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Aberdeen 2 - 0 Dunblane

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Dunblane

Aberdeen scorers: McAulay, Mackie.

19/12/1903 | KO:

Only a Friendly

On a sodden and heavy ground the Whites entertained, at Pittodrie, on Saturday the Dunblane in a friendly fixture. The homesters were the first to press, but their onslaught was only momentary owing to bad passing, as Fyfe got his foot in, and relieved with a huge kick. The visitors' right wing then got away, and were only brought to a standstill by fine tackling from McNicoll. Play was for some considerable time very poor, and chiefly confined to Dunblane's goal. Numerous changes came to the Aberdeen's front rank, but none of the quintette could do anything in the shooting line, which could have been termed dangerous. Owen, at outside right, was the first to create excitement by charging down a return from an opposing back, and having a run in on Thomson. Just as he was about to shoot, however, he was tackled from behind, and his shot was smartly held by the visitors' custodian. A penalty, however, was granted, but C. Mackie's shot did not bring the desired result. Almost on half-time McAulay scored with a nice shot, and the homesters crossed over with a goal lead. The second half, although not a brilliant one, was certainly more interesting than the first period. Thomson and his backs saved again and again for their side - the former by smart and clean saving, the, latter by huge kicking touched up with some very rough play. At the other end Barrett was seldom called upon to save owing to the fine defence of Mackie and McNicoll. Owen had some very fine dashes along the wing, and centred beautifully, but it fell to C. Mackie to increase the total. This the centre did in a manner peculiar to himself. As no further scoring took place, the game ended - Aberdeen 2, Dunblane 0.

Points from Pittodrie.

There was a fair attendance at Pittodrie, but nothing to enthuse over.
Dunblane, if they left nothing else, left a bad impression on the spectators..
Although not playing a perfectly fair game, it must be admitted that, now and again, they showed good touches.
In Thomson they have a "goalie" of a high standard of excellence.
Their backs have nothing of the fine play in their game, and to a man like Johnstone, have a very terrifying effect.
Thomson, centre half, was the best of a very moderate half line.
The forwards never got really settled during, the game. Johnstone and Bayne were the pick.
Barrett in the home goal was very safe.
The same may be said of the backs, who played a really fine game.
Both men kicked and tackled in a steady manner. Sangster was the best of a good trio.
Strang has not quite recovered from his attack of influenza.
The forwards were very poor in the art: of shooting.
They, should try a shot more often than they do at present.
Owen, taking everything into consideration, made a very favourable impression. His centres were a treat.
He was, however, very badly supported by McKay, who did, nothing.
We were sorry for the referee, Mr. Russell, who had a hard job and a thankless one too.
The players, especially on one occasion, were beyond his control. C

Source: Bon-Accord December 24 1903

This match was played at Pittodrie. Teams:- Aberdeen: Barrett; J. Mackie, McNicol; Sangster, Strang, Ritchie; Owen (Bathgate), D. Mackay, C. Mackie, McAulay, Johnston. Dunblane: Thomson; Fyfe, McGillivray; Mackay, Thomson, Muir; Johnstone, McGeoch, Bayne, Bruce, Brough. Referee, Mr. Russell, Aberdeen.

In the first half Aberdeen pressed, but for a long time there was no scoring. The first goal of the match was scored by McAulay, and at half-time the score was - Aberdeen 1, Dunblane 0.

Without retiring the game was resumed, and corners again came the way of Aberdeen, but Thomson and his backs invariably cleared. At length after a long rest, Barrett was called upon by Bain and his immediate colleagues. Owen had one or two good sprints and shots, but it was left to Charlie Mackie at close quarters to best Thomson for a second time.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st December 1903

Dunblane Teamsheet
Thomson; Fyfe, McGillivray; Mackay, Thomson, Muir; Johnstone, McGeoch, Bayne, Bruce, Brough
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Russell, Aberdeen
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