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Aberdeen 2 - 0 Hibernian

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Hibernian

East Scotland League
Aberdeen scorers: Low, Lennie.

05/05/1906 | KO:

A Win on Play.

Played at Pittodrie on Saturday in wet weather, before a small attendance. The first half was equally contested, the shooting on both sides leaving something to be desired. This was not the case in the second period, when Aberdeen took the game in hand, and Rennie, Main and Glen had their work cut out to keep Aberdeen from scoring heavily. Low opened with a header, and Ward added a second before the finish. Result:- Aberdeen, two goals: Hibernians, nothing. Gate £70.

Source: The Scotsman, 1906-05-07

We frequently see a home team win because of their familiarity with a particular pitch, or the excitement induced by the spectators cheering them on to victory. But no such side issue could be attributed Aberdeen's win over the Hibs on Saturday last. The game was brimful of exciting incidents in the first period when neither side could claim a real advantage, with the exception, perhaps, that Aberdeen were a trifle stronger shooting, and were so wild in finishing with the ball. The home side simply ran the Hibs. off their feet in the second period. Run after run right in on Rennie kept the spectators on tenterhooks all the time, the Internationalist having to show his best form to keep the "Wasps" from piling on goals.

Lennie had the real credit of beating Rennie, Henry Low's parting being quite unnecessary in my opinion, though it might, to a certain extent, have deceived the custodian. The Hibs Were only really once dangerous after this, when Stewart made a clever cross shot, which Rab only partly cleared and fell at the same time, the ball going right to Macdonald who lofted it over the bar. Had this shot taken effect, there is no saying what may have happened. It knocked the dash out of the Hibs. Ward, Strang, and Low all had their shooting boots on, and little Edgar performed some dazzling movements in feeding Lennie. All this Rennie had to contend with time and again, Ward getting past him closed in with a hard drive. This sealed the doom of the Hibs, who had to be content with defensive tactics, more or less till the finish, which saw Aberdeen win on play by 2 goals to nil.

Among the Players.

Well it was for the Hibs that Rennie was on the top of his form, for he had his work cut out for him. Main and Glen did some capital things at back, while Maconachie and Harrower were the best of the middle line. Duguid and the left wing were the most dangerous, W. Low having Stewart on a string all the time. The International right-winger showed poor play in comparison with what he did at the Palace a month ago. Every man on the Aberdeen side played up to his best form, which is all that can be expected from them.

Source: Bon-Accord, 10th May 1906

With the prospect of Aberdeen topping the East of Scotland League table, interest in the doings of the club in the competition has recently been accentuated, and this was particularly marked on Saturday, when the local team encountered the Edinburgh Hibernians at Pittodrie under miserable and depressing weather conditions. A heavy rain was falling when Mr. J. B. stark, Cambuslang, lined the teams up as follows:-
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Willox, Gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Robertson, Ward, H. Low, Edgar, Lennie.
Hibernians: Rennie; Main, Glen; Grieve, McConnachie, Harrower; Stewart, McQueen, Duguid, McDonald, McCann.

The opening minutes were marked by tame midfield play. Aberdeen were the first to break away with a run up the centre. The movement was well combined, and a pass out from Ward to his partner on the right allowed Robertson to cross over in front of Rennie, where the sphere was neatly caught up, and would almost certainly have found the net had not Henry Low's bulky frame intervened. A clearance was effected, and the Hibernians came well away on the right through Stewart, who was well attended by Wilfred Low. Lennie was having plenty of work, and the crowd were delighted to see that his form appeared to be at its best, while Robertson, on the other side, sent in a number of nice cross is, which tickled the Edinburgh defence. The Hibernians swept the field occasionally, but the local halves and backs were more than equal to repelling the attacks. Though nearing the close of the season, the Aberdeen front rank excelled in tricky, useful play. Edgar's showed some clever touches, completely outwitting his opponents. Stewart, on the right, tested W. Low and Gault repeatedly, one but between them the Aberdonians succeeded in keeping the fleet winger from getting into close range, although on one occasion he dribbled out from a "sandwiched" position, and sent in a lovely cross in front of the goal, to which might have proved fruitful had any of the other forwards being in position to finish the effort. The game, full enough of minor incidents, did not assume an exciting aspect till Lennie and Edgar initiated at the like full run up the left wing, giving the ball to Henry Low ultimately. Hard pressed by the back, the Aberdeen centre attempted a shot with his left foot, which just went over the bar. Edgar had a clever try the next minute, but it meant with a similar fate. The Aberdeen right division was on holiday for a considerable spell, and the starvation was hardly justified, for both Robertson and Ward made capable tries when the opportunity offered. Ward made a creditable effort at close quarters, forcing many to give away a corner, which resulted in the custodian having to clear a second hot shot from the inside right. Lennie and Edgar continued to fool the Hibernians' defence, but some are other there finishing work went for nothing save the forming of merriment to the spectators.

Aberdeen commenced in the second period with a rearrangement owing to the absence of Halkett, but as the absentee put in an appearance almost immediately, the combination resumed as before. The locals had now are any wind advantage that there was, and the first incident of note was created by Ward, who missed a good opportunity by shooting wide. Lennie was the next to get off, sending the ball to Edgar, who was robbed by Glen. A moment later the left winger was again conspicuous, but to no purpose. The game ruled almost entirely in Rennie's vicinity, and a free kick, neatly headed in by Robertson, was just lifted clear by the Hibs' goalkeeper, while a corner kicked, nicely placed by Robertson, was headed over by Henry Low. Tom Strang put in a deal of useful work, which gave the forwards many chances. Rennie was in capital form, and after clearing numerous shots in creditable fashion his citadel at last fell, a pretty cross from Lennie being directed into the net by Henry Low, who got his head on the ball at the crucial moment. Stewart was not allowed too much scope, and on one occasion when it seemed that he was to outwit Wilfred Low there was a keen tussle. Lowe, however, got there, and carried the invasion into the Hibs' Territory, where Rennie was once more called upon to clear. The Hibs were now are claiming a larger share of the attack, and Macfarlane all but gave the opposition the equaliser by leaving his charge. Fortunately, McQueen misdirected his final punt, and the situation was saved. Rennie picked up some marvellous shots in the course of the game, and it seemed that nothing would penetrate his defence. Lennie was responsible for the second goal. Dodging the right back, he sent the ball a cross in nice position to Ward, who drove direct for the net, allowing Rennie no chance on this occasion. The two goal lead had an inspiring effect on Aberdeen, and during the closing stages of the. The strangers seldom got within shooting distance of Macfarlane.

Up to the drawings amounted to £78 18s 7d.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 7th May 1906

Hibernian Teamsheet
Attendance: 2,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. B. Stark, Cambuslang
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