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Clyde 2 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Clyde 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Clyde scorers: Thomson 30, McAteer 75
Aberdeen scorers: Watson (OG) 49.

16/10/1909 | KO:

At Glasgow, before an attendance of 8000. Aberdeen's half-backs were shakey, and failed to hold the Shawfield forwards, who, however, wasted otherwise good play by weak shooting. For half an hour play was kept in the vicinity of Aberdeen's goal, the northern forwards only managing an occasional run. In the coarse of an attack on the Aberdeen goal Hume miskicked, and Thomson, with an open goal, easily beat Mutch. The second half was only a few minutes old when the scores were brought level, Watson sending the ball through his own goal. The play of Aberdeen had improved greatly, and they were more often dangerous tan Clyde, Lennie being conspicuous in the attacks. After McTurk had saved finely from Lennie and Soye, Clyde forced a corner, from which McAteer added his side's second goal. Result :- Clyde, two goals; Aberdeen, one goal.

Source: The Scotsman, 18th October 1909

The Aberdeen team travelled to Glasgow on Saturday, and met the Clyde in a League fixture at Shawfield Park. The weather was dull, and during the first half of the game rain fell, with the result that the ground was in a very sodden condition. At 3:30 the teams lined up as follows:-

Clyde: McTurk; Watson, Gilligan; Walker, McAteer, Robertson; Stirling, Jackson, Chalmers, Travers, H. T. Thomson.
Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; WIlson, Moffat, Miller; H. Murray, Simpson, Soye, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. Stark, Cambuslang.

With no wind or sun, the winning of the toss gave no advantage to the Clyde. Early in the game Miller almost let his side down when he passed back to Hume during a brisk attack on the Clyde right wing. Stirling intercepted the pass, and was soon at close quarters with only Mutch in front of him. The right winger, however, shot wildly past the outside of the net. Admirably supported by their half-backs, the Clyde forwards kept the Aberdeen defending for all they were worth, Walker, right half, being specially prominent in slipping the ball along the ground to his forwards. The heavy ground and greasy ball upset the Aberdeen players for a time, for they made no headway against their opponents. A rousing punt by Colman, however, enabled Aberdeen to break away for the first time. Murray and Simpson carried the ball well within the Clyde territory, but the pair were blocked by Gilligan. Ultimately the ball was crossed to the left wing, O'Hagan picking up the pass. The Clyde backs were beaten, and just when Aberdeen appeared likely to gain the lead, O'Hagan sent the ball harmlessly past the far post - a glorious chance being thus lost. Quiet play followed, although the Shawfield men were always the more dangerous near goal. Chalmers made repeated efforts to break through on his own account, but Colman and Hume kept a watchful eye on the bustling centre forward. Soye was weak in the centre for Aberdeen. His passing was ill-timed, while he betrayed a fatal hesitancy near goal that enabled the Clyde backs to rob him of the ball without any trouble. Gilligan was prominent in the Clyde defence, and as a result the Aberdeen right wing made little progress. The left pair, however, were little better, Lennie being quite off his game. Gradually the Clyde assumed the upper hand, and eventually Chalmers banged the ball into the net from a pass by Stirling. The referee, however, disallowed the point owing to a previous infringement by Chalmers. The Clyde continued to have the best of matters, but score they could not, mainly owing to the smart goal keeping of Mutch and the sound back play of Colman. A mix-up in the Aberdeen defence, however, after almost 30 minutes' play, led to the Clyde scoring their first goal. During a hot attack on the right, in which Jackson and Walker were prominent, the Aberdeen backs and half-backs crowded to wards their left side of the field. The ball, however, was sent spinning across the ground to the opposite wing, and Thomson, rushing in to meet the ball at full speed, gave Mutch no chance with a terrific drive but landed the ball low down in the corner of the net. After this success, the Clyde came away strongly all along the line. Mutch was kept continually on the move, saving smartly from Chalmers, who had the gold practically at his mercy, while later on a long, drooping shot from Walker was cleared by the Aberdeen goalkeeper. Aberdeen relieved the monotony with an attack on the Clyde goal. Gilligan relieved with a strong punt, but the ball was returned by Moffat, and then followed a corner to Aberdeen. The kick was nicely placed by Murray, and during an exciting moment in front of the Clyde Cole Miller headed over the bar. Next minute the home forwards were at the other end of the field. McAteer tried a long shot, which was easily returned by Colman, but once again Walker set his forwards agoing. Stirling crossed to the left wing, where Travers and Thomson got the better of Wilson, the first-named finally forcing his way into the centre. At close range he sent in a capital shot that struck the bar, the ball returning to Mutch, who effected a smart clearance. Again the leather was returned in the direction of Mutch, Stirling turning in a shot almost from the goal line. The Clyde completely out played Aberdeen at this stage, and but for the brilliant work of Mutch and the strong play of Colman there is no saying what might have happened. A tall events, Aberdeen were accounted very lucky in being only a goal down. A sudden breakaway by the visiting front rank almost brought out the equaliser, but first O'Hagan and then Soye missed the easiest of chances, the specially in the case of O'Hagan, who was within a few yards of goal when he sent the ball very wide of the posts. Clyde made a spirited attack near the interval, but failed to add to their score.

When the game was resumed, the weather was more favourable, although the pitch was still very soft. Aberdeen began operations in businesslike fashion. Long, swinging pass is by Simpson to the right and left kept the game very open, with Aberdeen improving all along the line. For a time the Clyde were hemmed in, the ball being seldom far away from their goal. Four minutes' play after the interval sufficed to bring the teams on a level footing, Aberdeen's equalizer being in the nature of a surprise - not that they did not deserve their goal on play, but rather the manner in which it was obtained. When fully 30 yards out from goal, Simpson sent the ball a cross from the right, with the intention, apparently, of giving Lennie a chance of scoring. Watson, right back, however, made an attempt to clear, but instead he turned round sharply and banged the ball past his own goalkeeper. The Clyde resumed with great vigour. A clever move by Jackson set Stirling agoing, and just when the latter player was seen cutting into goal play was stopped owing to the Clyde right winger and Colman getting hurt. The right back was soon on his feet, but Stirling was carried off the field. The outside right, however, returned in about five minutes, and Aberdeen had more of the play this half, but were terribly weak in the front rank. No one appeared capable of sending in a shot worthy of a goal, while there was far too much of the dilly-dallying style of play. Lennie, who had been rarely in the game up to this stage, brightened matters a somewhat when he got past Walker and left Watson behind in the course of a raid on the Clyde goal. Soye and O'Hagan joined in the movement, and just when the visitors appeared almost certain to score, the inside left lost quite a simple chance but putting his side one up. Colman stood out prominently for Aberdeen, his tackling and kicking being far in advance of anything witnessed on the part of the other backs on the field. Indeed, but for his sound play the Clyde must've been at least two goals up half-way through the second period. 15 minutes from the close the Clyde took the lead. Pressing on the right wing, the home team were granted a corner. The ball bounced high in front of the Aberdeen goal, and in the midst of a crowd of players McAteer pounced on the leather, I and, with a well-directed high shot, completely beat Mutch. The goalkeeper could not be blamed for losing the goal, being hampered by the players in front of him. Time and again the Aberdeen goal was in danger of falling. A burst through between the backs by Chalmers almost brought another goal to the Clyde. Shooting with terrific force on the run, the center-forward just failed to beat Mutch, who brought off a brilliant save - one of the tit-bits of the game. Shots from Thompson, Travers, and Jackson were interned cleared by Mutch, then Colman dashed ahead on his own, evidently bent on scoring. He got past midfield, and then passed ahead to Murray. The leather was subsequently crossed to the left wing, where Lennie met the ball quite close to the goalmouth, but to the surprise of everybody the left winger missed the net with only the goalkeeper to beat. Clyde came away in irresistible style near the close, and it was only through the timely intervention of Mutch and Colman that the winners were prevented from adding to their score.

The Clyde were easily the better team, and their one-goal lead does not represent their superiority. At back Gilligan was very safe, while the half-backs were conspicuous throughout the game, with Walker the best of the three. The front rank were fast and clever, Travers and Jackson distributing the play most unselfishly. Both wingers exited fine speed, while Chalmers was a capable centre, although his play was purely individualistic, for he rarely passed to his wing men, leaving that duty to their partners. Aberdeen were a disappointing side. They were best served by Mutch, Colman [who played a splendid game], Moffat, and Simpson. Fully 8000 spectators witnessed the game.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 18th October 1909


It will be recollected that the game at Shawfield last season started with a sensational goal against Aberdeen before all their men had arrived on the scene of play, Clyde winning by 2-1. On Saturday Aberdeen were fully represented when the game started, but the players seemed to lack vitality for a considerable time, and it was only towards the close of the first half that they were seen in the picture.

For once in a while the left wing of Aberdeen could never get going, Walker showing a thorough mastery over Lennie and O'Hagan, who could do nothing right. Neither could Bert Murray, move as he liked; somehow he could never get clear of Robertson, whose vigilance was equal to his confrere's on the other wing. Thomson's goal was a splendid effort, Mutch being beaten to the world. The fine, defence of colman, Hume, and Mutch served Aberdeen on several occasions, and they were lucky indeed to he only one goal down at the interval.
There wae a change of play in the second half, when Aberdeen came away stronger, and caught on to the ball in something like their usual form, but still there was a something wanting in the attack we have been accustomed to this seasons. When Simpson scored and equalised the game, Aberdeen put more life into play, and they were unfortunate to lose after that, though they gave us the impression of playing in a funk at the start.
Clyde deserved to win on play, as they were undoubtedly the more dangerous for the major part of the game, and still they were lucky to get their second goal, which McAteer secured by an effort which had more of luck than sting in it. This occurred when there was about eight minutes to go, and although Aberdeen did try to make the game equal, they failed, by the same score as last season, 2-1 against them.


What little McTurk got to do was cleverly done, and his backs, Watson and Gilligan, employed a lot of force in their kicking. The best part of the Clyde team was the middle line. They have three as good halves as any club could wish to have. McAteer towering above the lot, with Walker and Robertson giving no rope whatever to wing men. Thomson, Chalmers, and Travers were best in the vanguard, their finishing being extra good.
Aberdeen's defence got a thorough test on Saturday, and are a very reliable lot. The halves were again slow in settling down to their game, but we thought Moffat outshone the others. Only two of the front played up to the form we have seen them do, and that was Soye and Simpson, the others being very poor indeed, and not a patch on past form. It wass here the weakness lay, and which lost them the points on Saturdayay.


Aberdeen have only had a short spell of the leadership this season.
It seems that 13 points are unlucky to Abeerdeen, they stuck there for several weeks last season.
Can they break the spell this week against Motherwell? The Fir Parkers are on the top of their form just now.
Aberdeen A's success in the Reserve League is much better than some local scribes can give them credit for.
They have won 2 games, lost 1, and drawn 2 in the five games they have played. Lost 7 goals and won 9. Not bad for a northern team.
Lennie's benefit has now been definitely fixed for January 4, 1910. Dundee furnishing the opposition. We hope he will get a bumper.
Unless a great improvement takes place in his condition, it is not likely that Macfarlane (Dundee) will be able to take his place in the League International- on Monday.
In that case R. S. M'Coll (Queen's Park) will partner Lennie in the left wing.
"Sailor" Hunter made his first appearance in the Dundee team on Saturday since he got his collar-bone broken. He was more careful of himself than usual.
Partiok Thistle had two teams in the field on Saturday, and created a mild surprise in each case. They won their League game handsomely against Airdrie, but they got knocked out of the qualifying ties by Bathgate.

Source: Bon-Accord, 21st October 1909

Clyde Teamsheet
McTurk; Watson, Gilligan; Walker, McAteer, Robertson; Stirling, Jackson, Chalmers, Travers, H. T. Thomson
Aberdeen Teamsheet
Mutch, Colman, Hume, Wilson, Moffat, Millar, Murray, Simpson, Soye, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Attendance: 8,000
Venue: Shawfield Stadium, Glasgow
Referee: Mr. Stark, Cambuslang
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