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Third Lanark 2 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Third Lanark 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Third Lanark scorers: Richardson 12, McPhie

16/04/1910 | KO:

There was only a very small attendance of spectators at the match between Third Lanark and Aberdeen at Cathkin. The home team started strongly, and for a considerable time confined Aberdeen to their own half of the field. A corner against the visitors yielded nothing, but a few minutes afterwards Richardson, taking up a fine pass from Rankine, beat Mutch. From another corner McPhie all but scored a second goal, and then Aberdeen attacked, Brownlie being called upon to hold a swift shot from Wilson. In clearing another dangerous shot Brownlie gave away a corner, but nothing resulted, and the interval arrived with the score reading :- Third Lanark, one goal; Aberdeen, nil. At the opening of the second half play was more equal, but gradually Third Lanark resumed an aggressive line of play, and forced a succession of corners against the visitors. Aberdeen rallied and tested Brownlie, who, however, made no mistakes. The strangers' goal was again attacked, and McPhie neat Mutch, the final result being :- Third Lanark, two goals; Aberdeen, nil.

Source: The Scotsman

At no time during the whole game at Cathkin Park were Aberdeen looking likely to score against Third Lanark. Only spasmodic runs with little heart in them, were observable amongst the forwards, who were content with watching the defenders putting up a great fight to keep the "Warriors" from scoring. It was fortunate that Aberdeen's defence were on their best behaviour, for any amount of goals might have been chalked up against them, so persistent were the attacks. Of course, the pitch was heavy, and the weather disagreeable for playing in, but, all the same, there appeared a lack of heart in the foraging work of the Aberdeen forwards reminding us very forcibly of "end of season" form: that the players had done all that was required of them. This is hardly fair to the club or its supporters, and the current opinion is that a new front line should be engaged for next season. Certainly Aberdeen have got a bigger beating than 2-0 from Third Lanark at Cathkin, but we should bear in mind that the score on this occasion does not represent the run of the play.

Source: Bon-Accord, 21st April 1910

Wet, cheerless weather was experienced in Glasgow on Saturday, the conditions being of the worst possible description. A heavy snow-fall in the early part of the day was followed by a drenching rain in the afternoon, with the result that only about 1000 spectators turned up at Cathkin Park to witness the return Scottish League game between Third Lanark and Aberdeen. The teams were:-

Third Lanark: Brownlie; Sloan, Orr; Fairfoul, Ferguson, Mainds; Rankine, Hosie, Richardson, McFie, Prentice.
Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Wilson, Miller; H. Murray, Simpson, T. Murray, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Referee - Mr. Lyons, Hamilton.

The play opened in a heavy downpour of rain, while the ground was in a very sodden condition. Aberdeen started promisingly through O'Hagan and Lennie on the left wing, but the latter, after getting past Fairfoul, was pulled up by Sloan, and soon the Third Lanark forwards were at the other end of the field. Rankine crossed splendidly from the right to the centre, Richardson meeting the ball with his head, but Mutch easily cleared. Simpson and H. Murray carried the play to the other end, and the latter, picking up a long pass on the run, got past the backs and crossed to the centre. T. Murray made a strong effort to reach the ball but Brownlie got there first and cleared. Play on the whole was very even, and altogether of a high order, considering the heavy ground. Aberdeen played a fine open game in the front rank, T. Murray keeping the wings well supplied with the ball. Fairfoul put in some capitol work for the Volunteers, while Mainds was also prominent for his side. At this stage was witnessed the best bit of play so far in the game. McFie broke away near midfield, and, racing ahead, tipped the ball out to Prentice on the wing. The last named ran to within a few yards of the goal line, and then crossed the ball. Richardson dashed into the goal of the area in order to pick up the left winger's cross, but Wilson ran back and headed clear, thus preventing an almost certain goal. Corners to the Third brought no tangible result, Aberdeen's defence being quite safe, Colman shining. After 12 minutes' play, however, the Aberdeen goal was captured. Near midfield the ball was sent ahead in the direction of Richardson, who ran a short distance, and then passed out to Rankine. The latter neatly slipped Hume, dribbled on for a few yards, and then crossed to the centre, Richardson apparently anticipated the move, for he caught up Rankine's pass and quickly banged the ball into the net. Mutch was helpless, and had really no chance of saving. Lennie got away after the game was restarted, I and, beating Sloan on the run, crossed the ball in front of goal, but none of the other forwards were up in time to catch up the pass from the left. Most danger on the Third Lanark side came from the right wing, Fairfoul feeding Rankine and Hosie to perfection, and it was lucky for Aberdeen that their goal was not captured a second time after Rankine had slipped past Hume near the goal line. Indeed, the right winger was at times too clever for the Aberdeen left back, but Colman was generally on the lookout near the Aberdeen goal. Play, on the whole, was very interesting, and for a time there was little to pick or choose between the teams. Mainds got hurt during a tackle with H. Murray, and was off the field for 10 minutes. Aberdeen as a result forced play on the right, and some good work was witnessed between H. Murray, T. Murray, and Simpson, but their passing runs invariably ended with the ball going behind. Millar was conspicuous at this stage, and got through a lot of useful work, while Wilson had many keen tussles with the Third Lanark centre forward. Honours were pretty evenly divided, although Richardson occasionally got the upper hand. During a spell of pressure by Aberdeen, the home defence was taxed to the utmost, Sloan, Orr, and Ferguson, however, crowded in on their goal, but, in doing so, almost let their side down. From a dozen yards out Wilson sent in a terrific shot, which Brownlie did well to clear, for when the ball came to the goalkeeper three of the ground's team completely blocked his view. Aberdeen fairly hemmed in their opponents, but the visiting forwards did not force matters as they ought to have done. Hugh shots were directed at goal, and this was all the more remarkable considering the amount of play enjoyed by Aberdeen. A fast drive from a Millar was finally caught by Brownlie, and this was followed by a corner, while Colman directed a long shot and Brownlie's goal, but the latter was equal to all calls. Play next centred in the vicinity of the Aberdeen goal. Prentice led off the Volunteers, and followed up by a smart run by an equally good shot, which Mutch saved on the ground. Hume was none too sure in his footing, and as a result Rankine had matters pretty much his own way on the right wing. On one occasion Richardson and Hosie joined Rankine in a dash of the field. Hume was beaten, but Colman raced across and cleared, not a moment too soon. The Glasgow men were now more in the picture, and fast shots from Richardson, Hosie, and Fairfoul were splendidly saved by Mutch. The shots sent in by the last named, was a specially good work, but the ball appeared to be going right away from Mutch when he sprang up and caught the ball close to the crossbar and upright.

Rain was still falling heavily on the game was resumed, while the pitch was very soft. The first noteworthy incident was a ripping shot by Richardson, the ball being sent out a great pace to the left of much. The goalkeeper slipped in his effort to reach the ball, but he managed to save his charge in the nick of time. The heavy ground and greasy ball troubled the players to a considerable extent, and mistakes - quite excusable under the circumstances - were frequent on both sides. Still, a wonderfully good game was witnessed on the treacherous pitch. Aberdeen took some time to get into working order, the best bit of play so far coming from Wilson, a fine drive from the centre-half passing close to the crossbar. At the opposite end of the field, Mutch brought off a fine save from Orr, a left back sending in a surprise shot from 30 yards' range. Play, however, slowed down considerably, while at times the players found it well-nigh impossible to dribble the ball through the pools of water on the pitch. Lennie started a promising run for Aberdeen, when he was fouled by the right-half. After a spell of uninteresting play, in the course of which the backs enjoyed plenty of free kicking, an exciting incident was witnessed near the Third Lanark goal. H. Murray and Simpson broke away on the right, and, with the opposing backs well beaten, the first named crossed to the left. The ball came to Lennie, standing unmarked, while Brownlie had once rushed out in order to get the ball away. Lennie, however, stuck to the ball, and then delivered a fast shot, but, unluckily for his side, he sent the leather straight into Brownlie's hands, the goalkeeper at the time being a few yards out of his goal. Later on, Brownlie saved a splendid shot from Simpson, the inside-right almost bringing out the equaliser with a particularly good try. The Third now that took the game in hand, and for a time the Aberdeen goal is scape marvellously. Mutch had his hands full, yet he made no mistakes. On one occasion Rankin ran right through the defence and passed across to Richardson, but the latter failed to get at the ball in time ere Mutch rushed out and a nipped it off the centre's head. Following a free kick to Aberdeen, Lennie had hard luck in failing to get the equaliser. The ball was crossed to the left, and just as Lennie delivered his shot the goalkeeper rushed out, but missed the ball, which went banged against the crossbar - a lucky escape for the Third. A few minutes later, however, the home team got their second goal, and this point settled the game. Richardson was seen forcing his way through the Aberdeen defence, but Colman, Hume, and Wilson blocked him. The ball came to McFie, who had a clear course, and he had once beat Mutch with a shot that struck the roof of the net with terrific force. The volunteers came very near adding another goal, but Colman got his toe on the ball just as Richardson was ready to receive a pass from Prentice. The game went all in favour of the Third right up to the finish, but there was no further scoring.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 18th April 1910

Third Lanark Teamsheet
Brownlie; Sloan, Orr; Fairfoul, Ferguson, Mainds; Rankine, Hosie, Richardson, McFie, Prentice
Attendance: 1,000
Venue: Cathkin Park, Glasgow
Referee: Mr. Lyon, Hamilton
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