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Falkirk 2 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Falkirk 1 - 2 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Falkirk scorers: McTavish, Simpson (pen)
Aberdeen scorers: McNicol, Low.

09/09/1905 | KO:

Played at Brockville Park, Falkirk in the presence of 4,000 spectators. Falkirk kicked off, and at once entered into the game with considerable dash. Six minutes only had elapsed, when McTavish scored for the ground team. This lead was not long maintained, as a couple of minutes later McNicol scored for Aberdeen from a pass from Robertson. Aberdeen were frequently dangerous, and from a free kick undertaken by Low, he sent the ball into the net. Half-time: Aberdeen, two goals; Falkirk, one. Nearly twenty-five minutes of the second half elapsed ere Falkirk equalised from a penalty, Simpson sending the ball past MacFarlane. Falkirk maintained the advantage to the finish so far as the run of play was concerned, but they failed to secure a leading goal. Result:- A draw, two goals each.

Source: The Scotsman 11-09-1905

Playing against Falkirk on Saturday at Falkirk, and in presence of about 3000 spectators, the Aberdeen drew the game - two goals each.
The teams were:- Falkirk: Pettigrew; Leishman, Mitchell; Murdoch, Anderson, Raisbeck; Simpson, McTavish, Porteous, A. Mitchell, Collins.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Willox, Gault; Halkett, Strang, Low; Robertson, Henderson, McNicol, McAulay, Lennie.
Referee - john Dean's, Dalkeith.

The Falkirk, who were the lighter team, started well. The showed a vigour and dash which seemed to have a good effect on the visitors. Falkirk, with neat forward work, forced matters at the start, but Porteous was baulked working for the opening, and following this Mitchell shot past from close quarters. It was not long before Falkirk got on the lead, McTavish turning in very cleverly from a pass by Collins. Two minutes later Robertson sent across a nice centre, and McNicol easily equalised. After this Falkirk monopolised the attack for fifteen minutes, Macfarlane having to deal with shots from all the forwards, in addition to having to stand some vigorous treatment, but the white-haired veteran came through it all, and eventually his forwards brought relief. Half an hour from the start Low put on a second for Aberdeen from a foul, but Falkirk were slightly the better team, if not quite so brainy. Still, Aberdeen got the pick of the chances, and Pettigrew once beat McNicol single-handed. From this until the close of the first half Falkirk held the upper hand, but the deplorable method of their forwards beat them rather than the opposition, and at the interval the score was - Aberdeen, 2; Falkirk, 1.

On resuming Falkirk went right ahead with painful lack of method, and losing all the opportunities for want of it, while Aberdeen, with few openings, made the most of them. Amongst the forwards, including the redoubtable McAulay, Simpson was the shining star. He had something stiff against him in passing Low and Gault, but he never faltered, and centring as no one on the field did. With the game going against them, the strength of the Aberdeen halfs was seen. Low, were prominent in defence than attack, and Strang and Halkett got through an enormous amount of breaking up work, and rendered the business of the backs very light. Falkirk, after a determined attack by Aberdeen, took the game in hand, and kept play confined to Mcfarlane's quarters. Owing to faulty shooting and a determined defence of Willox and Gault, the home attack lacked sting, Porteous on one occasion from a yard in front of Macfarlane skipping the ball over the bar. With 20 minutes to go, Willox fisted the ball, and Simpson equalised from a penalty. Falkirk were masters of the situation, but Macfarlane performed wonders. Aberdeen should have led; and on more than one location they simply threw away a goal.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 11th September 1905

Falkirk Teamsheet
Pettigrew; Leishman, D. Mitchell; Murdoch, Anderson, Raisbeck; Simpson, McTavish, Porteous, A. Mitchell, Collins
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Brockville Park, Falkirk
Referee: Mr. Deans, Dalkeith
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