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Aberdeen 2 - 3 Clyde

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 0 Clyde

Aberdeen scorers: Ward, Low.
Clyde scorers: Andrews, McLean, Mclean

05/01/1907 | KO:

Strenuous efforts were made by the directors of the Aberdeen Club to have the pitch at Pittodrie in suitable condition of the Scottish League match with Clyde on Saturday. On Friday, a large number of men were employed clearing snow and ice off the ground, and on Saturday, but a large quantity of sand was laid on the worst parts of the pitch, with if you are making it playable. When the referee examined the ground, however, he declared an unsuitable for a league match, and a seventy minutes' friendly was arranged. The crowd numbered about 3000. The teams were:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Brebner; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Macdonald, Ward, H. Low, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Clyde: Mason; Gilligan, Watson; Walker, McLean, Robertson; McCartney, Andrews, Green, Cowie, Murray.
Referee - D. Turnbull, Hurlford.

The game was not long started and it was seen that the pitch was in wretched condition. Where it was not harmed and slipper, it was sloppy, and here and there were large pools of water. Consequently, the players had great difficulty in keeping their feet, and in judging the run and rebound of the ball. To criticize the play under such conditions would be hardly fair to the players, all of whom did their best, even although the game was only a friendly. There was some good individual play on both sides. In the first half, with the wind at their backs, the Aberdeen team gave the Clyde defence a stiff gruelling, and scored two goals, the Clyde forwards seldom getting past midfield. Fifteen minutes from the start, Ward was suffering from a severe strain of the left knee, and that is not likely that the inside right of the able to play again for several weeks. Notwithstanding that they had only 10 men Aberdeen easily held the upper hand, and soon scored a second goal. Crowded was due to O'Hagan, four it was his clever dribbling found the Clyde right back and cross that table Henry low to beat Mason with a fast drive.

On resuming, Aberdeen had to face a stiff breeze, which rose to half a gale, the result being that they could make little headway, while Boyle and Brebner, and particularly Macfarlane had their work cut out for them. The Aberdeen goalkeeper saved repeatedly when all seemed lost. As in the first half, O'Hagan, Aberdeen's new forward, was prominent for clever work, and several of his cross is we're not made the most of, well he had a solo run and grand finishing shot which beat Mason, and grazed the upright on the wrong side. Wide took the game in hand, and their forwards run through the Aberdeen defence repeatedly. From one of these runs Andrews scored a fine goal, Macfarlane slipping on the ice, and falling in making up pounce at the ball. At times the game approached the farcical, owing to the players slipping on the ice were floundering in water at the most critical moment. Clyde, lashing the ball ahead and using their weight, were irresistible, and when McLean one the equaliser it was not more than the visitors deserved. A few minutes later McLean finished another dodging, headlong run by banging the ball up into the net, Macfarlane failing to get at the ball went to his insecure foothold. Neither spectators nor players were sorry when the game ended.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 7th January 1907

After being snowed out of football for over a week - and the holidays included - it was rough on us to be treated to a friendly game as the first of our New Year fixtures at home. Looking over the pitch before the game started, we were disappointed at the decision of the referee that a League game could not be played, and thought he was rather fastidious, for we have seen a cup tie played on a worse surface than Pittodrie presented on Saturday. When the decision was made known to the outside public, several hundreds turned away rather than pay to see a friendly game. It was hard lines on the Clyde and the home club too, who were both willing to play a League game, and thus lost money through no fault of theirs. It was quite evident, after the game started, that the players were to take little risks on the ice patches. The Clyde made some breezy runs, but their shooting at the start was wide of the mark. Some lovely dribbling was seen on the Aberdeen's side, and, when Ward scored with a beauty, they deserved the point. Later on, Henry Low put on a goal which was manoeuvred for in ideal fashion by Lennie, O'Hagan, and Low. Prior to this, Aberdeen were un¬fortunate to lose Ward, who came down inside the penalty line when about to shoot, and had to be carried. off with his leg. badly injured - the splint bone being slightly displaced. The second period had gone well in Aberdeen's favour without adding to the score when the Clyde assumed the aggressive, and, swinging the ball from wing to wing, bamboozled the home defence three times, Macfarlane being beaten on each occasion. It was Aberdeen's game on play, but the Clyde won in goals.

Chatty Bits.

Ward's injury will keep him out of the team for a week or two.
It is satisfactory to know, however, that Edgar is now about Fit to play, and may do so at any moment.
Clubs have had a very bad time of it during this storm. The expense of clearing grounds and failure of fixtures has been heavy on the exchequers.
Aberdeen have been about as hard hit as anybody, and we heard on Saturday that both the Hearts and St. Mirren were to claim compensation.
The Clyde officials were disappointed at the decision of the referee in not playing a League match, but their journey north gave them some idea of what had to be contended with.
Brebner was in fine form against the Clyde on Saturday. He is making a capital substitute for Gault.
It seems Gault was asked to get into training last week, but failed to turn up through some misunderstanding.
Caie, the old A team player, tried his paces on Tuesday, but failed to show his old form.
Buckie Thistle were badly hit by their cup tie being knocked off. They had an excursion arranged and tickets sold for it.
The directors at home thought it inadvisable to bring them through with no possibility of having the grounds cleared.
St. Bernards, after beating Dundee, got the half of £16, and at Pittodrie on Tuesday they divided £24. Travelling expenses will swallow up these items.
The gate on Saturday against the Clyde came to £96 all in. Rather good for such a day!
It also goes to show that there are genuine sportsmen in Aberdeen prepared to back up their team.
Owing to the enormous number of reported cases of rough play, the Scottish Association met on Tuesday night to consider them.
The case of James Quinn has caused more attention to this meeting than anything the Scottish have done for wine time.
Had they not met till their usual statutory meeting in February, Quinn would have been eligible to play in the first round.

Source: Bon-Accord, 10th January 1907


Owing to the condition of the ground at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, Referee Turnbull, of Hurlford, declared it unplayable for a League match, and the clubs, it seems, played a "friendly." His decision was quite in order, and according to rule, for he did not start the match as a League one. Had he done so, then, of course, he must have declared the ground unplayable, and stop the League match, because he could not, after it had started as such, transform it into a "friendly." TO PLEASE! We understand one reason for the friendly encounter proceeding was to please the large crowd of Clyde supporters who travelled per special train to Aberdeen. It was certainly hard lines on them to travel all that distance and not see a match of some kind, and so the friendly was put on. Aberdeen are due much sympathy on their record New-Year experiences, which, we do hope, are now ended. The match as a League one will require to be replayed.

Source: The Scottish Referee Monday 7th January, 1907

Clyde Teamsheet
Mason; Gilligan, Watson; Walker, McLean, Robertson; McCartney, Andrews, Green, Cowie, Murray
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. D.Turnbull, Hurlford
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