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Aberdeen 2 - 2 Dundee Wanderers

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Dundee Wanderers

Northern League
Aberdeen scorers: MacKay, Johnston.
Dundee Wanderers scorers: ?, Crockett

07/11/1903 | KO:

A Disapointing Game

Dundee Wanderers were the visitors to Pittodrie on Saturday. Winning the toss they kicked off before a large crow, despite an early start, towards the city and with a strong sun in their eyes. Halkett early showed his paces and looked troublesome, but McGregor relieved with a good punt which let the home quintette off on a likely run. A corner was forced, but this proved to be resultless. The Maroons then took up the running and gave Barrett and his co-defenders a lively time of defending. Nothing came from their breakaway owing to ineffective and poor shooting. The Whites' front rank were all this time trying to get along, but their attempts were woeful and novice-like in the extreme. Chance after chance was missed until at last MacKay broke through the visitors' defence and scored with a shot. To the surprise of the spectators, however, the referee disallowed the goal-for offside, we presume. Not long after he (the referee) again brought forth hooting and jeering from the crowd by giving an offside decision against Charlie Mackie when the player was in a good position for an almost certain goal. Right on half-time a penalty was awarded the homesters for an opponent taking the heels from Skinner. McAulay took the kick himself, and with Ireland in his goal, he surprised everybody missing everything except the ball. The players resumed without their usual visit to the pavilion, and it was cried on all sides that the homesters would buck up and make sure of the points. The Wanderers opened the second half with a break away, but McNicol relieved with a good kick. Johnston got off on the left for the Whites and ended up a nice run passing to McKay who had no difficulty in putting on goal number one. Skinner from the kick-off raced up the field and fired in a lovely shot which, however, Ireland cleared with alacrity. Another breakaway by the same player brought about a goal headed in by Johnston, but this point was not allowed for offside. Led on by Anderson the Maroons looked dangerous, and two fine shots from Crockett almost had the desired effect. The Whites increased their lead through Johnston and looked likely winners until ten minutes from time a sudden change came over the game. Crockett, who had been doing exceedingly well, had a nice run up towards Barrett and ended it by planting the ball in front of the home goal where a scrimmage took place, and from it the ball was netted. From the kick-off mid-field play ensued for a time and then the visitors' outside left again fastened on to the sphere, and before anyone was quite aware of it had equalised. The Whites then tried to pull the match out of the fire, but their efforts were too weak although Johnston just on time narrowly missed with a grounder. The game ended - Aberdeen 2, Wanderers 2.

Points from Pittodrie.

A grand day, although cold, and a poor game with a disappointing finish is a summary to Saturday's match.
To think that the Whites had the game and the points safe within their grasp and then allow their opponents to equalise is more than tantalising.
Gross carelessness, we should term toe loss of the points. However, half a loaf is better than none.
When Montrose is tackled on Saturday then we hope there will be no lying down until the whistle sounds time up.
The Wanderers' match will be a warning.
In Ireland the visitors have a goalkeeper with a very confident and showy style.
Their backs are all right, and although Gilligan is on the young side he, with more experience, should prove a good catch. Fenton, centre half, was the best of a good trio.
Crockett was the best forward on the field, and was always dangerous. His goal was a beauty.
Of the rest, Moir at inside right was also very effective, the inside men being rather poor.
We have seen Barrett do better, but it would be more than unjust to blame him for the loss of the point.
McNicol and McGregor were all right, but the former is just rather cool for our taste. We have an idea that with more judgment he could have saved the first point.
Strang was the best man on the field, and had it not been for his work at the critical moment, then a defeat would have been decided. He is without doubt Aberdeen's best capture.
We think that Low, who played a hard game, should have watched Crockett more carefully, as he was worth it.
Ritchie after his rest, did very well, but we look for improvement in future games.
The forwards must take the blame that is going. In is impossible to say who was the best.
Without prejudice, however, we give McAulay the palm for being the worst. A rest would not injure him or his play.
It was only in the second period than the others showed their right form, and it was high time that it came even then.
For Saturday's match we would advise the directors to play the same eleven and give it a chance.
As to the referee we can only say that he either favoured the Wanderers or was incompetent, and this is not the first time his decisions have not gone well with an Aberdeen crowd.
Still it does not follow that some hair-brained enthusiasts should have put out their bad feeling on Mr. Hodge at the close of the game. Mobbing a referee is a serious matter, and we trust there will be no more of it.

Source: Bon-Accord November 12 1903

This match was played at Pittodrie in ideal weather. The teams were:- Aberdeen: Barrett; Macgregor, McNicol; Low, Strang, Ritchie; Shinner, Macie, D. McKay, McAulay, Johnstone. Wanderers: Ireland; Gilligan, Duncan; McFarlane, Fenton, McGee; "Jack" Black, Anderson, Graham, Crockett. Referee - Mr. P. Hodge, Dunfermline.

Aberdeen pressed at the outset, and forced Duncan to give away a corner. n retaliation, first Black, and then Anderson tried conclusions with Barrett. As a direct result of a goal kick the Whites were permitted to hover around Ireland, and some pretty exchanges were witnessed. Strang had a try for honours, as well as a few of his colleagues. Over-eagerness, and over-running of the ball repeatedly spoilt many likely chances of Aberdeen beating Ireland. With an open goal, McKay made a bad mess of a slow shot. The decisions of the referee anent infringements of the off-side rule by Aberdeen were not going down well with the great majority of the crowd. Five minutes from the interval McAulay missed a penalty.

After wheeling about, the Wanderers rushed as if they could carry everything before them. Their hopes were short lived, as McKay leading on his wings was given a pass, which he put to account with vigour. Shiner followed up with a spirited canter, and a great shot, which Ireland luckily gripped. Through Duncan being hurt, a stoppage occurred, but the back, after attention, returned limping. Johnstone added Aberdeen's second point. Ten minutes from the finish the Wanderers' forwards showed fine combination, and bothered the home defence so much that they scored a surprise goal. This was soon followed by a second through Jack. The sensational result of the match, which had been in favour of Aberdeen with the exception of the last few minutes, was Aberdeen 2, Wanderers 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 9th November 1903

Dundee Wanderers Teamsheet
Ireland; Gilligan, Duncan; McFarlane, Fenton, McGee; "Jack" Black, Anderson, Graham, Crockett
Attendance: 2,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr P. Hodge, Dunfermline
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