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Hamilton 1 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Hamilton 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Hamilton scorers: Waugh

13/11/1909 | KO:

At Hamilton, before 3000 spectators. Aberdeen set the pace but after five minutes they were outplayed, although the Academicals only managed to score once through Waugh before the interval, Mutch, the Aberdeen goalkeeper, being in exceptionally fine form. After the opening five minutes play was usually in the Aberdeen quarters. Lennie and Murray, in the closing stages, did their best to discount the Academicals' first half lead, but Brownlie and Davie were very steady. The Academicals won by one goal to nothing.

Source: The Scotsman, 15th November 1909

The first meeting this season in a League fixture between Aberdeen and Hamilton Academicals took place at Douglas Park, Hamilton, on Saturday. The weather was favourable for the game, although the ground was somewhat heavy after the rainfall of the previous day. There was only a moderate attendance, estimated at about 4000. The teams were:-

Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Wilson, Moffat, Miller; C. V. A. McEachern, Simpson, Soye, H. Murray, Lennie.
Hamilton Academical: Slavin; Brownlie, Davie; Watson, McLaughlin, Scott; Moran, Waugh, Freeman, Main, Irvine.
Referee - Mr. Jackson, Glasgow.

Aberdeen opened promisingly, the front rank getting right away from the kick-off. Herbert Murray was the first to catch the eye, beating Watson on the run and finishing with a capital shot, which Slavin did well to clear. Still forcing the pace, Aberdeen quite early took the game in hand, and, following upon Murray's attempt at scoring, Soye sent in a fast grounder, which the goalkeeper cleared with difficulty. Hamilton responded with a stirring attack on the Aberdeen goal, taken part in by Main, Freeman, and Waugh. Soon Hume was in difficulties, and, before he could clear his lines, Freeman was on him, and dashed straight ahead. The centre got within a couple of yards of Mutch, and then let drive for the net, but the ball went bang against one of the uprights and returned into play. Freeman, however, ought to have scored, but he failed to steady himself when in the act of shooting. The Hamilton forwards pressed severely for a time, Mutch being kept busy repelling shots from various directions. On one occasion, however, he was penalised for carrying the ball too far, a free kick being granted the Academicals within a few yards of the goal-line. A fierce scrimmage ensued, during which Moffat was injured, but he resumed playing after a few minutes' delay. Aberdeen shook off the pressure near their goal, mainly as the result of strong kicking by Colman. First Soye and then Lennie lost likely chances of scoring by weak shooting. Despite his injury, Moffat put in some capital defensive work, pulling up Freeman rather smartly when the centre-forward was rushing straight for goal with the ball at his feet. So far, the play had only been moderate, strong punting by the backs being the main feature of the game. Brownlie (the Academicals' right back) kept a watchful eye on Lennie, who frequently beat the opposing half-back, but could not get the better of Brownlie. Clever play by Irvine endangered the Aberdeen goal, a fast drive by the left winger being cleared by Mutch, while next minute the visiting custodian was deservedly cheered for a really good bit of goalkeeping. A long shot was sent in, while at the same time Freeman attempted to rush Mutch and ball into the net. The latter, however, by a clever move, fisted the ball clear and quietly avoided Freeman's charge. Even play ruled for a time. McEachern made ground on the right, only to see his cross returned strongly by Brownlie. Colman was prominent in defending the Aberdeen goal, but Hume was none too sure in his tackling. He was frequently beaten by Moran, and one very fine shot from the right winger almost brought a goal. Mutch, however, had to be reckoned with, his fielding of the ball being specially good. Good feeding by Miller enabled Lennie to get away clear away, but he was blocked by Brownlie. Soye, however, took up the running, and with a fast shot, he almost succeeded in opening the scoring. To his dismay, however, the ball struck the upright, and rebounded up the field. The play up to this stage had been remarkably even, but the home players - mainly as the result of good work on the left - eventually took up the running. Aberdeen were hemmed in, and for fully ten minutes the game was waged around the Aberdeen goal. Mutch saved two stinging shots from Main and Irvine, while the goalkeeper brought off a capital clearance during the melee following upon a corner. A second corner was cleared by Moffat, who came through a crowd of players with the ball at his feet. A third corner, however, brought a goal to Hamilton. The ball was sent across to Moran from the right, and while the players were crowding round the goalmouth Waugh with a hook shot, almost beat Mutch. The ball bounced on the ground several times, the players on both sides vainly attempting to get a proper hold of the leather. Hume eventually got his foot on the ball, but Freeman came in his way and blocked it, and the ball finally bounced into the net off Freeman's leg. From this stage up to the interval the Academicals were the better team and would undoubtedly have scored but for the fine work of Mutch, Indeed, the goalkeeper saved his side repeatedly, his clearances being smart, while he received valuable help from Colman and Moffat.

The second half opened in lively fashion, Aberdeen showing a distinct improvement all round. Their forwards, however, failed to take advantage of their openings, and rarely attempted to shoot. Indeed, Slavin was seldom called upon to defend his charge. The Academicals' forwards, however, were particularly keen at close quarters. This was evident when Irvine broke away and finished with a terrific shot, which Mutch saved brilliantly dash one of the tit-bits of the game. Again the goalkeeper was in evidence in clearing a fine hook shot by freeman, and it was really wonderful how Mutch succeeded in clearing as he did, for he had to spring across his goal in order to reach the ball high up near the net. Play ruled fast, but the football was not particularly interesting. Aberdeen kept the ball far too close, which was a great mistake against the go-ahead, strong kicking tactics of the opposition. McEchern had several good runs and crosses, but the other forwards could do little against Brownlie and Davie. Lennie found the first-named a difficult man to get round, the back invariably coming off best in the many keen tussles between the pair. The game never slowed down, but, on the other hand, the quality of the play degenerated. Aberdeen could do nothing in the shooting line, and they lost a rare chance of scoring when Soye completely missed a fine opening off a cross by Lennie. The centre was right in front of Slavin, but, to the surprise of the crowd, the Aberdeen centre sent the ball harmlessly past the outside of the post. McEchern tried hard to break through single-handed, and on one occasion he succeeded. His cross to the centre, however, was missed by Soye, and then followed a terrific bombardment of the Aberdeen goal. Thrice in succession Mutch saved almost certain goals. While on the ground he actually snatched the ball from the feet of Irvine, and later on saved a fast shot from Moran. The Hamilton men were all over Aberdeen for a time, and the wonder was that no further scoring took place. Miller put in a lot of useful work, while Moffat and Wilson also rendered valuable held in defence. Colman and Mutch, however, were the heroes of the defence, the goalkeeper is specially being in capital form. The Academicals' were the better team, and deserved their win, even by a bigger margin.

Estimated gate, £87.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 15th November 1909


No reasonable excuse can be offered for Aberdeen's failure at Hamilton on Saturday. Their failure was due entirely to a lack of adopting the right method of playing on a heavy, narrow pitch. The weather was fine on arriving at Hamilton, but the playing pitch had been seriously affected with the heavy rains, making the ball travel slowly, while it got on the heavy side all too soon. At the start, the home forwards made most progress, slinging the ball wide across to each other, and thus kept Aberdeen defence busy for a considerable time. Once the visitors got away, but their close passing game did not suit the condition of the ground, and their outfield work, pretty to look at, went. for nought when they reached close. quarters. Lennie had several good runs along the line, but he could. never beat Brownlie or Watson, who, between them, seemed to have hatched a most effective scheme for checking the left winger.
On the right, MacEchern made most progress, and he seemed to realise more than the others what was wanted - and did it: to no purpose, however, with the others backing up. From one melee to another, both sides should have opened the scoring before they did, and it fell to Waugh to beat Mutch from close quarters with a shot of the uneaveable order, and which proved to be the only goal of the match. This success gave the "Acas" a lot of heart; they swung the ball across from wing to wing, but the visiting defence had got into their method, and cleared magnificently time and again - Mutch excelling in some fine work between the posts.
A goal down at half-time was nothing out of place for a visiting team to be in, and from the manner in which Aberdeen resumed play, we had hopes of their squaring accounts. Slavin was called on to save a swift one from Bert Murray, while Lennie struck the posts, but this spell of pressure was only for a short time; the home team being alive to the fact that they had none to safe a lead, made towards Mutch, who gave nothing away. It was a sporting game to the finish, with the home side worthy winners by 1-0.


Slavin kept a good goal for the home side, and he had every assistance from a couple of splendid barks in Brownlie and Davie; the former we thought the best of the two. In the middle line, McLaughlin kept a good hold of Soye, and caught the eye most, though Watson was not far behind. The outstanding forwards were Irvine, Freeman, and Waugh in the order named. No fault could- be found with Aber-deen's defence, Mutch, Colman, and Hume doing all was required of them, sometimes performing brilliantly. The half-backs were good all over, Moffat shining, though somewhat handicapped for a time by injury. MacEchern was easy the best of the front line; Soye and Simpson were not so clever nor so nippy as in the previous. week, and Bert Murray made a good appearance at inside left; but forgot there was a right wing on the field.. Lennie was good in the open, but finished lamentably.


O'Hagan expects to be back and start training in the beginning of the week. He has made very good progress during his sojourn at Chesham.
Northern League Clubs and such like who have enough to do to pay a small sum per match, or week, had better see to their finances, now that they may be saddled with cases of compensation.
Rumour has if that the proposed Scottish Amateur Association has gone out of its way to oppose the S.F.A. in some way or other, and a deadlock is at present the outcome of the situation.
Aberdeen have a long cold journey before them this week to Greenock, and they will have to play up to repeat last year's performance.
Have you got a ticket for Lennie's benefit? They are going very well just now.
We understand there is a movement to have a permanent memorial for the late Mr. H. S. Wylie.

Source: Bon-Accord, 18th November 1909

Hamilton Teamsheet
Slavin; Brownlie, Davie; Watson, McLaughlin, Scott; Moran, Waugh, Freeman, Main, Irvine
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Douglas Park, Hamilton
Referee: Mr. Jackson, Glasgow
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