster. The score - 1-1 - at half-time might have been better had all the chances that came their way gone in the way they were intended.
Rangers were much the heavier team, and it was mainly this that carried them through in the getting of their second goal, while the third one was gifted by a mistaken idea on the part of the right back or ocular deception on the part of the referee. This goal making 3-1 in the Rangers' favour, shows the score in a more unfavourable light than the run of the play warranted. In all fairness, however, we admit the Rangers were a goal better than Aberdeen, but little more than that. Lennie made a vast difference to the front line, while the halves and backs put in a bit of hard work, Mutch being especially clever with with some of his saves.

Chatty Bits.,/p> Mr Philip was successful last week in securing the services of Lyon, of Brechin City, to assist his team at Ibrox on Saturday.
Lyon played a fine game, and it is assumed that he will play pretty frequently for Aberdeen now.
Being an amateur, he could easily get his papers from Dundee, who held them, and the whole business was done very quietly and without hitch.
Hume got badly kicked early in the game on Saturday, and it will be a wonder if he is fit to play this week, though he has a knack of recovering very speedily, has Hume.
What will be the end of this Dewar Shield tie? The rule is quite explicit on the point, and Aberdeen ought to be awarded the tie.
Duhdee were after having another big gate over it. but the Aberdeen officials preferred to keep faith with the public, who knew there was such a rule in existence.
There will be anxious times in store for club officials from today, onwards. The signing-on season commences with the 1st of April.
A party is being organised from Aberdeen to see the International at the Crystal Palace.
The return fare is 31s 4d, and the trippers will leave with the 5.50 from Aberdeen tomorrow (Friday), returning on Saturday night.
Both teama are considered to be very strong, and should provide a fast game.
It is conceded that the English forwards are the speedier side, and will trouble the Scotch defence somewhat.
There are five new players in the Scotch side, who have never got an English cap before, viz. - Brownlie, Cameron, Stark, Bennett, and Paul.
Everybody who is anybody in the football world will be at the Palace on Saturday.
Aberdeen should get a good reception on Saturday. They have not been seen at Pittodrie for about seven weeks.
It is about time their supporters were having a look at them to pass their opinion on who are worth keeping.
Next week Aberdeen are due at Grimsby on Good Friday, and are endeavouring to get another fixture in England while there.

Source: Bon-Accord, 1st April 1909

Rangers Teamsheet
Rennie; Law, Craig; May, Stark, Gordon; Bennett, Gilchrist, Campbell, McPherson, Smith
Attendance: 10,500
Venue: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Referee: Mr. Lyon, Hamilton
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