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Morton 2 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Morton 2 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Morton scorers: Galbraith, Galbraith
Aberdeen scorers: Low.

15/09/1906 | KO: 15:30

This First League game was played at Cappielow, Greenock, before 5000 spectators. In the early stages Aberdeen were aggressive, and Robertson was frequently called on to clear his goal. Morton then took the upper hand, and in the course of a couple of minutes the ball was twice driven past the visitors' goalkeeper. At half-time the score was two goals to nothing in favour of Morton. Play in the second half was evenly divided. Nine minutes from time Aberdeen scored their first point, and a minute later the ball was driven past Robertson, but, unfortunately for the visitors, a previous infringement nullified the score. From then to the finish the visitors pressed. Result: Morton, two goals; Aberdeen, one.

Source: The Scotsman 17-09-1906

The Aberdeen team visited Greenock, when they met the Morton at Cappielow Park. The ground was very heavy, and rain fell at intervals during the afternoon. Gault was unable to turn out for Aberdeen, the left back having injured his ankle the previous week against the Saint Mirren. Urquhart, of day A team, was played at right back, Boyle crossing over to the left. About 4000 spectators were present when the teams lined up at 3:30.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Urquhart, Boyle; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Ford, Edgar, H. Low, Haxton, Lennie.
Morton: Robertson; Stewart, Thompson; Gourlay, Rae, Gallacher; T. Low, McCubbin, Galbraith, McGinnes, Gillies.
Referee - Mr. Lythgoe, Glasgow.

Aberdeen kicked off, and for a time played rolled very quiet. Gradually Aberdeen got the upper hand, and the game was fought out almost entirely in the vicinity of the Morton goal. Several of the players on both sides had difficulty in keeping their feet, and if I ball was responsible for occasional miskicking. Lennie forced the pace on the Aberdeen left, but Morton were well served at right back. Halkett gave Ford a nice opening on the right, the ball ultimately being centred right in front of Robertson, but H. Low's parting effort with his head went over the bar. Playing the better football Aberdeen were persistent in their attacks, and from a corner the ball was miraculously cleared by Robertson. A hard, straight drive by Haxton was accidentally blocked by one of the backs getting in the way of the ball. Luck was on the side of the Morton up to this stage, for Aberdeen were all over them, and were unfortunate in not scoring. Helped by strong kicking on the part of the backs, Morton raced away to wards Macfarlane, Galbraith leading the way. The centre got through the Aberdeen defence, and but for a capital bit of play by Urquhart, when all seemed lost, Morton would have taken the lead. Then Robertson stopped a fast, low shot by Ford, the goalkeeper getting down to the ball just in time. Rain now fell in torrents, but the players kept up a wonderfully fast pace. The long grass and greasy ball did not permit of close passing, and as the game went on Aberdeen found out this to their cost. Hard driving and quick following up was the sort of game to suit the conditions, and, adopting this method, Morton made their first real attack on the Aberdeen goal. A short spell of scrambling play near Macfarlane was taken advantage of by Morton. Right in front of the goalkeeper, Wilfred Low hesitated in attempting to clear, and before he could recover himself, Galbraith rushed in and quickly fastened onto the ball. Steadying himself when nicely placed, the Morton centre forward shot straight into the net, Macfarlane being beaten all the way. Coming after Aberdeen's pressure of fully 15 minutes, the goal had a wonderful effect on the Morton team. Within a minute the same player put his side two up. The ball was kicked off from the centre, and from a breakaway on the right, T. Low run through the opposing defence, and centred right in front of Macfarlane. Galbraith was on the lookout, and smartly steered the ball into the net. There was no holding back the Greenock team after this unexpected turn of events, and a third goal almost fell to them. Macfarlane, in clearing his lines, stumbled, and with an open goal one of the home forwards sent the ball past. It was a lucky escape for Aberdeen, but the Morton forward was in an awkward position when he made his final effort. The two goals against them had a marked effect on the Aberdeen players, who fell off greatly in comparison with their good start. Halkett was prominent both in attack and defence, but the forwards slowed down considerably. Any attempt to break through was checked by the vigorous play of the Morton backs. Although combination was at a discount, still interest in the game was maintained by the keenness with which many of the players entered into the contest. Half-time was approaching, but Aberdeen, try as they would, failed to reduce the only way. A brilliant run by Gillies on the Morton left was one of the features of the closing stages of the first half. Nearing goal, the Morton left winger crossed to McGinnes, who made a weak attempt at scoring from a capital position. Halkett was ever in the fray, and after beating several opponents, he passed nicely down the centre to H. Low, who, with a clear run in, shot past. Edgar next had a try, a fast shot by the Aberdeen inside right being brilliantly saved by Robertson. Aberdeen were enjoying most of the play, but failed to find an opening - partly due to slowness in front of goal, and also in some measure to the start the defence of the Morton backs. Urquhart was very safe at back for Aberdeen, and quite justified his place in the team. He made no mistakes, and kicked clean and with plenty of power. T. Low and McCubbin up, on the Morton right, backed up by Galbraith, gave most trouble to the Aberdeen defence. Lowe on one occasion found himself within a few yards of Macfarlane, after beating W. Low and Boyle in turn. The Greenock right winger was just on the point of shooting when Halkett dashed right across the field and nipped the ball from Low's feet. It was a superb piece of tackling. Just on half-time Lennie made a determined effort to score. Racing along the wing, he closed in on Robertson, and when almost a couple of yards from goal the left winger shot with terrific force, the goalkeeper saving on his knees. A second attempt by Lennie missed the goal by the barest margin.

When the game was resumed it was seen that the Aberdeen front line had been altered. Haxton crossing over to the inside right, while Edgar partnered Lennie. Play after the restart was evenly divided. The rain held off for a time, but the sun came out, and considerably hampered the Aberdeen players. A smart run and centre by T. Low looked dangerous for Aberdeen, but the backs transferred play to the other end of the field. Aberdeen for a long time monopolised the game, the three halves playing up strongly. Morton's play fell off, the pace evidently telling on several of the men. Pressing home the attack, Haxton made one of his characteristic drives for goal, but Robertson saved cleverly. The game was chiefly confined to the Aberdeen left wing, when Lennie, although closely watched, did many smart things. Once he ran clean through the Morton defence, but was too long in making up his mind to shoot, with the result that the right back hampered him in goal, the Aberdeen left winger finally sending the ball behind. A momentary break away by Morton ended in Galbraith shooting past when he had a clear field between him and Macfarlane. The match gradually developed into a duel between the Aberdeen team and the Morton backs and goalkeeper. Time was wearing on, and still no goals could be got by the visitors. A long shot by T. Low was cleared by Macfarlane, who, however, was rarely called upon this half. Ten minutes to go, and then the game entered upon its most exciting stage. Lennie got plenty of passes from all directions, and had hard luck with many of his shots striking the opposing players. However, he raced away by himself, and finally centred squarely in front of Robertson. The goalkeeper rushed out to clear, but H. Low seized a fine opportunity and quickly placed the ball in the net. Now came the real tug-of-war. Aberdeen played like a new team. Every man exerted himself to the utmost limit, and although Haxton got the ball in the net for a second time the referee gave a goal-kick, owing to the ball being over the line previous to Haxton playing it. The Aberdeen players protested, maintaining that the ball had not crossed the line, but the ruling official decided otherwise. A long shot by Wilfred Low was muddled by the goalkeeper, the ball striking the post and then Robertson's shoulder, but no one was near, and the situation was saved. The excitement round the enclosure was intense, Aberdeen playing up brilliantly, but, as it turned out their rally came too late. Robertson save from Ford close in, and then Thomson headed out from under the bar when the goalkeeper was at the opposite side. The closing minutes saw the Aberdeen surrounding the Morton goal on all sides, but the defence held out o the last. Two corners in succession in the closing minute went for nothing, and the whistle sounded with the scores - Greenock Morton, 3 goals; Aberdeen, 1.

The winners were splendidly served by their backs and goalkeeper, for Aberdeen had most of the game, especially in the second half. Aberdeen's defence did well, Halkett playing brilliantly, but the forwards, with the exception of Lennie and Edgar, were slow in their movements. The game was value for a draw. Gate and stands realised £104.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 17th September 1906

That Odd Goal.

Greenock had its usual sample of the vilest weather awaiting us at Cappielaw on Saturday. We arrived in brilliant sunshine soon to ha damped with torrents of rain which prevailed more or less throughout the game. Our boys started well, Robertson having to get on his knees to several capital shots. The pitch is too narrow for a class game, and the Morton player' know every inch of it. For about twenty minutes our players held their own and more, Rab never having to handle the ball once. Then the usual disaster came about when the ball cannoned off one of the Aberdeen players from a free kick, away went the Mortonians like one man, and a goal test. This was followed by another lucky one from Galbraith, and Morton were two up. The home side were seldom seen in this, and it was decidedly hard luck to get a foul for a goal, the whistle having sounded first for the infringement. It looked as if Aberdeen were never to beat Robertson, they plied him with all sorts of shots, till, just before the end, Henry Low got through the defence and made the only goal. Lennie and Edgar were the best forwards, Halket was best at half, and the backs were both fair, while Rab kept out some good shots, although he got very little to do.

Chatty Bits

Aberdeen's defence was weakened on Saturday through Gault being unable to travel to Greenock. The left back broke down on Friday at training, and he was left out of the team against Morton. With judicious care Gault should be fit by Saturday.
Everything considered Aberdeen were value for more than a draw, but they went one worse than last year and dropped both points.
Aberdeen have a big programme to get through within the next week. Airdrieonians will be at Pittodrie on Saturday, Queen's Park on Monday, and Hearts on Thursday.
Hamilton Academicals got a big drop in being ousted thus early from the Qualifying Cup.Albion Rovers just got the leading goal and stuck to it after a stiff tussle.
If at all possible T. T. Fitchie is to come north to Aberdeen on Monday.
By the change of the Aberdeen holiday from the original date the Queen's Park fixture has been robbed of its interest to Aberdonians. We expect the fixture will be a financial loss to both clubs, unless the kick-off is made to suit the working classes.
Gault's ankle is reported to be sound this week, and he will take the field against Airdrieonians.
Quite a busy scene is to be witnessed at Central Park any Saturday afternoon. There, football pitches are laid out and properly enclosed so that the teams have freedom to play. We understand the Junior Association have done all this at some expense, and as far as the season has gone they have had a fair measure of support. We merely draw attention to this in order that those wishing to pay a visit to the junior ties may know that everything is being done in proper order.

Source: Bon-Accord, 20th September 1906

Morton Teamsheet
Robertson; Stewart, Thompson; Gourlay, Rae, Gallacher; T. Low, McCubbin, Galbraith, McGinnes, Gillies
Aberdeen Teamsheet
MacFarlane, Urquhart, Boyle, Halkett, Strang, Low, Ford, Edgar, Low, Haxton, Lennie.
Attendance: 4,000
Venue: Cappielow Park, Greenock
Referee: Mr. Lythgoe, Glasgow
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