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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Partick Thistle

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Partick Thistle

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: O'Hagan 30.
Partick Thistle scorers: Wilson 65

03/01/1910 | KO: 11:30

This holiday fixture at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, attracted fully 6,000 spectators. The ground was in fine order. Playing with the wind in their favour, Aberdeen monopolised the play almost up to the interval. Howden, however, kept a wonderfully good goal, saving repeatedly under severe pressure. At the end of thirty minutes play, Soye sent in a fast drive, which Howden only partially saved, and O'Hagan rushed in and scored. Half-time:- Aberdeen, one goal; Partick Thistle, nothing. Play during the second half was more evenly divided. The Thistle came very near scoring on several occasions, and ultimately Wilson equalised the game for the visitors. No further scoring took place. Result: Aberdeen, one; Partick Thistle,one

Source: The Scotsman, 4th January 1910


Aberdeen were not the same team as that of Saturday,although there was only one change in the side. Macfarlane playing centre-half, Wilson at right-half in place of Davidson. Their play against Partick Thistle lacked cohesion. Whilst it was void of good finishing, the forwards suffering from over-confidence. The Thistle, though they did not put in the same amount of outfield work, when they did get away their shooting was not so far off the mark as that of the home side. On the run of the play during the first half Aberdeen should have scored more than one goal, the many opportunities that were lost or missed being quite exasperating to the onlookers. When O'Hagan did rush the ball through, we expected to see more, once the spell had been broken, but no such luck, for Aberdeen could do everything but heat Howden. The second period was pretty much a repetition of the first; with the exception, that the Thistle equalised with a good effort. Aberdeen took a breather at this time and the Thistle seized their chance, and made good what they had been lacking in during the first portion. A romping finish saw the teams divide the points, the same result - one goal each - as occurred at Firhill Park on December 11. Play was interesting at times, and on occa¬sion, truth to tell; somewhat dull. We took it that the players were suffering after The hard gruelling they got on Saturday at Dens Park. On the visiting side the defence of McKenzie was specially noteworthy, and the goalkeeping of Howden was praiseworthy. The halves were a hard-working lot; and the forwards were as nippy a set as we have seen for some time. Mutch did everything he got to do well, but we have seen the backs in better trim: and of the halves Macfarlane and Millar had the pull. Bert Murray was the outstanding forward of the day, and next to him we should say O'Hagan deserved praise for the way he drew out the defence, and let the extreme men away. Soye was no better and no worse than he usually is, while Lennie and Simpson have both done better than on Monday.

Source: Bon-Accord, 6th January 1910

The Aberdeen football crowd had the opportunity of witnessing first division teams perform at Pittodrie yesterday for the first time since December 18, the holiday fixtures hitherto having been all minor in importance. The start at Pittodrie yesterday was early - 11:30 - and the crowd was in consequence not so large as might have been expected at the start, numbering only between 3000 and 4000. The weather was quite autumn-like in its mildness, and bright sunshine made it hard to believe that the day was the 3rd of January. The ground was in tip-top condition. Teams:-

Aberdeen: much; Colman, Hume; Wilson, Macfarlane, Miller; H. Murray, Simpson, Soye, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Partick Thistle: Howden; McKenzie, Bennett; Wilson, McDonald, McGregor; Callaghan, Robertson, Reid, Smith, Ballantyne.
Referee - Mr. Stark, Airdrie.

Aberdeen won the toss, and had the sun and a slight breeze in their favour, when Partick kicked off. The home forwards got down to a nice pass to Murray, who, jockeying for room to cross, ran the ball over the line. Play was in Partick Territory, and from fully 30 yards out Macfarlane gave Howden a hard shot to hold. Ballantyne troubled Colman, but the Aberdeen back stuck to the man, and the ball went by. Aberdeen attacked strongly, and a hard drive by Macfarlane was hooked in by Lennie. Howden held the ball high up on the post. Simpson had a difficult chance, and sent past. Bennett kicked out a fast, low shot by Murray, and a minute later Howden rushed out and held a great shot by Murray, who had cleverly kept in the ball. Aberdeen, chiefly through grand work by the halves, were constantly aggressive, and Millar was cheered for a pot shot, which Howden safely negotiated. Soye gave Howden another shot, and with Soye hanging onto him, the Partick goalkeeper carried the ball too far, and a free kick was given close in. O'Hagan, with a clear course, shot weekly past, and immediately after Simpson shot over. A foul by McGregor just outside the penalty line looked dangerous for Partick until Howden turn the ball out at the south post. Aberdeen were all over the Partick men, the passing and footwork of the Pittodrie players being smart and effective. Partick acted wholly on the defensive, and the backs at times were none too strong in their clearances. O'Hagan hesitated to go in for a lift over by Lennie, and lost a good chance. At last Partick got over the mid-line as attackers, and twice Wilson cleared for Aberdeen. A corner was conceded by Wilson, Colman heading out from the kick. From a cross by Lennie, who made ground from a pass by Soye, the Aberdeen centre-forward sent a hot shot into an open goal. By luck, more than intention, Howden, rushing across to goal, got the ball on his body, and saved a certain goal. Aberdeen kept on the screw, and Howden misfisted a long, drooping shot from Murray, giving away a corner. A hard drive by Murray was kicked over the bar by McKenzie, nothing coming to Aberdeen from a corner. Aberdeen, despite their superiority in the open, were not so convincing at goal, all their shooting being a arranged the suit Howden, who made no mistakes. Clever work by the Aberdeen forwards, Lennie, O'Hagan, Simpson, and Murray, all showing pretty touches, ended in Murray driving along to Bennett, who cleared.


After playing half-an-hour exactly, and pressing hard all the time, Aberdeen got their well-deserved goal. A bang along the ground had Howden beaten, the goalkeeper stopping the ball, but failing to get it away. The ball lay on the line for a second, until O'Hagan popped along and popped it into the net, with Howden down. Partick were not in the picture a tall, Aberdeen playing all round them. Offside against Murray brought Partick a little relief, and in a breakaway, Hume was prominent for cool, clever, defensive tactics with head and feet. Partick had seldom been over the mid-line. Simpson got the ball in his favourite position, dribbled, and shot, Bennett turning the ball aside with his foot and giving off a corner. Wilson headed over from the kick, and Simpson twice shot too high a good range. Mutch held the four alone, and he had to look far for the enemy, not having touched the leather since the start. The Aberdeen half-backs were playing a grand game. The only real breakaway for Partick was made by Reid, who was blocked when he was becoming dangerous. Howden held a header by Soye, and Wilson skied the return. Wilson beat Ballantyne in a race, and O'Hagan and Lennie got off, Bennett having to lash out and give the attack a corner. Howden dropped a header from Soye, but got the ball with his foot. Close on half-time mutch handled for the first time - an easy ball. Howden saved from Lennie. A funny mix-up near the Aberdeen penalty line - a "booroch"- was caused by Millar going down with the ball between his knees. The Aberdeen players got the ball out of the scrum and away. Partick were doing a little better, but their attacking was spasmodic. Offside against Callaghan at one end, and Lennie at the other, spoiled opportunities.

There would be more than 6000 spectators when the game was resumed - not a great holiday crowd. On resuming, Partick went off with a bang, but there was no bullet. Then Aberdeen attacked, and Mackenzie blocked a cross from Lennie. The Aberdeen outside left again got the ball, and sent across a fast grounder, which Howden kicked out, rushing from his goal to do so. Mackenzie got the better of a desperate bout with Lennie, and sent the ball up the field. Back it came, and in a mix-up Simpson quickly snapped up the ball, and gave Howden a surprise shot to hold. Colman cleared in a brisk attack at the other end, and then a clever bit of play by Simpson let Murray off. McGregor, by a back shove, spoiled the outside rights chance. Mackenzie, if uncouth in his style, is a desperately hard worker. He made a bad miss, and O'Hagan carried the ball passed to Soye, who shot weakly instead of going straight in, the result being that Howden cleared easily. The Aberdeen forwards were now has changed a lot, and could do nothing right. With Mutch received by across, Robertson had an open goal, but missed badly, the ball going past the outside of the upright. A desperate Aberdeen attack, from repeated cross is by Murray, so some bad muddling by the Aberdeen forwards, who got in each other's way' Simpson finally shooting weakly past. Lashing the ball from wing two wing, Partick were now frequently dangerous, but they were profiting by the poor play of the Aberdeen forwards, Soye and O'Hagan being lamentably slow in taking their opportunities. Soye lost one easy chance, through paralysis of defeat at the critical moment. Partick, banging the ball about, and running better than in the first half, were much improved lot, but they could not get that close quarters with Mutch.


When they did get close in after 20 minutes' play, the ball was headed about, until it dropped to Wilson's right foot, and the write half drove it high up into the net, giving Mutch no chance. Aberdeen, thoroughly aroused by the reverse, bore down on the Partick defence, but the old weakness in finishing was apparent. Howden foozled a shot from Lennie, and Murray was on his top, but then it came to the rescue and cleared. With the wind, which was rising, Partick were now going great guns, lashing the ball about, and leaving the Aberdeen defence worried and shaken. Simpson broke away for Aberdeen, and centred, to Hagan, who twisted his left leg with a fruitless effort, which Howden held. Aberdeen were playing desperately for the leading goal, but with half their forwards dragging they could not get home. A dangerous run by the Partick right wing was stopped by Wilson, has the whistle went for offside. Offside again saved Aberdeen's bacon, the Partick inside left netting after the whistle had blown, Mutch making no attempt to save. Simpson broke away for Aberdeen, and crossed to O'Hagan, who kicked to Lenny, the outside-left ran in, and, on Howden coming out, he shot past, the crowd being deceived and yelling "goal." Lennie might have done better with his chance. Fast and exciting was the game has it now ranged from end to end, and the leased slip of the defence would have given either side the lead. O'Hagan, by forcing play, got through, and passed to Soye, who shot softly into Howden's hands. Bad judgment spoiled Aberdeen's chances, when they were pressing with 5 minutes to play. Murray forced a corner, and Simpson, from the kick, swung the ball past. Back came the Aberdeen forwards, O'Hagan sending over the line. Ballantyne got a chance, but shot past. Colman forced play forward, Murray failing to pick up the backs pass.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 4th January 1910

Partick Thistle Teamsheet
Howden; McKenzie, Bennett; Wilson, McDonald, McGregor; Callaghan, Robertson, Reid, Smith, Ballantyne
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Stark, Airdrie
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