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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Dundee

High Cup First Leg

11/05/1907 | KO:

Aberdeen and Dundee played the first of the two matches in the High Cup competition at Pittodrie on Saturday. There was a fairly large crowd, the amount drawn at the gates and stands being £103. Dundee had a strong team, but the Aberdeen eleven was somewhat mixed. Two new players were tried by Aberdeen - T. Murray, late of Middlesbrough, at inside right, and "Allan," a south country junior, at centre half. The teams were:-

Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Strang, Gault; H. Low, Allan, W. Low; Macdonald, Murray, Wilson, Ward, Lennie.
Dundee: Muir; McKenzie, Oswald; Macdonald, Dainty, Jeffray; Webb, McDermott, Currie, Macfarlane, Fraser.
Referee - Mr. R. F. Lithgow, Glasgow.

Aberdeen started briskly, a center from Lennie being trapped by Murray, who slipped the ball to Wilson. The center-forward gave Muir a hot shot to hold, the goalkeeper getting the ball on the post. For a time the Dundee defence was hard pressed, the Aberdeen forwards being very active. Dundee beat back the attack, and the write half placed to McDermott, the result of the Dundee forward's run being a corner kick. Naturally Aberdeen's two new players, Murray and Allan, were closely watched by the crowd, and the play of both men give satisfaction. Allan was seen best in defensive work, his height and reach helping him in getting the ball from opponents. Murray was moving in promising style, and proved a tricky player. He and Macdonald gave the burly Jeffray plenty of running. Allan was cheered for a good shot, and a few minutes later he repulsed a dangerous Dundee attack. Although Aberdeen did most of the attacking in the early part of the game, Dundee cry chili asserted themselves, and plate was about fairly distributed over both ends of the field. The teams were strong at half-back, the breaking up tactics on both sides being more conspicuous than the finishing. Webb had a good try for goal, his shot scraping post, and a short time after Jeffray tried to force his way through, finishing by banging the ball over the bar. Dundee attacked briskly, but could not get near Macfarlane, and then Aberdeen retaliated, and Lennie had two shots for goal, one of which was caught by Muir with difficulty. Although keenly contested about midfield, the game was not very exciting, and it was far from pretty, the forwards on both sides failing to force home their attacks. At half-time there was no scoring.

Aberdeen played strongly at the start of the second half, the forwards repeatedly beating the half-backs, only to be checkmated by the backs, who were strong in tackling, and powerful in kicking. Even the backs were occasionally closely pressed, and once or twice they had to pass back to the goalkeeper to get rid of the active Aberdeen forwards. Equally few tile against the Aberdeen defence was the Dundee attack. Jeffray was in deadly earnest, and was anxious to score, one of his long drives landing on the top of the net. Aberdeen men had a promising attack on the right, Macdonald forcing a corner, which was headed over by Ward. Muir tipped a shot by Lennie over the bar just in time. Although not devoid of interest, the game was not up to standard, and was certainly not so keen as is usual when these noted rivals meet. The shooting on both sides lacked in direction and force. Murray had a creditable try, hot shot of his from 15 yards out missing by inches. For a time it looked as if Aberdeen would score, as they pressed home and determined and sustained attack. Muir, however, was in form, and did not allow the ball to pass between the posts. The Dundee forwards then got through, and for the first time in the second half Macfarlane had to handle the ball from a shot by Currie. The game went on in ding-dong fashion, and two wards the close Dundee pressed, but could not get past the Aberdeen backs.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 13th May 1907

The High Cup.

The attractions of two new players brought out the crowd on Saturday to see how they would shape against our dear rivals - Dundee. Many is the rough and tumble game we have seen these teams play together, but Saturday's one was full of earnest-ness and life from the start till the whistle blew. First one side and then the other seemed to have the advantage in play, but neither could finish properly. Muir and Macfarlane had some splendid saves, while the backs on both ends of the field were of the never-say-die order. Aberdeen were weakest at inside left, where Ward, on a moment's notice, was placed, owing to O'Hagan being indisposed. Lennie's usual brilliancy was very much obscured in consequence, though he put in some grand work and gave Muir no end of trouble. Murray, who is a glutton for work, kept Macdonald well supplied with the ball. "Allan" performed with great coolness, and gave us the im¬pression that, once he got settled down to his game, he would go far. The real success of the Aberdeen lay in the back play of Strang and Gault. If they were not superior in some respects in stopping runs, they were equal to their opponents. There was little to choose between the front lines, who played hard, scientific football the whole ninety minutes. The draw of no scoring about fairly represents the run of the play.
In the second tie on Monday evening another draw of one goal each resulted, so that the destination of the Cup for this season has not yet been settled.

Chatty Bits.

There is still much speculation about the composition of the Aberdeen eleven for next season.
Those that have been signed and come north on trial have given general satisfaction to the critics.
This was the case last year, and some turned out "frosts." Murray, of Middlesbrough, seems to be a class player, and once he gets into his partners' ways should make a strong wing.
Mackintosh, whom one paper said was signed, and another said wasn't, has been got, and he played a good game on Monday, at Dundee.
Macdonald was unable to play at Dundee, on Monday, and was far from well on Saturday.
Halket is on the sick list, and may be for some time. It was given out that Strang had signed for Aberdeen on Monday.
The Scottish Association have remitted Aberdeen's complaint against West Ham to the Football Association.
Footballers all over will extend their sympathy to Peter Simpson in his sad bereavement. There was a large attendance at the funeral on Sunday, when the coffin was carried to the grave by the players.
Those having sheets for the Lennie testimonial might kindly hand them back to Mr. J. P. Mackie, Bonnymuir Place, or at the Pavilion on Saturday.
It does not seem possible that some of the Northern League clubs can finish their engagements this season.
This should be a strong argument for the reduction of clubs next year. We fancy that one less in Fifeshire and Forfarshire would about meet the case.

Source: Bon-Accord, 16th May 1907

Aberdeen Teamsheet
MacFarlane, Strang, Gault, Low, Allan, Low, McDonald, Murray, Wilson, Ward, Lennie.
Dundee Teamsheet
Muir; McKenzie, Oswald; McDonald, Dainty, Jeffray; Webb, McDermott, Currie, McFarlane, Fraser.
Attendance: 4,500
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. R. F. Lithgow, Glasgow
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