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Aberdeen 1 - 2 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 1 Dundee

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: McNicol.
Dundee scorers: Dainty (Pen.), Bell

06/01/1906 | KO:

There were fully 8000 spectators present at Pittodrie on Saturday to see these Northern rivals play off their return League fixture. Heavy rain fell all day till shortly before kick-off, when it cleared, but left the pitch very soft. Five minutes from the start, a penalty was given against Aberdeen for Boyle handling, and Dainty scored. Several likely chances to both sides were nullified through the ball failing to travel at top speed on account of the state of the pitch, and there was no further scoring. Aberdeen had the best of the opening stages of the second period, and deserved a goal, but Muir always got there to spoil them. Dundee had a clear break-away, Allan Bell getting in a fine shot which baffled MacFarlane. Aberdeen again put on the pressure, and the best goal of the match was scored by McNicol, but the effort of the home side came too late, and a very equal game ended:- Dundee, two goals; Aberdeen, one. [10th place]

Source: The Scotsman, 1906-01-08

The return Scottish League fixture between Aberdeen and Dundee at Pittodrie Park attracted over 9000 spectators. The ground was very heavy at the end next king street, and the players had great difficulty in keeping their feet. A large number of excursionists from Dundee witnessed the much. The teams were:-
To Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, Gault; W. Low, Strang, H. Low; Robertson, Edgar, McNicol, McAulay, Lennie.
Dundee: Muir; McKenzie, Jeffrey; Henderson, Dainty, Boyle; Bell, Macfarlane, Webb, McLuckie, McDiarmid.
Referee - Mr. Faichnie, Falkirk.

Dundee kicked off towards the pavilion goal. The start favoured Dundee. Only 5 minutes of the game had gone by when Dundee opened the scoring, Dainty sending the ball past Macfarlane as the result of a penalty kick. The play and leading up to the goal originated on the right wing, where Bell finished up a grand run by shooting straight for goal. Macfarlane caught the ball, but immediately afterwards he dropped it. The Dundee forwards rushed in, and one of the Aberdeen defenders, in his anxiety to save the goal, handled the ball, with the result that the referee gave a penalty, and bus and Dundee were in the happy position of being a goal up in the first 5 minutes. Excitement ran high at this stage, and Aberdeen made praiseworthy efforts to get on a level. The ground at the King Street end, however, was in a fearful state, and it was with the utmost difficulty that the Aberdeen forwards could steadied themselves to shoot. McAulay and Lennie both had tries for goal, and although Dundee were kept on the defensive for a time, there was really little danger, for Jeffrey and Dainty invariably got the ball away. The Dundee forwards took up the game, and Webb and Macfarlane each shot with great force, the Aberdeen goalkeeper thrice saving his charge when a goal seemed certain. The Dundee goal had one narrow escape. In saving a free kick Muir rushed out, but could not get back to his place in time to save a shot from McAulay. The right back, however, came to the rescue, and kicked out just in time. Dundee showed the better football; their forwards covered the ground quicker, and a passing was very accurate. Besides, the Aberdeen backs were far from safe, and with Boyle repeatedly missing his kick, and Gault unable to hold Bell, the Aberdeen goalkeeper had to be on the alert in dealing with many well-directed shots from the Dundee centre and right wing. Twice, however, McDiarmid failed to take advantage of miskicks by Boyle. One particularly good shot from Webb brought Macfarlane to his knees, and only fine goalkeeping by the Aberdeen captain prevented Dundee from taking a bigger lead. Clever play by Lennie and McAulay raised the hopes of the Aberdeen supporters, and the first named several times centred in capital positions, only to find McNicol unable to turn them to account. Robertson, too, sent the ball into the centre, and for a time Dundee could not shake off the persistent attacks of Aberdeen. The Aberdeen half-backs played up magnificently, Strang and Wilfred Low being prominent. An accident to McLuckie, as the result of a charge by Wilfred Low, stopped the game for a few minutes. The inside left and went off the field for a time, but although he resumed, it was evident that he felt the effects of Low's action. Towards half-time Aberdeen made desperate attempts to beat Muir. Robertson got away on the right, and centred dutifully in front of goal. Muir missed the ball, which travelled across to Lennie, but the left winger was hardly tall enough to reach the ball with his head, otherwise at goal would undoubtedly have been scored. Dundee were soon at the other end, and almost increased their lead, Macfarlane saving finely on the ground.

Aberdeen started the second half with great dash, and for a time the play was such that a goal seemed almost certain. Their backs were now more reliable, and all over the Pittodrie players had the best of the game. A breakaway by Dundee almost brought disaster to Aberdeen. Boyle failed to clear, but Macfarlane saved finely from Webb, and then Lennie sent in a magnificent shot at the other end. Exciting play followed in close proximity to the Dundee goal, where Jeffrey was seen two advantage. The ball bobbed about from one player to the other, but passed Muir could not be sent. Ultimately Bell sped away on the right, and Dundee were thus the attacking party after undergoing severe pressure for a considerable time Macfarlane (Dundee) was the best forward on the field, and Bell was backed up by his partner in a most unselfish fashion. A brilliant shot by Macfarlane struck the cross-bar, and next Webb tried to increase Dundee's lead, but without success. Aberdeen, however, did the bulk of the pressing, and on play they were worth at least one goal. Following on a corner, Strang shot with terrific force, and only a wonderful save by Muir saved Dundee's lead. Strang tried another, but luck was against him. Another sprint by Bell got the player right in front of Macfarlane. The right winger centred with rare skill, and Webb was only a couple of yards in front of goal, with the ball at his foot, when he unaccountably lost the easiest chance of the game. Dundee scored their second goal after half-an-hour from the restart. Bell got on the ball after Gault had missed his kick, and then made straight for goal. He placed the ball safely in the net, Macfarlane being powerless to save against a forward who simply beat all opposition. The game was now given up as a safe thing for Dundee. Macfarlane was almost beaten again, and only managed to scrape out a long shot by McKenzie. Several of the Dundee men claimed that the ball was through, and it certainly was a near thing, but the referee decided in the goalkeeper's favour. Seven minutes from time, Aberdeen scored through McNicol, who caught up a long pass by Robertson. The Dundee right back failed to clear, and the centre rushed in and beat Muir.
Dundee were the better team and deserved their win.

The gate amounted to £179 14s; stands £38 1s 6d - total, £216 15s 6d.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 8th January 1906

Dundee Teamsheet
Muir; McKenzie, Jeffrey; Henderson, Dainty, Boyle; Bell, Macfarlane, Webb, McLuckie, McDiarmid
Attendance: 9,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Faichnie, Falkirk
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